Saturday, November 27, 2010

Seriously what day is it again??

It was funny to read that others are experiencing this as well. I guess it is b/c of Thanksgiving but I cannot seem to get my days straight lately. I really had no idea today was Saturday. I am not sure what day I thought it was, but it just felt different.


Noah is doing great! He is acting like his normal self and I am still very cautious about everything. Noah and I got to meet up with one of my besties for a late lunch and then I headed off to take pictures for my sissy. She needed pictures taken for their Christmas card. I think we got some really good shots. It is hard to get two kids, a dog, and then of course the parents to all smile at the same time..hahaha!! I am not sure how professional photographers do it!! It was fun!! I got to spend some quality time with my nephew poos!! They are so sweet and gave Noah tons of kisses and lovins. Jacob even gave me some money to put in Noah's piggy bank!! So cute!! I just love spending time with my family!!! And look at these boys, aren't they the cutest eva!!!

The boys at our recent trip to Gatlinburg

Look at how both of them are touching Noah! They really do just adore him and I know that Noah will always look up to his big cousins and want to do everything they do!!!!

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