Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Runny Nose!!

I have a sick boy on my hands and I just hate seeing him not feel good! And we have a busy weekend so I am hoping his meds kick in and he gets better very soon.  And might I add that my house is seriously suffering from our vacation. Why is it that when we go on vacation we always come home and make the house super messy?? I am so bad!!! I still have our suitcases in our room with our clothes in them just chilaxin! I just don't know how you super mommas do it. How do you work out, clean house, look great, and take care of ur LO?? I have a feeling that you have ur days too just like me. Or really I have weeks not days! I know that a messy house bugs me but I guess it doesn't bug me enough to get off my BEHIND!! HAHA!!

Oh well, why do today what u can put off til tomorrow :D

And is it bad that I really really want to get all of my Christmas decor out already??? I just may have to get it out! I am so excited about Noah's first Christmas!!

Happy Hump Day to All!!

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Jessica@The Southern Belle Baby said...

I'm sorry he's sick! I think this weather change does a number on babies because Knox is sick, too! Hope he's better soon!