Friday, November 26, 2010

Noah's First (and hopefully last) Ambulance Ride!!

Today we had a BIG scare and are very thankful that Noah is fine!! I was working on getting some photos to use for our Christmas card. I dressed Noah up very cute and put him in one of our dining room chairs. I took some photos outside up against the brick on the house and Todd helped me get him to smile and stood right beside him in case he fell. Then I moved my photo shoot inside and that is when it all went bad. I guess because we had just taken his picture outside on the exact same chair we had more confidence in him sitting in it. I was right beside him taking pictures and then he fell!! It happened in seconds and I was in slow motion and couldn't catch him. He fell right onto his head and it looked like a really bad fall! He hit his head and his neck bent and I was sure he was severely injured! My heart stopped!!!! I grabbed him and consoled him. He was screaming!! I was in shock and so was Todd! We had no clue what to do! I have never felt so helpless in my life!! I grabbed the phone and called 911 and got an ambulance on its way. From the look of the fall he could have hit his soft spot or had internal bleeding or even hurt his neck.

Thankfully, the ambulance arrived quickly and offered to take him to the hospital. I was so out of it that I almost left without my purse. Todd followed us to the hospital and I sang to Noah on the way. He settled down and started smiling at his new friend the EMT. I was shaking and sweating like crazy. I just could not calm down!! Even though Noah seemed fine I just could not calm down. We got to the hospital and we waited to be taken back. I was pretty upset because hello he is 6 months old and just fell on his head!! I guess they just don't get into a rush in the ER unless you are not breathing. We were finally called back only to wait again for the CT scan, then we had to wait again for the results from the CT scan!! My parents were with us, thank goodness because it took me forever to calm down. But as soon as I saw them I felt better!!! The doctor told us that all was fine and to just keep an eye on my little bear and to use my mommy intuition. If he acts differently or vomits I am suppose to take him back to the hospital!

And when we got home I sat right with him and loved on him and took extra special care of him! I mean I had like four pillows around him and I was sitting right beside him and I only let him play with soft toys!! I wasn't taking any chances of him getting hurt again. And I didn't let him in the jumperoo either. I am so thankful that God was watching over Noah and kept him safe!! You know I already knew I loved my son to pieces, but after this happened it sunk in even deeper!! I realized in that second that I don't want to live without Noah!! I was ready to bargain my life for his or do anything it took to help him!!! I could feel myself looking up to God during it all like this little child checking in with her father to see how I should react. Which I am His child!! And I am so glad He is my FATHER!!!

I pray that Noah continues to be healthy!! I pray God looks over Noah and sends His angels to protect him. So take the time to realize that everything can change in one second!!!!! Please keep Noah in your prayers. The doctor said that sometimes injury from a fall can show up the next day!! And I am trying not to be mad at myself for being so stupid! I know accidents happen, but I will make sure to be smarter so they won't!!!!! And alot of ppl thought I was nuts for calling the ambulance, but I would do it again in a heartbeat! It took alot to get this baby boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Michelle said...

Oh my gosh! HOW SCARY! So glad that Noah is doing fine and God was watching over the situation! God is good!!!

Melissa said...

OH man....that had to be so scary! I would have called 911 also, its better to be safe than sorry.

Amber said...

Oh my goodness! That is so scary. I'm glad Noah is doing okay.

kate said...

Don't feel bad! I was playing with one boy and looking at the internet with the other boy laying next to us on the bed. Well he got bored and decided to scoot himself right over to the edge of the bed, and I didn't even notice until I heard him scream! He fell head first off the bed onto a metal magazine rack. Scared me to death! I felt like the worst mama ever! Luckily, it happened while his doctor's office was open, so I called the nurse helpline, and they talked me trhough everything, and told me I didn't need to bring him in, but to watch out for the same things your doctor mentioned (the vomiting and any mama-instinct changes). And I considered calling an ambulance, too, so I don't think that's weird at all. The only reason I didn't do that immediately is that after screaming for 3-5 minutes, he stopped and started laughing at me, so I figured he couldn't be too hurt!

I know exactly how scary that can be, so I'm so glad he's okay!