Monday, November 22, 2010

Need some mommy reviews!!!!

Okay I am going to need a bit of help from you mommys! Noah has a jumperoo (thank u sis) and he LOVES it!! However, we have a two story house so it is quite difficult to lug this HUGE thing up and down the steps throughout the day! And yes I do need one upstairs in my bedroom for when I get ready or clean upstairs and one downstairs for everyday and etc. And since we were given one I feel like it is okay to buy another one. However, I cannot figure out which one to purchase!! We live in the country so getting out to a store to try these out is kinda hard. So I was hoping I could get your reviews! I want a jumperoo that will work for my chunky 19.5 lb boy!!! And one where the seat rotates all around! Also, I want the toys to be fun and NOT boring! Some reviews said the toys on these were boring. Some said they were not! Who knows??? Here are the two I have liked so far:              

Fisher Price Jumper

Baby Einstein Jumper

Or do you have one you would recommend instead???
Thanks y'all!!!!


Katie said...

I have that first one. But, its kind of big around. My SIL has one from babies r us with a little hanging blue hippo and monkey--and it's a lot smaller. I'd go with that one. I think its more pricey though.

The Sherrill Family said...

Do you have an exersaucer? It might be nice to have one of each - that way Noah has some variety. I have heard good things about the Fisher price one, but we never had a jumper, only an exersaucer.

Our Journey said...

Levi had the live and learn fisher price jumperoo..but we brought it back because my husband could not assemble the darn thing! Other reviews complained about that too. There were sooooo many things to play with. I think it was a little to overstimulating for my taste. At 12 weeks we just put Levi in the Jumperoo we exchanged the other for. It's the zoo animal one. He is still kind of little but he liked it. I put pics on my blog. Baby einstein is good as well. He has a baby einstein play mat and he loves it!!!!!!!!! I don't think you can go wrong with their products. Good luck!

kate said...

We have an Exersaucer, and both boys *love* it. We got the Circus one, but I don't know if they make it anymore. The toys on ours are entertaining to the boys right now because they're in that stage where they put *everything* in their mouths and these toys are all perfect for chewing on.

One thing I will NOT recommend is the Johnny Jump Up doorway jumper. Henry *loves* to bounce, but he still doesn't like this jumper. It's boring, and plain and completely basic, and hard to use (very hard to get the boys in or out of it). We bought it because it was cheap and we needed another jumper toy since we only have one Exersaucer, but I'm going to sell it and buy a different doorway jumper instead that's got toys and a molded bumper on it!

The L's said...

I have the Baby Einstein one and it is okay. My son has never really loved it, but he plays okay with it. He loves his exersaucer because there is a lot more going on. Also the springs are kinda stiff, so the jumping is hard for him.

Amber said...

We have the top one (Fisher Price). Drake loved it until he started moving. Then, he would only go in it for about a minute at a time. :-) Our nephew used it before us...much longer than Drake did, but he didn't walk until after he was a year old and he rolled everywhere before then.

It's tough because more than likely they don't use these very often. If you have a jumperoo downstairs, what about getting an exersaucer for upstairs? Just for something different.

Good luck!

Amber said...

we have the baby Einstein (2nd one) and love it! It has so many toys and it takes Morgan a while to get bored on it. We got it at Sams and it was about 30 cheaper than other retail stores.