Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I am probably going to sound a bit heartless with this post, but I have to be honest, right?? Maggie, our cute little yorkie is driving me NUTS!!!!!!

She always seems to want to play with me when I am feeding Noah or changing Noah! Always at times when I can't play with her. Or she has to go outside to potty. I then have to coax her into waiting by calling her over to me until I can take her to do her business. And most days she just decides she can't wait and does it in the floor!! UGGG!!! Then when I am fast and can catch her at the door I run out into the freezing cold and she decides to get picky and takes FOREVER!! Meanwhile I have an almost 6 month old inside rolling all over the place. So I try to hurry her up so I can get back in and check on Noah!

This morning she decided to poop all over the floor after I took her out. And this little 4 lb dog pooped alot! I was so upset!!!!!! I know she is having a hard time b/c I went from giving her all of my attention to pretty much none. And I am sad to say that my feelings for her have changed since having Noah. Before she was my child and now she is my dog. I still love her, but not the way I did before!!

Which leads me to this......would she be better off with another family???? I haven't even talked to Todd about this, and I am sure he would not want to let her go, but I am really frustrated right now. I had to put her in her cage (which is huge and equipped with food and water...and some very snuggly blankets) because I just had to have a break for a while. I feel like I have two kids and I am struggling.

So that is how I am feeling lately! Yep, I am a meanie!!!!! The one reason I have not said this sooner is because the way Noah smiles when he sees Maggie. He may just save her behind!!!


shauna said...

Awww,Dana! I am sorry Maggie is having a hard time right now. Maybe it's like a little kid. They say sometimes when you have a new baby the older child will revert back to their old ways because they are having a hard time adjusting. I hope you figure it out. You do not need added stress! I hope Maggie stops making messes in the house though so you don't have to get rid of her. Is Noah feeling better?

Melissa said...

Awww...sorry its tough right now. I had the same transition with our lab and Cassie. Our lab was my baby and then Cass came and she didn't get nearly the attention she once did. However, we got on a new routine and things were working out....then she snapped at Cassie. NOT GOOD. She found food and got possessive, snapped right at her face, it was a very close call. She is now living with my parents 10 min away. She is getting 10 million times more attention than she did here, I still get to see her and take her on walks and we are not risking Cassie getting bitten. It was not good...I think she viewed herself as dominant over Cassie because she would NEVER have snapped at me like that. Hopefully things with get smoother for you guys!!