Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Just a few things

Maggie is out of the doghouse..haha!! Of course when I went and got her out she was looking super adorable and as I rushed around the house cleaning and caring for Noah she was right at my heels. How could I ever let go of my sweet girl!!! However, the pooping inside has to stop!!! So I am pushing myself to be more aware of Miss Maggie and work on taking her out more. Plus I am going to see how much a fence costs and talk to Todd about saving towards eventually getting one so we can just open the door and she can go do her thing. Maggie I am so sorry for even considering getting rid of you! And let me say your brother saved you to begin with because everytime you came around him he smiled and that makes me smile!! And yesterday he decided to grab a hold of your hair then your nose and you didn't even budge! Good girl!! You passed the Noah test :D hehe!!


I am so excited about Christmas!! I plan on decorating this evening when Todd gets home and I can not wait to work on our family christmas card this year! As you have probably already seen there is an offer for 50 free cards through shutterfly for bloggers. Just click here. I filled out the info. and they said they would send me an e-mail in 2-3 business days. So I will let ya know if I get one or not.

Yesterday I went on the hunt for the dance star mickey for Noah! I wanted to get this for him for Christmas because this child just lights up when mickey comes on the tv. It was hard to find mickey because most places where already sold out, but I lucked up at the local wally world. There was only two left!! So I grabbed and ran..haha!!! I looked at some other toys and got super excited about buying Noah's christmas gifts this year. I wanted to buy some yesterday, but I made myself wait so Todd could join in on the fun. We are going out shopping tomorrow as our date time. I am hoping to also shop for some things to revamp my christmas wreath this year. Any suggestions? I plan on hitting up hobby lobby!!

And lastly, can I please find out who is responsible for daylight savings time??? I need to contact this person and let them know that it stinks and we should get rid of the whole idea. Noah did not decide to change his time, so mommy is TIRED!!!!!! Can I get an AMEN???


Amber said...

So glad to hear that things are going better with Maggie. We had to get rid of our little dog we had for 6 years when Morgan came around but sounds like you will be able to keep Maggie:)

Im so glad to know that Im not the only one that cant wait for christmas to come along and going shopping for Morgan.

Melissa said...

Glad things are better with your little Maggie! And...I am with you on the whole daylight savings time!