Monday, November 22, 2010

Just another manic monday!!!

First of all, thanks for all of the great advice about the jumpers!! I feel super blessed to have so many amazing sisters out there!!! But I realized that I need to listen to my new friend, Dave Ramsey, and start being frugile!!! Yep, we have started the Dave R. debt plan thingie! Don't you just love how I remember the names to everything..haha!! I (and by I this means Todd) ended up moving the exersaucer upstairs because Noah will only be in it when I am getting ready or cleaning or doing projects upstairs! So Todd moved the jumperoo downstairs and now Noah can jump jump jump all day long!! He really does love jumping!! And now that we have our Christmas tree up he loves to jump and look at it.

And I am going to contradict my previous statement about being frugal with this paragraph!! I got a massage today!! Yep, I know not exactly a need!! But a friend called me (shout out to Joni) this morning and asked if I would go with her! I quickly worked on laundry, drafted Todd to get the groceries for the week, and called my MIL to keep Noah bear. It worked out so I went and let me tell you it was awesome!!! However, now I am feeling a bit nauseous and sore. Is that normal?? I am drinking water like they told me to do. I was kinda nervous about getting a massage so while she was massaging me I thought about how celebs probably get massages every week or even every day! Then I started daydreaming of being super rich and being pampered all day long! I felt like a kid again as I was daydreaming about personal chefs and yachts!! It was nice to get pampered for a bit and she told me I was really tense on my shoulders! She said that her momma always said that women carry the world on their shoulders and that she was right! I agree!!!

And now to switch topics again! Can't you tell my mind is just full and I have to get it all out??? I am loving me some 19 kids and counting!! I just LOVE how they raise their kids and it amazes me to see how they even do everyday tasks with such a big family. I really have been working on my relationship with God. I miss Him! And I know it isn't b/c He isn't around, but because I am not being a good friend and not keeping in touch!! I even started reading the shack again. I just love that book and I imagine me in the cabin with papa. I just have so much love for God I feel like it is just going to explode out of me! Then there are other times when I let worldly things get in the way of that! I get caught up in losing wt, looking stylish, being a perfect mommy and wife! I get caught up in the daily things...laundry, dishes, cook, clean, bottles, diapers, REPEAT!!! I just need to slow down and get back to the simple things!

I have been contemplating getting rid of our dish and the internet!! I know!!! I just feel like I spend so much time watching tv or online! Maybe I will just start to limit myself! I don't think I could go cold turkey!!

So that is what has been up with me on this manic monday! What have you been up to?

Had to leave you with a cute picture of my little cowboy!! And my sweet hubby too :D


Melissa said...

I read the shack as well and am now reading "The Help". Have you read that yet? I really am liking it. My problem is not with watching to much tv it is to much online!! I try to make it a point every morning to read my bible while Cassie watches cartoons.

Dana said...

Melissa, I have not read the help! but I am going to google it and ck it out!! I am always excited to read more!! I have been doing my daily bible reading while Noah watches Mickey in the morning too..hehe! Great minds think alike..hehe