Friday, November 12, 2010

It must just be me????

I am working with Noah on eating oatmeal cereal and I have been working with him off and on for about two months. I started him on rice cereal at 4 months and he started out great but then got constipated and showed no interest in eating. So I ended up waiting til he was older to try it again. I have worked with him several times and he always starts out interested but then has days when he may take two bites and be done. I have tried mixing it with different things, but I made sure not to mix something different back to back just in case he was allergic. I mixed carrots, sweet potatoes, and then peaches out of desperation. And might I add the peaches smelt horrible!!! Tonight he ate a few bites of sweet potatoes and a few bites of oatmeal cereal, but then he was done and it is so hard for me to get him to open his mouth. I don't want to frustrate him so I just make sure he is done by doing the airplane with the spoon and if he doesn't open his mouth then we stop.

It seems like everyone else is progressing faster with this. Am I doing something wrong??? I get so frustrated with myself and I have to remind myself to chill out. Also, Noah isn't a big fan of his highchair. I think it reminds him of his carseat and he isn't a big fan of hte carseat right now. Thank goodness we just ordered a new convertible one. I am praying he will love the new one. Maybe I will try and video me feeding him and then get y'all to help me with some pointers. This has been the HARDEST thing for me as a momma. I am not sure why it is soooo hard, but it is for me. I am lost!!! I have heard to do veggies first and I have heard to do fruit first.....well after rice/oatmeal cereal. I haven't a clue. And the stupid book I ordered is NOT any help!!! I need a cliffs notes version or a how to feed ur infant for dummys. So please do share and be specific pleeeeease!!! Thanks soooo much!!!!


Lindsay said...

When I first started oatmeal I added prunes to help with constipation. When they got a little older I used the Gerber apple & blueberry mixed fruit. I know it can be frustrating, just keep trying!

Amber said...

I really wouldn't worry about it. Some pediatricians tell you to not even start any food until 6 months. It sounds to me like he isn't ready yet. Just my two cents. :-)

shauna said...

I agree with Amber. I think he must not be ready yet. When formula is not enough for his chubby tummy he will eat big boy food. Don't worry about being at the same "stage" with everyone else. Every baby is different. Noah obviously gets enough to eat ;)

Melissa said...

Cassie was never a big eater when we first started out either. What book did you order? Have you read Child of Mine?
It doesn't matter if he only takes 1 bite or 10. Its not about him getting calories from the this point it is him learning to eat from a spoon and getting used to different tastes and textures. (All that info from a feeding specialist at Childrens Hospital)

Ben's Mom said...

i agree with amber!I have a almost 7 month old and we dont even try foods yet.If he doesnt want to eat I see no reason to push it.

Our Baby "D" said...

I've been a nanny in the past and have babysat several infants. Most pediatricians now-a-days advise waiting until 6 months, especially if baby has not doubled birth weight and is not interested. The experience is more for him to practice the action of eating even if he doesn't consume very much. As long as his formula intake is strong, I wouldn't worry! He'll be interested eventually. Just don't force it, and if some days he only wants a few bites or none at all, no biggie! :) Also, bananas are a good mixture to try, but if he's a formula baby he may just prefer the plain cereal because it's not as sweet! Good luck :)

kate said...

We're just experimenting with food over here. We've tried avocado, rice cereal, sweet potatoes, carrots, pears and prunes. Maybe one or two other things, but I can't remember right now. We just started oatmeal cereal the other day at the advice of our pediatrician. Both my boys *love* prunes, so I mixed those in with the oatmeal and they love it!

I found this website to be pretty helpful:
It's just got so much information and advice about baby food and starting new foods, etc., and also great recipes for times when you want to try making your own baby food. (I made sweet potatoes, which is the easiest thing in the world, and then froze them in ice cube trays, so now, I can just pop out a cube and thaw it and have fresh, wholesome-- and cheap!-- baby food when I need it)

As for Noah not liking food sometimes, I think all babies are different. I know my two boys are. Jack LOVES food-- ANY food! That kid will eat anything I put on a spoon, and lunges for the spoon, tries to grab it out of my hand. He's been following the fork or spoon to my mouth with his eyes since he was 3 months old. He's a terrific eater (bottle, breast, table food-- whatever). Henry, on the other hand, is soooo picky. He sounds like Noah, where some days he likes food and other days, he couldn't care less. He'll eat a couple of spoonfuls and then turn his head away. From what I've read, the key at this point is to just keep trying, just keep offering it to them, and they'll take it when they are ready. So with Henry, I don't force it. I put his bib on and sit him in the high chair, just like his brother, and some days he eats well and some days he doesn't.

As for how I feed them, I really try to wait until their mouths are really open and get the spoon so that the food hits the center of their tongue, and then I use their upper lip to kind of sweep the food off the spoon. This usually helps reduce the amount that comes back out with the tongue thrust reflex, and it puts the food in a place where they can move it around in their mouth and really taste it. I notice that if I don't get the food really on to their tongues, they don't enjoy it as much.

Anyway, all of this is just what I have found that has worked for us so far. Like I said, we're just barely starting solids, just trying stuff right now to let them taste different flavors. Good luck with this-- I hope you're able to figure out what works for you soon!

momof5girls said...

Wow, sounds like you got lots of good advice! Seriously, don't stress, just try a tiny bit each day. When he is ready, he'll eat. Praying for you!

Adrienne said...

I'm in a same boat. I have an almost 7 month old. We started rice cereal 2 weeks before she was 6 months old and veggies/fruits when she was 6 months old. She ate the veggies/fruits for about 1 week and now won't eat any of them at all!! She will only eat rice cereal mixed with breastmilk. I've tried mixing the veggies/fruit with rice cereal and/or breastmilk, but it doesn't help. I've been asking a lot of people about it and everyone keeps telling me to not worry about it. I still offer at every meal, but I don't force it. I figure she (and Noah) will eat when they are ready.

You're doing a great job! Don't worry yourself!!