Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Half Birthday!!!!

Noah Bear you are 6 months old today!!!!
 You are still such a happy boy and full of smiles!! You have started to sit up by yourself and have almost mastered it completely. You roll all over the place and have mastered rolling from your back to ur tummy and vice versa.
 You are very interested in EVERYTHING these days especially the remote control and the phone. You let me know you have to have them by doing this sound that is like you are saying you have to get your hands on it!!
 You got to dress up as a lion for halloween and did great and might I add was a super cute lion!!! You LOVE your jumperoo and your exersaucer! You are really growing up sooo fast! One day you were doing face plants trying to crawl and now you actually push yourself up on your arms! It happened over night!!
 You have been teething alot and I am wondering when a tooth will ever show its face. When you are not teething you sleep from 7 or 8 pm til 6-7 am.  Until we did the time change and now you are getting up at 6. But mommy is hoping you will work your way back to 7!! You eat 6 ounces every 3 hours and I have been working with you on oatmeal cereal. Some nights you eat a bunch of bites and some nights you only take one bite. You have tried sweet potatoes, carrots, and peaches. You were not a fan of any of those. I am hoping you will get into food a bit later on. If you are anything like your momma you will LOVE food..hehe But you do love your bottle and right now it is your soother. You will not take a pacifier! And I am probably the only momma trying to get her child to take one..haha!! I love that you already know what you like and you stick to your guns! I hope you continue to do that in life!
 You may take 3 naps a day. The longest amount of time you nap is 45 minutes!!! You are not such a long napper, but atleast you do nap :D You are such a joy because you give me the best and sweetest smiles. I love hearing you laugh!!! Your daddy can make you laugh super loud!!
You have started to grab my and other ppl's faces. You are very sweet about it and I love it!! You have started to grab my glasses too, but we are working on that :D Oh and you are starting to stand too. When I hold you up you can stand for a long time, usually bouncing up and down! You love to jump!! And you still LOVE taking baths and splashing too!!!!! I think you are going to be a water baby!! You will love water like your momma!!!

I cannot believe you are halfway to a year old!!! Each day is such a blessing to be your mommy!!!! I enjoy it all from rocking you to sleep to bathtime to playtime and even fussy time!! I love how you sing yourself to sleep and I even love it when you climb up me while I try so desperately to rock you to sleep...hehe!! It has been making momma's arms strong!! I pray that you will always have the joy you have right now and you will always be a smiler!!! I hope that you will always see the world the way you see it now! With such passion, love, and newness!! I love you sweet boy!!!!! Happy 6 months!!!!

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shauna said...

Happy 6 months precious boy! He is so cute!!!