Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fell asleep at the Jumperoo..hehe

My sweet, precious, sleepy boy jumped himself to sleep!!
How cute!!!
 He was jumping and watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! His favorite show! He just lights up when Mickey comes on the tv. And I was checking the blogs and looked over to find him sound asleep!
So I of course grabbed the camera :D Then took him up to his bed for his nap! The little stinker only slept like 20 minutes. He is playing in his bed right now, but I am not gonna go get him just in case he goes back to sleep!!

As for today!! I am super excited to spend the day shopping with my sissy! We are on a mission for Christmas gifts and a few new clothes for the post baby body!! I give in..haha!!
My sweet sissy and me :D!! Love me some Terri!!!


Melissa said...

Oh my gosh...that picture if just to adorable.

Amber said...

That picture of him sleeping is just TOO precious.