Saturday, November 27, 2010

Seriously what day is it again??

It was funny to read that others are experiencing this as well. I guess it is b/c of Thanksgiving but I cannot seem to get my days straight lately. I really had no idea today was Saturday. I am not sure what day I thought it was, but it just felt different.


Noah is doing great! He is acting like his normal self and I am still very cautious about everything. Noah and I got to meet up with one of my besties for a late lunch and then I headed off to take pictures for my sissy. She needed pictures taken for their Christmas card. I think we got some really good shots. It is hard to get two kids, a dog, and then of course the parents to all smile at the same time..hahaha!! I am not sure how professional photographers do it!! It was fun!! I got to spend some quality time with my nephew poos!! They are so sweet and gave Noah tons of kisses and lovins. Jacob even gave me some money to put in Noah's piggy bank!! So cute!! I just love spending time with my family!!! And look at these boys, aren't they the cutest eva!!!

The boys at our recent trip to Gatlinburg

Look at how both of them are touching Noah! They really do just adore him and I know that Noah will always look up to his big cousins and want to do everything they do!!!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Noah's First (and hopefully last) Ambulance Ride!!

Today we had a BIG scare and are very thankful that Noah is fine!! I was working on getting some photos to use for our Christmas card. I dressed Noah up very cute and put him in one of our dining room chairs. I took some photos outside up against the brick on the house and Todd helped me get him to smile and stood right beside him in case he fell. Then I moved my photo shoot inside and that is when it all went bad. I guess because we had just taken his picture outside on the exact same chair we had more confidence in him sitting in it. I was right beside him taking pictures and then he fell!! It happened in seconds and I was in slow motion and couldn't catch him. He fell right onto his head and it looked like a really bad fall! He hit his head and his neck bent and I was sure he was severely injured! My heart stopped!!!! I grabbed him and consoled him. He was screaming!! I was in shock and so was Todd! We had no clue what to do! I have never felt so helpless in my life!! I grabbed the phone and called 911 and got an ambulance on its way. From the look of the fall he could have hit his soft spot or had internal bleeding or even hurt his neck.

Thankfully, the ambulance arrived quickly and offered to take him to the hospital. I was so out of it that I almost left without my purse. Todd followed us to the hospital and I sang to Noah on the way. He settled down and started smiling at his new friend the EMT. I was shaking and sweating like crazy. I just could not calm down!! Even though Noah seemed fine I just could not calm down. We got to the hospital and we waited to be taken back. I was pretty upset because hello he is 6 months old and just fell on his head!! I guess they just don't get into a rush in the ER unless you are not breathing. We were finally called back only to wait again for the CT scan, then we had to wait again for the results from the CT scan!! My parents were with us, thank goodness because it took me forever to calm down. But as soon as I saw them I felt better!!! The doctor told us that all was fine and to just keep an eye on my little bear and to use my mommy intuition. If he acts differently or vomits I am suppose to take him back to the hospital!

And when we got home I sat right with him and loved on him and took extra special care of him! I mean I had like four pillows around him and I was sitting right beside him and I only let him play with soft toys!! I wasn't taking any chances of him getting hurt again. And I didn't let him in the jumperoo either. I am so thankful that God was watching over Noah and kept him safe!! You know I already knew I loved my son to pieces, but after this happened it sunk in even deeper!! I realized in that second that I don't want to live without Noah!! I was ready to bargain my life for his or do anything it took to help him!!! I could feel myself looking up to God during it all like this little child checking in with her father to see how I should react. Which I am His child!! And I am so glad He is my FATHER!!!

I pray that Noah continues to be healthy!! I pray God looks over Noah and sends His angels to protect him. So take the time to realize that everything can change in one second!!!!! Please keep Noah in your prayers. The doctor said that sometimes injury from a fall can show up the next day!! And I am trying not to be mad at myself for being so stupid! I know accidents happen, but I will make sure to be smarter so they won't!!!!! And alot of ppl thought I was nuts for calling the ambulance, but I would do it again in a heartbeat! It took alot to get this baby boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I look back over this past year and find myself very thankful for so much!! Today I asked myself what I was MOST thankful for and I knew it was for JESUS!! Jesus set us free by dying on the cross and allowing us to have the opportunity to spend eternity in heaven!!

I am thankful for the struggles in my life! I know that sounds weird but I am!! Those struggles have helped me develop this amazing relationship with God. One that I might not have right now without those bumpy times.

I am thankful for my family! My loving, amazing, sweet husband! He is such a great daddy!! He is involved in everything with Noah from diapers to bathing to feeding to playing! He is a hands on daddy that loves me and his son!

I am thankful for Noah!!!!! As I rocked him to sleep for his nap today I looked down at his precious face. How long his eyelashes were and the way his lips puckered out as he was snoozing away.  Tears came rolling down my cheeks as I looked up at God and thanked him for my son!! I had this miracle all wrapped up in my arms and I was humbled and in awe at what God has done for me.

I am thankful for my parents! They are always there to pick me up when I fall down and always ready to help me find my way when I get lost. They planted the seed to love the Lord and for that I am very thankful!!! I am thankful for my in laws!!

I am blessed to have in laws that I adore and really when I think of them I don't think of them as in laws at all, but simply my family!! And I am thankful that they love me the same way too!

I am thankful for my brothers and sisters! My sisters and brothers by birth and my sisters and brothers by marriage and my sister by choice..hehe (MB)! These are the ppl that help me guard my heart and are constantly putting joy in my life!

I am thankful for my friends! The ones that listen to me when I vent and laugh with me when I am silly! I can be myself around my family and friends and I am thankful for that!!

I know I could go on and on because I have so much to be thankful for: blogger sisters, my health, my freedom, food on the table, a roof over my head, clothes on my back.....for everything!!! Thank you Lord from which all blessings flow!! Thank You!!!!!
Happy Thanksgiving to All!!
What are you thankful for??

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fell asleep at the Jumperoo..hehe

My sweet, precious, sleepy boy jumped himself to sleep!!
How cute!!!
 He was jumping and watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! His favorite show! He just lights up when Mickey comes on the tv. And I was checking the blogs and looked over to find him sound asleep!
So I of course grabbed the camera :D Then took him up to his bed for his nap! The little stinker only slept like 20 minutes. He is playing in his bed right now, but I am not gonna go get him just in case he goes back to sleep!!

As for today!! I am super excited to spend the day shopping with my sissy! We are on a mission for Christmas gifts and a few new clothes for the post baby body!! I give in..haha!!
My sweet sissy and me :D!! Love me some Terri!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Just another manic monday!!!

First of all, thanks for all of the great advice about the jumpers!! I feel super blessed to have so many amazing sisters out there!!! But I realized that I need to listen to my new friend, Dave Ramsey, and start being frugile!!! Yep, we have started the Dave R. debt plan thingie! Don't you just love how I remember the names to everything..haha!! I (and by I this means Todd) ended up moving the exersaucer upstairs because Noah will only be in it when I am getting ready or cleaning or doing projects upstairs! So Todd moved the jumperoo downstairs and now Noah can jump jump jump all day long!! He really does love jumping!! And now that we have our Christmas tree up he loves to jump and look at it.

And I am going to contradict my previous statement about being frugal with this paragraph!! I got a massage today!! Yep, I know not exactly a need!! But a friend called me (shout out to Joni) this morning and asked if I would go with her! I quickly worked on laundry, drafted Todd to get the groceries for the week, and called my MIL to keep Noah bear. It worked out so I went and let me tell you it was awesome!!! However, now I am feeling a bit nauseous and sore. Is that normal?? I am drinking water like they told me to do. I was kinda nervous about getting a massage so while she was massaging me I thought about how celebs probably get massages every week or even every day! Then I started daydreaming of being super rich and being pampered all day long! I felt like a kid again as I was daydreaming about personal chefs and yachts!! It was nice to get pampered for a bit and she told me I was really tense on my shoulders! She said that her momma always said that women carry the world on their shoulders and that she was right! I agree!!!

And now to switch topics again! Can't you tell my mind is just full and I have to get it all out??? I am loving me some 19 kids and counting!! I just LOVE how they raise their kids and it amazes me to see how they even do everyday tasks with such a big family. I really have been working on my relationship with God. I miss Him! And I know it isn't b/c He isn't around, but because I am not being a good friend and not keeping in touch!! I even started reading the shack again. I just love that book and I imagine me in the cabin with papa. I just have so much love for God I feel like it is just going to explode out of me! Then there are other times when I let worldly things get in the way of that! I get caught up in losing wt, looking stylish, being a perfect mommy and wife! I get caught up in the daily things...laundry, dishes, cook, clean, bottles, diapers, REPEAT!!! I just need to slow down and get back to the simple things!

I have been contemplating getting rid of our dish and the internet!! I know!!! I just feel like I spend so much time watching tv or online! Maybe I will just start to limit myself! I don't think I could go cold turkey!!

So that is what has been up with me on this manic monday! What have you been up to?

Had to leave you with a cute picture of my little cowboy!! And my sweet hubby too :D

Need some mommy reviews!!!!

Okay I am going to need a bit of help from you mommys! Noah has a jumperoo (thank u sis) and he LOVES it!! However, we have a two story house so it is quite difficult to lug this HUGE thing up and down the steps throughout the day! And yes I do need one upstairs in my bedroom for when I get ready or clean upstairs and one downstairs for everyday and etc. And since we were given one I feel like it is okay to buy another one. However, I cannot figure out which one to purchase!! We live in the country so getting out to a store to try these out is kinda hard. So I was hoping I could get your reviews! I want a jumperoo that will work for my chunky 19.5 lb boy!!! And one where the seat rotates all around! Also, I want the toys to be fun and NOT boring! Some reviews said the toys on these were boring. Some said they were not! Who knows??? Here are the two I have liked so far:              

Fisher Price Jumper

Baby Einstein Jumper

Or do you have one you would recommend instead???
Thanks y'all!!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Shutterfly's 50 free cards promo!!!!!

Shutterfly is doing a promo and giving away 50 free cards to bloggers that do a write up of their favorite cards. Just click HERE and it will take you to the promo!

This will be my first time using shutterfly, but my friends and family have used it alot before! My sis in law made a photo book for my MIL and I just LOVED it! The pictures were really clear and the templates she used were cute and stylish! You can do your own book by going HERE.

It was REALLY hard to pick just a few of my FAVS!! And I know it is going to be even harder to pick the one we use to send out! Here are some Christmas cards that I loved!!!

 I love how this one has the verse about every good and perfect gift is from above. We have that verse in Noah's room. I also love the manger scene as well! I really want to include CHRIST in CHRISTMAS!! Click HERE for this card!!

And it is a MUST for my cards to say Merry Christmas and not happy holidays...just a preference for me. I love the swirlies on this one! It would make a family photo look really elegant! A cute picture of Noah and Maggie would look great on this card. Click HERE for this card!!

And then I adore the stripes on this one and the writing!! It is suuuuper cute and fun!! I can picture a neat family shot on this one. Click HERE for this card!

This card is neat because you can use several images! I was thinking of doing pictures of Noah from birth to now! It would be neat to show family and friends how he has grown over the past 6 months!! Click HERE for this card.

I can put Noah's sweet face and chubby cheeks on this one and it will be like one big present for everyone! Click HERE for this card!!

For all of the other amazing cards for Christmas just go HERE!!
Can you tell that I am going to have a hard time picking JUST one..hehe!!!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Half Birthday!!!!

Noah Bear you are 6 months old today!!!!
 You are still such a happy boy and full of smiles!! You have started to sit up by yourself and have almost mastered it completely. You roll all over the place and have mastered rolling from your back to ur tummy and vice versa.
 You are very interested in EVERYTHING these days especially the remote control and the phone. You let me know you have to have them by doing this sound that is like you are saying you have to get your hands on it!!
 You got to dress up as a lion for halloween and did great and might I add was a super cute lion!!! You LOVE your jumperoo and your exersaucer! You are really growing up sooo fast! One day you were doing face plants trying to crawl and now you actually push yourself up on your arms! It happened over night!!
 You have been teething alot and I am wondering when a tooth will ever show its face. When you are not teething you sleep from 7 or 8 pm til 6-7 am.  Until we did the time change and now you are getting up at 6. But mommy is hoping you will work your way back to 7!! You eat 6 ounces every 3 hours and I have been working with you on oatmeal cereal. Some nights you eat a bunch of bites and some nights you only take one bite. You have tried sweet potatoes, carrots, and peaches. You were not a fan of any of those. I am hoping you will get into food a bit later on. If you are anything like your momma you will LOVE food..hehe But you do love your bottle and right now it is your soother. You will not take a pacifier! And I am probably the only momma trying to get her child to take one..haha!! I love that you already know what you like and you stick to your guns! I hope you continue to do that in life!
 You may take 3 naps a day. The longest amount of time you nap is 45 minutes!!! You are not such a long napper, but atleast you do nap :D You are such a joy because you give me the best and sweetest smiles. I love hearing you laugh!!! Your daddy can make you laugh super loud!!
You have started to grab my and other ppl's faces. You are very sweet about it and I love it!! You have started to grab my glasses too, but we are working on that :D Oh and you are starting to stand too. When I hold you up you can stand for a long time, usually bouncing up and down! You love to jump!! And you still LOVE taking baths and splashing too!!!!! I think you are going to be a water baby!! You will love water like your momma!!!

I cannot believe you are halfway to a year old!!! Each day is such a blessing to be your mommy!!!! I enjoy it all from rocking you to sleep to bathtime to playtime and even fussy time!! I love how you sing yourself to sleep and I even love it when you climb up me while I try so desperately to rock you to sleep...hehe!! It has been making momma's arms strong!! I pray that you will always have the joy you have right now and you will always be a smiler!!! I hope that you will always see the world the way you see it now! With such passion, love, and newness!! I love you sweet boy!!!!! Happy 6 months!!!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thank y'all!!

I feel much better now that I have heard from y'all!! Sometimes I think when I start to get frustrated about all things baby my common sense goes right out the door. I am going to make a few changes with feeding Noah solids. I want to start doing an early afternoon feeding instead of trying to wait as late as possible. Then I read that doing a bottle first and then feeding solids is best. I am hoping to try to feed Noah his bottle then sit him at the dinner table with us to eat. I don't see this happening like a beautiful postcard, but I plan to try!!! And I am not going to fret if we don't do solids one night or two....or over how much he eats. It is good to know that right now it is all about getting him used to the textures and tastes and not really about him getting calories. Again thank y'all for the help!! I really appreciate it all!!!!

And you know how shutterfly is offering 50 cards for free to blogger?? Well, I have not gotten an e-mail from them after I sent in my info. So not sure if my blog is cool enough to get the promo. Oh well :D

Tomorrow my little baby will be 6 months old! I just can't believe we are already halfway to 1 year! Time is flying, but I am soaking in every second for sure!! As I rocked Noah lastnight I thanked God for him. Noah was just laying on my shoulder and I could hear him breathing, poor thing STILL has a runny nose. It is the best feeling in the world!! I love him soooo much and it just keeps growing. I can't wait to post all about him tomorrow! I may just have to get a head start today so I can actually get the post up on time :D

Thanks again y'all for all the sweet words of encouragement and advice on feeding. I am so blessed to have such amazing blogger sistas!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

It must just be me????

I am working with Noah on eating oatmeal cereal and I have been working with him off and on for about two months. I started him on rice cereal at 4 months and he started out great but then got constipated and showed no interest in eating. So I ended up waiting til he was older to try it again. I have worked with him several times and he always starts out interested but then has days when he may take two bites and be done. I have tried mixing it with different things, but I made sure not to mix something different back to back just in case he was allergic. I mixed carrots, sweet potatoes, and then peaches out of desperation. And might I add the peaches smelt horrible!!! Tonight he ate a few bites of sweet potatoes and a few bites of oatmeal cereal, but then he was done and it is so hard for me to get him to open his mouth. I don't want to frustrate him so I just make sure he is done by doing the airplane with the spoon and if he doesn't open his mouth then we stop.

It seems like everyone else is progressing faster with this. Am I doing something wrong??? I get so frustrated with myself and I have to remind myself to chill out. Also, Noah isn't a big fan of his highchair. I think it reminds him of his carseat and he isn't a big fan of hte carseat right now. Thank goodness we just ordered a new convertible one. I am praying he will love the new one. Maybe I will try and video me feeding him and then get y'all to help me with some pointers. This has been the HARDEST thing for me as a momma. I am not sure why it is soooo hard, but it is for me. I am lost!!! I have heard to do veggies first and I have heard to do fruit first.....well after rice/oatmeal cereal. I haven't a clue. And the stupid book I ordered is NOT any help!!! I need a cliffs notes version or a how to feed ur infant for dummys. So please do share and be specific pleeeeease!!! Thanks soooo much!!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Just a few things

Maggie is out of the doghouse..haha!! Of course when I went and got her out she was looking super adorable and as I rushed around the house cleaning and caring for Noah she was right at my heels. How could I ever let go of my sweet girl!!! However, the pooping inside has to stop!!! So I am pushing myself to be more aware of Miss Maggie and work on taking her out more. Plus I am going to see how much a fence costs and talk to Todd about saving towards eventually getting one so we can just open the door and she can go do her thing. Maggie I am so sorry for even considering getting rid of you! And let me say your brother saved you to begin with because everytime you came around him he smiled and that makes me smile!! And yesterday he decided to grab a hold of your hair then your nose and you didn't even budge! Good girl!! You passed the Noah test :D hehe!!


I am so excited about Christmas!! I plan on decorating this evening when Todd gets home and I can not wait to work on our family christmas card this year! As you have probably already seen there is an offer for 50 free cards through shutterfly for bloggers. Just click here. I filled out the info. and they said they would send me an e-mail in 2-3 business days. So I will let ya know if I get one or not.

Yesterday I went on the hunt for the dance star mickey for Noah! I wanted to get this for him for Christmas because this child just lights up when mickey comes on the tv. It was hard to find mickey because most places where already sold out, but I lucked up at the local wally world. There was only two left!! So I grabbed and ran..haha!!! I looked at some other toys and got super excited about buying Noah's christmas gifts this year. I wanted to buy some yesterday, but I made myself wait so Todd could join in on the fun. We are going out shopping tomorrow as our date time. I am hoping to also shop for some things to revamp my christmas wreath this year. Any suggestions? I plan on hitting up hobby lobby!!

And lastly, can I please find out who is responsible for daylight savings time??? I need to contact this person and let them know that it stinks and we should get rid of the whole idea. Noah did not decide to change his time, so mommy is TIRED!!!!!! Can I get an AMEN???

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I am probably going to sound a bit heartless with this post, but I have to be honest, right?? Maggie, our cute little yorkie is driving me NUTS!!!!!!

She always seems to want to play with me when I am feeding Noah or changing Noah! Always at times when I can't play with her. Or she has to go outside to potty. I then have to coax her into waiting by calling her over to me until I can take her to do her business. And most days she just decides she can't wait and does it in the floor!! UGGG!!! Then when I am fast and can catch her at the door I run out into the freezing cold and she decides to get picky and takes FOREVER!! Meanwhile I have an almost 6 month old inside rolling all over the place. So I try to hurry her up so I can get back in and check on Noah!

This morning she decided to poop all over the floor after I took her out. And this little 4 lb dog pooped alot! I was so upset!!!!!! I know she is having a hard time b/c I went from giving her all of my attention to pretty much none. And I am sad to say that my feelings for her have changed since having Noah. Before she was my child and now she is my dog. I still love her, but not the way I did before!!

Which leads me to this......would she be better off with another family???? I haven't even talked to Todd about this, and I am sure he would not want to let her go, but I am really frustrated right now. I had to put her in her cage (which is huge and equipped with food and water...and some very snuggly blankets) because I just had to have a break for a while. I feel like I have two kids and I am struggling.

So that is how I am feeling lately! Yep, I am a meanie!!!!! The one reason I have not said this sooner is because the way Noah smiles when he sees Maggie. He may just save her behind!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Runny Nose!!

I have a sick boy on my hands and I just hate seeing him not feel good! And we have a busy weekend so I am hoping his meds kick in and he gets better very soon.  And might I add that my house is seriously suffering from our vacation. Why is it that when we go on vacation we always come home and make the house super messy?? I am so bad!!! I still have our suitcases in our room with our clothes in them just chilaxin! I just don't know how you super mommas do it. How do you work out, clean house, look great, and take care of ur LO?? I have a feeling that you have ur days too just like me. Or really I have weeks not days! I know that a messy house bugs me but I guess it doesn't bug me enough to get off my BEHIND!! HAHA!!

Oh well, why do today what u can put off til tomorrow :D

And is it bad that I really really want to get all of my Christmas decor out already??? I just may have to get it out! I am so excited about Noah's first Christmas!!

Happy Hump Day to All!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

buried life

I am finally taking the time to blog :D really blog!! I feel like I haven't in FOREVER!! We went from vacation to b-day parties to halloween festivities and I feel like I have been on a roller coaster! And my house looks like it was on the ride too. I feel so unorganized and out of sorts. I have this major need to go through everything and reorganize and throw out a lot of junk!!! And just as much as my house needs sorting I feel like my thoughts do too!! I have so many things I want to blog about and pictures to share.

But for now the main thing on my mind is that I am about to turn the big 3-0!!! Yep no longer am I going to be in my twenties!! Don't get me wrong I don't think of 30 as old I am actually very proud to be 30 and feel very at peace about my age. I think I am more worried about making sure that I do all the things in life that I want to do before I die. And the reason behind thinking about this is b/c I watched the buried life. You know the show where they have this huge list of things to do before they die and as they travel the world and check things off of their list they help others do the same along the way. It is super inspiring and I love hearing what other ppl have on their lists. I really love the simple and sweet things! I am a big fan of being in the moment!!! So of course I had to think what would I want to do before I die???? And yes alot of superficial stuff came out first and I was like come on...really Dana!!! Go deeper!!!! As I was sitting there I looked down at this beautiful little boy smiling up at me and I realized that I had done the one thing I most wanted to do before I died. I had become a mother!!!

I had not went out and climbed the highest mountain, learned a new language, or lost however many lbs. It was like a duh moment b/c I had wanted to be a momma for so long and it is the most important role I will ever have! I get to raise this amazing little boy and help teach him about God and the world!!! Wow, big shoes to wear!!!! And I pray I can fill them appropriately!!! I have other things I wanted to do before I was 30, but didn't really get to them all. And ya know I don't really care b/c I just want to live in the moment and soak in all the ups all the downs and all the curves in this life!! It is in the imperfections we find beauty!! I am so thankful to be able to be a momma and to be able to realize the gift I have been given!!!

What do you want to do before you die????

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010!!

 Me and my Lion
 Teething on his costume :D
 Pics with his cousin!
 Ready to trick or treat
 Cool shadow :D My mom, me, and Noah!
 Love this pic of Noah with his Mimi :D My Aunt Sue!!! I couldn't even tell you in words how much she means to me! I love her soooo dearly and am so glad that Noah got to do his very first trick or treating at her house!!!!!!
 Trying to get a pic on the steps at grammy and p-papas. I took some of his costume off b/c it was hot outside!
 Noah and the bucket I made for him :D
 Noah and Daddy!! Look he is still chewing on this costume! Gotta love teething!
Finally, I got to paint a pumpkin for my lil pumpkin!!! YAY!!!!

I hope everyone had a great Halloween!! Sorry I have been MIA, but we went on vacay and then it has been super busy! Now Thanksgiving is right around the corner!! Busy busy busy!!! Hopefully I can post vacation pics soon!!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN Y'ALL!!!!