Monday, October 11, 2010

Trimming the fat!!!

I joined WW the other day and realized that I eat way toooooo much, haha! Like I didn't know that, well maybe not consciously! Neways I am working on it slowly and plan on taking my time to get the wt off! I did WW while we were TTC and it really helped me get started on my wt loss. I am still gonna eat what I love but just not as often and not as much!!! However, one thing I will have a problem with is my crack  sweet tea!! I tried splenda...NO GO!!! It has to be good ole southern sweet tea!!!

Other ways I am trimming the to speak is I am on a mission to save money for our family! I spent a few hours lastnight that I could have been sleeping  finding coupons online and printing them out. Then I hit up the sale pages and tried to figure out which store had the best prices. I am not a math person so that took a while!! I did the best I think I could and my eyes began crossing so I decided it was time to hit the sack. I am not going to kill myself over this, but I am gonna try to do better. I will hit just two grocery stores today and then head home. We have also started the dave ram. envelope system!! We just want to be a little bit smarter with our money and when you buy with cash it just feels different than swiping that handy dandy debit card.

So that is my boring post for today! Tomorrow I can post about the fun we had this wkend visiting my bro and sis in law, going to a bday party, and attending homecoming at church!!! Til then!!!!


Amber said...

Way to go!! I have been talking about going back to WW but just haven't pulled the trigger yet.

You may have seen a few posts on my blog about couponing. It's awesome! CVS & Walgreen's have become two of my favorite places to shop. Good luck!!

cady said...

We do the envelope system, too, and it works well for us. As far as coupons go, it can be hard at first! Check out and They do the matchups for you and either tell you which inserts from Sunday papers to find the coupons in or give you the links for the printable coupons.