Friday, October 1, 2010

teething, carseats, and my mouth!!!!

Noah has been teething up something serious today and lastnight, soo boooo!!! I am wondering if a tooth will ever decide to show or if it is just going to torture my sweet boy more!!!! I have been looking for good teethers but come up with nothing. Most are too big and he can't really bite on them so I find myself in the store hesitating on what to purchase. I ended up getting one of his washcloths wetting it and getting it cold and he LOVED it. For a while..haha!! I plan on trying more things and we are stopping the whole cereal thing b/c he has decided he doesn't even want to open his mouth for it now. And I am not forcing it. We will give ourselves a break and try again later. No big deal :D

Right now I am on the hunt for a convertible car seat. Noah weighted 16 lb and 10 oz at his 4 mos. dr. appt. and he is quite snug in his current seat. Any suggestions on ones u love or hate?? I want one that will last and will pay more for that. Plus safety is a HUGE factor!!! I would love to hear what y'all suggest!

And on a personal note. I was reminded that I need to stop praising God with this mouth one minute and then saying something ugly with the same mouth the next. In my devotional this morning it was brought to my attention that I may be one of those women and I must admit it is hard to stop!! I catch myself saying negative things and then I have to remember to rephrase it or approach a situation differently. I tend to get my feelings hurt easily so that doesn't help either. And honestly don't we all do this?? It really is hard to retrain some habits, but I am trying!! I think that lately that my negative self comes from being selfish in general. When you have a child you give them your all and you forget sometimes to take care of YOU! Then that snowballs and before you know it you are answering the phone with a mean voice and then realize it is the pastor on the other line...yeah that so did not happen to me. I plan to challenge myself to start being more positive and when I react to things or situations negatively then I am just going to have to rewind and start over!!!

Better take some time to chill while Noah is sleeping so I can reboot and be positive :D Hope y'all have a great weekend!!!


Karen said...

Not even sure how I stumbled upon your blog, but I wanted to comment. I am not sure how well your son sits, but if he isn't yet, you may want to hold off on the convertible car seat for a few more months. My reasoning behind this is when you are going to the grocery store or out to eat, you will have no place for him. If he can't sit up well then, he can't handle a high chair or shopping cart. At least with the infant seat, that comes with you and you have a place for him. Most infant seats hold up until at least 20 lbs, some more, so I am sure you are fine for a little longer that way. If it becoming cumbersome, then you can always unstrap him and carry him into the house or someplace else, but at least you still have it if you need it.

I have a Graco convertible and love it. It is now 4 years old, so I doubt they still make that model..

Good luck!

Ashley said...

Get the Sophie giraffe for teething!! It has been the best baby purchase that I've made. McKenzie loves her and has loved her for 5 it has been worth it!!

momof5girls said...

Hey Dana,
That is such a sweet and honest post. First of all, I don't know if you've ever seen the teething tabs. Walmart carries them in the same section as the tummy tabs. They work GREAT! Then go to for the carseat. We boufht Jakob one for his 1st birthday as he was still in the infant seat. The one we found is convertible from rear facing to front facing and adjustable til he is able to be out of a carseat. I just advise read the reviews and that helps greatly on finding the right one. Love ya, Arlene

Amber said...

Drake hasn't really taken to the teethers either. We do have one in the shape of a foot that he seems to like, but I think the washcloth would be just as good.

We have our convertible carseat, but we haven't put it in yet so I can't comment too much. We decided on the Graco MyRide 65 which should last plenty long.

Amber said...

we are on the lookout in the coming months so you will have to share what you find please :)