Friday, October 1, 2010

Show us ur dining room plus lots more pics!!!!

Just a few pictures :Dhehe
 The only pic I got when we went to church outside at Buggy Days! It was 10 am and already super hot!!! This is Mrs. Rhonda with Noah :D He just gave her the biggest smiles!!
 This is how mommy gets things done around the house when Noah wants to be a handy helper :D Look at sweet Maggie in the background soaking up the sun!!
 I love his expression in this picture, like oh mom not another picture!!
 First time eating rice cereal!! Say ahhhhh!!!
 Not so sure about this stuff!!!
 This one is for my Aunt Sue and my Uncle G.T.!!! GO braves!! I know he is smiling so big right now seeing Noah in this braves outfit!!
 All three of us are exhausted!!!!!
 Sorry about the red eyes...4got to fix it!! I had this outfit and it is too short for Noah but I just had to put it on him :D Cute bunny!!!!
 The amazing chocolate brownies that maggie decided to have a helping of!!! :0
 Time for more of this stuff???
 Um okay maybe it is okay!!
 A little smile :D
 Messy boy!!!

And I saw where some bloggers are doing the show ur house thing on kelly's korner! I didn't want to sign up. I don't want to commit to posting and forget so here is this weeks post of dining rooms!!! I love our dining room furniture b/c it was my grandmother's (big mamas) furniture! Here is a view from the front door!

 I can just imagine all the Sunday lunches and dinners at my big mama's house!!!!

 My fall decor :D
A shot from the kitchen!! Ignore the bassinet, I put it in the foyer to remind me to give it back to my sissy!!!
Hope you enjoyed all the pics :D Now time for a walk with Todd, Noah, and Maggie around the hood!!
Happy Friday Y'all!!!


Amber said...

cute pics! just wondering if you like your carrier Ive been on the hunt for a good one

Dana said...

Amber~ i really like the carrier! It was my sis in laws and i use it alot around the house and the other day i used it while shopping. it was so much easier than dragging the super heavy carseat in. Plus Noah gets to look at everything and he loves that :D