Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lets talk about weight!!

Okay I gotta be selfish for a minute and talk about this post baby wt that is still on me! Not that I have tried to get it I guess I have no place to complain. However, I keep justifying not working out b/c Noah doesn't always sleep through the night. Heck he just started sleeping til 3 and now for the past two days he has slept til 6:30. That may or may not last, so I guess I always feel tired. Yeah I hear my excuses piling up by the minute. I hate that I have all of these wonderful and nice clothes in my closet and I can't fit into them!! The stinking jeans won't even budge over my hips!! I really need to work on getting into shape again. I was watching Todd play with our nephews outside the the other day and they were running around like crazy. I want to do that too!!!! Without feeling like I am going to bust a lung...haha!!

So what have y'all tried that has worked??? I am thinking that I should start out on the elliptical and try to cut portions of my food. I can't go all diet drastic b/c that never works for me and then I end up eating way more afterwards. I hate that this time around I don't have metformin on my side to help me lose the lbs!!!

Come on Dana...u can do it!! Just drop two more sizes!!! Yeah..right, haha!!! I just want my wt to match the wt on my drivers license! :D not too much to ask!


The English Family said...

Im not even close to where I want to be and don't have time to exercise at this point in my life, but in the past i have had really good results with the eliptical and weight watchers! With weight watchers you can eat whatever just count your points so you aren't starving like other diets.

Katie said...

OFFICIALLY following you friend ;)