Friday, October 22, 2010

5 Months

My sweet little boy is now 5 months old (as of the 17th, yes I am late posting). He has grown so much in very many ways! He weighs 19.5 lbs and is 26 in. long!! He is a big boy!!!!

 He is still such a smiler and so full of joy! I love seeing him smile.
 He has such an amazing personality! He laughs so easily and is the cutest when he pokes his lip out really really far when he is upset! He has become a momma's boy and I am LOVING it!!!
 He is starting to sit up a little with support. He still dives forward but is starting to work on it!
 He got his first tatoo at the buddy walk...and the only one he will ever get unless it is a fake one..haha!!!!
 He is rolling over from his back to belly and belly to back!! He gets on his belly and pushes his feet up under him and is almost crawling if he could just get up on his arms...I think once he does that he will be all over this house!!!
 He is such a sweetheart and has started talking and sqealing alot too! He loves to talk the most at church while the preacher is preaching..hehe

 He is teething alot and getting up alot at fun for momma!! He blows tons of bubles and is drooling all over the place.
 I just love how he sports this hat!! Super cool dude at the buddy walk!!! Ready to walk for down syndrome!!!
 He has rolls everywhere and I love them all!!! I especially love his wrist rolls :D
 Sleepy boy!!!!
 And Sarah inspired me to buy something I have never bought before (modge podge) and I got crafty. This is Noah's halloween bucket. I have NO art supplies so I literally typed out his name in word printed it out, cut it out myself....which was crazy hard b/c I am so uncoordinated..then I found some pumpkins in clipart and colored them and then modge podged them right on the bucket! I had so much fun making something for my adorable boy that I plan to make tons more!!!!

This is the other side of the bucket. This was how it was made, I did not make this side..haha!! So I had to jazz it up a bit on the other side :D

Happy Five Months Noah!! We love you to pieces and always will!!! You are such a joy and bring us such happiness!! Love you!!!!!


Melissa said...

He is so cute! Love his smile.

shauna said...

I love the smushed cheeks in the car seat. Noah looks so much like Jakob did when he was that age. All the rolls and chunk. I miss that squishy stage. It definitely looks like you have a happy boy on your hands

John said...

He is awsome, and yes , he is so cute, and so loving, and such a beautiful smile.. makes you wnat to just hug all day long.. and he is surely a gift from our God Almighty..