Friday, October 22, 2010

5 Months

My sweet little boy is now 5 months old (as of the 17th, yes I am late posting). He has grown so much in very many ways! He weighs 19.5 lbs and is 26 in. long!! He is a big boy!!!!

 He is still such a smiler and so full of joy! I love seeing him smile.
 He has such an amazing personality! He laughs so easily and is the cutest when he pokes his lip out really really far when he is upset! He has become a momma's boy and I am LOVING it!!!
 He is starting to sit up a little with support. He still dives forward but is starting to work on it!
 He got his first tatoo at the buddy walk...and the only one he will ever get unless it is a fake one..haha!!!!
 He is rolling over from his back to belly and belly to back!! He gets on his belly and pushes his feet up under him and is almost crawling if he could just get up on his arms...I think once he does that he will be all over this house!!!
 He is such a sweetheart and has started talking and sqealing alot too! He loves to talk the most at church while the preacher is preaching..hehe

 He is teething alot and getting up alot at fun for momma!! He blows tons of bubles and is drooling all over the place.
 I just love how he sports this hat!! Super cool dude at the buddy walk!!! Ready to walk for down syndrome!!!
 He has rolls everywhere and I love them all!!! I especially love his wrist rolls :D
 Sleepy boy!!!!
 And Sarah inspired me to buy something I have never bought before (modge podge) and I got crafty. This is Noah's halloween bucket. I have NO art supplies so I literally typed out his name in word printed it out, cut it out myself....which was crazy hard b/c I am so uncoordinated..then I found some pumpkins in clipart and colored them and then modge podged them right on the bucket! I had so much fun making something for my adorable boy that I plan to make tons more!!!!

This is the other side of the bucket. This was how it was made, I did not make this side..haha!! So I had to jazz it up a bit on the other side :D

Happy Five Months Noah!! We love you to pieces and always will!!! You are such a joy and bring us such happiness!! Love you!!!!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Just a few pics..haha

I have been so bad about posting pics lately so I decided to do a big post of alot of pics! Here are a few pics from soccer games, at home play, bday party, and first time at the park!!! Lots of fun!!!!! I love my Noah!! And tomorrow he will be 5 MONTHS old!!! Big boy!!!
 At my niece's soccer game with my best buddy!
 So proud to be able to bring a baby to a bday party!!
 Noah riding a horse!!!
 The fam before Sophies costume bday party!
 first time petting a horse with daddy

 uh oh already getting kisses from pretty girls :D
 my lil' soccer players!!!
 first time at the looks like he has only one leg, but he has the other one propped up and he is relaxing!!

 Gorgeous eyes!!!
 Momma and Noah at the park!

In his halloween pjs! Very cute!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Inspired to share how I found peace!

Isn't peace something we all strive for and desperately want! I searched for peace even before I even knew that is what I was searching for and I always seemed to never find it. Well, sometimes things or ppl would give me peace for a while and then I would end up out searching for it once more. Until I realized something and let me tell you it took God yelling in my ear to realize this! I realized that God was the one and only person that could give me the peace I so desperately needed. I had heard others talk about this very thing in church and would often think to myself how do they do it. I never understood that even the ppl that loved me the most could never fill the holes in my heart or comfort me like God!!! I pushed away from this idea and you know how they say God whispers at first then he starts to yell! Well, it took me getting to my lowest of lows!! Infertility stripped me down to nothing. I was this body with nothing inside but pain. I looked to others to comfort me only to never feel completely comforted. And it wasn't b/c they did not love me and show me tons of love it was simply b/c they were not capable of healing my heart the way God healed it.

And there were tons of times when I was just downright mad at God and felt like a child begging for a toy and having my father tell me over and over again that I could not have it! I would get so mad at Him. Then God showed me that He wasn't not giving me a child...He just had other plans for me. He saw the BIG picture and I could only see this tiny part of it. I guess it is kind of like how us as parents want to help our kids and sometimes end up looking like we are the bad guys b/c we discipline them or try to help them understand that if they simply let go and let God then their lives may not be what they had planned, but it will be oh so much better b/c it will be what God has planned. That does not by any means say that the pain is not there and it that it is not hard. However, when I finally learned to go to God instead of other ppl or other things to comfort me I was finally able to find peace in my suffering! I can remember the moment it happened. I had been praying for peace!!! Then I saw this video online of the song that says you are all I want you are all I need, everything, everything! You know the one I posted a while back. It shows how we are so happy with God at first then other things/ppl come into our lives and pull us away from God and we start to thing these things/ppl can fulfill us but instead it ends up making us feel empty..but all we have to do is ask God to help us! Really surrender! Which is hard!!! But when I saw that video I saw myself!!!! I saw my teenage years of being a cutter and I saw my life and how I yearned for love from others. And then when that girl just fell to her knees and prayed for God to help her and he came in and rescued her I lost it!! I knew that everything I had been through had led up to this moment! All my pain of not being able to be a mom, all my pain from the past just came out and it was like God grabbed me and took it on Himself. And at that moment I was in love really in love with my Father Jesus!!! I needed Him so much and I loved Him so much. I wasn't angry anymore!!!

And yes after that moment I still didn't become a mommy and lost a baby in the process, but I still loved Him, I still needed Him! I knew that He had a plan and that I just had to surrender to it. I loved Him when I was sad and I loved Him when I was happy! I praised Him when I was sad and I praised Him when I was happy! And that is how I found peace!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Gonna get watch out!!!

It is time to get real!! For serious, haha!! I learned a really good life lesson today and I thought I would share!! I have been struggling lately with my emotions. I really want to do things like house work and etc with a joyful heart, but I can't seem to keep the joy flowing. I end up getting mad! Usually I take this out on Todd (poor guy) and I can't even tell him why I am mad. I guess I just feel a bit overwhelmed and tend to put alot on my plate and then when I don't get it all done I get down on myself. Then you add the filters I have (counselor talk for baggage and how I view the world) and you get a crazy angry woman mad at the world for no good reason!!!

I would never want to share something online and to the world about my relationship with Todd that is too personal, but I really feel like this is more about me and not him! B/c it really is!! Ya see I was viewing things all wrong!! I was trying to be joyful in working for others when I am suppose to be joyful in working for God! Don't get me wrong I love to do things for other ppl, but it is harder when you worry if you are doing those things for approval or praise. Well if I do these things for God then I do it b/c DUH He is GOD!!! I mean he only sent His only son to die for our sins!! He has always been there for me when I was super sad or struggling with anything. He always answers when I call Him and forgives me when I don't call so much. He is my EVERYTHING!!! So instead of getting caught up in how many times I picked up the house or washed really isn't about that now is it?? God wants us to show others Him through our joy in doing everything! Kinda like the Duggar family always says to do things with a joyful heart. Well, I am working on it and it will always be a work in progress...but I am getting better.

And to my sweet hubby! I am soooo sorry for being so moody and mean this morning! I was really just mad at myself and judging myself. And as they say you take things out on the ones U love the most! SO maybe that is a compliment..haha!

So if you are having days when you feel like you are doing doing doing and feel like no one cares or that you just can't do anymore...Remember that you are doing it for God! Not for yourself and not for others! And He loves us very much and will not put more on our plates than we can handle. We are the ones that tend to fill our plates too full!!!!! Okay I hope that made sense!!!

Trimming the fat!!!

I joined WW the other day and realized that I eat way toooooo much, haha! Like I didn't know that, well maybe not consciously! Neways I am working on it slowly and plan on taking my time to get the wt off! I did WW while we were TTC and it really helped me get started on my wt loss. I am still gonna eat what I love but just not as often and not as much!!! However, one thing I will have a problem with is my crack  sweet tea!! I tried splenda...NO GO!!! It has to be good ole southern sweet tea!!!

Other ways I am trimming the to speak is I am on a mission to save money for our family! I spent a few hours lastnight that I could have been sleeping  finding coupons online and printing them out. Then I hit up the sale pages and tried to figure out which store had the best prices. I am not a math person so that took a while!! I did the best I think I could and my eyes began crossing so I decided it was time to hit the sack. I am not going to kill myself over this, but I am gonna try to do better. I will hit just two grocery stores today and then head home. We have also started the dave ram. envelope system!! We just want to be a little bit smarter with our money and when you buy with cash it just feels different than swiping that handy dandy debit card.

So that is my boring post for today! Tomorrow I can post about the fun we had this wkend visiting my bro and sis in law, going to a bday party, and attending homecoming at church!!! Til then!!!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lets talk about weight!!

Okay I gotta be selfish for a minute and talk about this post baby wt that is still on me! Not that I have tried to get it I guess I have no place to complain. However, I keep justifying not working out b/c Noah doesn't always sleep through the night. Heck he just started sleeping til 3 and now for the past two days he has slept til 6:30. That may or may not last, so I guess I always feel tired. Yeah I hear my excuses piling up by the minute. I hate that I have all of these wonderful and nice clothes in my closet and I can't fit into them!! The stinking jeans won't even budge over my hips!! I really need to work on getting into shape again. I was watching Todd play with our nephews outside the the other day and they were running around like crazy. I want to do that too!!!! Without feeling like I am going to bust a lung...haha!!

So what have y'all tried that has worked??? I am thinking that I should start out on the elliptical and try to cut portions of my food. I can't go all diet drastic b/c that never works for me and then I end up eating way more afterwards. I hate that this time around I don't have metformin on my side to help me lose the lbs!!!

Come on Dana...u can do it!! Just drop two more sizes!!! Yeah..right, haha!!! I just want my wt to match the wt on my drivers license! :D not too much to ask!

Friday, October 1, 2010

teething, carseats, and my mouth!!!!

Noah has been teething up something serious today and lastnight, soo boooo!!! I am wondering if a tooth will ever decide to show or if it is just going to torture my sweet boy more!!!! I have been looking for good teethers but come up with nothing. Most are too big and he can't really bite on them so I find myself in the store hesitating on what to purchase. I ended up getting one of his washcloths wetting it and getting it cold and he LOVED it. For a while..haha!! I plan on trying more things and we are stopping the whole cereal thing b/c he has decided he doesn't even want to open his mouth for it now. And I am not forcing it. We will give ourselves a break and try again later. No big deal :D

Right now I am on the hunt for a convertible car seat. Noah weighted 16 lb and 10 oz at his 4 mos. dr. appt. and he is quite snug in his current seat. Any suggestions on ones u love or hate?? I want one that will last and will pay more for that. Plus safety is a HUGE factor!!! I would love to hear what y'all suggest!

And on a personal note. I was reminded that I need to stop praising God with this mouth one minute and then saying something ugly with the same mouth the next. In my devotional this morning it was brought to my attention that I may be one of those women and I must admit it is hard to stop!! I catch myself saying negative things and then I have to remember to rephrase it or approach a situation differently. I tend to get my feelings hurt easily so that doesn't help either. And honestly don't we all do this?? It really is hard to retrain some habits, but I am trying!! I think that lately that my negative self comes from being selfish in general. When you have a child you give them your all and you forget sometimes to take care of YOU! Then that snowballs and before you know it you are answering the phone with a mean voice and then realize it is the pastor on the other line...yeah that so did not happen to me. I plan to challenge myself to start being more positive and when I react to things or situations negatively then I am just going to have to rewind and start over!!!

Better take some time to chill while Noah is sleeping so I can reboot and be positive :D Hope y'all have a great weekend!!!

Show us ur dining room plus lots more pics!!!!

Just a few pictures :Dhehe
 The only pic I got when we went to church outside at Buggy Days! It was 10 am and already super hot!!! This is Mrs. Rhonda with Noah :D He just gave her the biggest smiles!!
 This is how mommy gets things done around the house when Noah wants to be a handy helper :D Look at sweet Maggie in the background soaking up the sun!!
 I love his expression in this picture, like oh mom not another picture!!
 First time eating rice cereal!! Say ahhhhh!!!
 Not so sure about this stuff!!!
 This one is for my Aunt Sue and my Uncle G.T.!!! GO braves!! I know he is smiling so big right now seeing Noah in this braves outfit!!
 All three of us are exhausted!!!!!
 Sorry about the red eyes...4got to fix it!! I had this outfit and it is too short for Noah but I just had to put it on him :D Cute bunny!!!!
 The amazing chocolate brownies that maggie decided to have a helping of!!! :0
 Time for more of this stuff???
 Um okay maybe it is okay!!
 A little smile :D
 Messy boy!!!

And I saw where some bloggers are doing the show ur house thing on kelly's korner! I didn't want to sign up. I don't want to commit to posting and forget so here is this weeks post of dining rooms!!! I love our dining room furniture b/c it was my grandmother's (big mamas) furniture! Here is a view from the front door!

 I can just imagine all the Sunday lunches and dinners at my big mama's house!!!!

 My fall decor :D
A shot from the kitchen!! Ignore the bassinet, I put it in the foyer to remind me to give it back to my sissy!!!
Hope you enjoyed all the pics :D Now time for a walk with Todd, Noah, and Maggie around the hood!!
Happy Friday Y'all!!!