Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Yesterday of Meltdowns!!!!

I had one of those days yesterday and just had to share! I often wonder if I am the only one having meltdowns and doing really dumb things...so if you do too...you are not alone :D The day started off rocky b/c Noah has not been liking his enfamil. It makes him spit up tons and it may be one of the reasons he hasn't pooped.

So instead of taking any naps Noah decides he is going to cry really loud. And yes I am trying the cry it out thing, but when he doesn't feel good I just can't do it. So I run up and down the stairs a million times trying to help him fall back asleep. Did I mention during all of this I am trying to ck out the sale pages for the grocery stores and make my grocery/meal list for the week. And all the while I am wondering if I need to switch Noah to oatmeal cereal b/c that could be the reason he is not pooping too! It is chaos!!! Todd is trying to get ready for work and I am dreading that he will pretty much be gone from Mon. night til Wed. evening! His shifts are back to back :( boooo!!!!

As I start having meltdown #1 Todd grabs the phone and calls his mom! Thank the Lord b/c I am incapable of asking for help. His mom is on the way so I can work on the grocery shopping and head out on my search for any similac powder formula that hasn't been recalled. After calling a few stores I find a place so as soon as Todd's mom gets here I am out of the house. Well after I fold some laundry and put more laundry in the washer and dryer!! Out the door!!

Noah decides to be an angel for his nanny!!! He even naps!! Go figure!! I hit wally world and then finally find the display of similac....which is surrounded by other mommas. The momma bear comes out in me and I grab several cans before they are all gone!!! Whew!!! Check that off of my list...my list!!! Oh no..I forgot my list!!!! Great....almost meltdown #2!! Send a text to my sweet friend Sarah for the ingredients for a great dessert (more on that tomorrow). I so need some chocolate after the day so far!!!

Spend TONS of money and then leave to hit up another store to find the sales and get more groceries!! This thrifty shopping is hard work!! I was blessed to get to see my sis and neecy poos at the store so I scoop them up into my buggy and shop fast!! Fast forward...home..groceries put away..oatmeal cereal made for Noah. Time for his dinner! Oh whoops I forgot to eat today!!! That is why I am shaky!! Grab some sweet tea to get me through Noah's dinner and bath!!

Time for meltdown #3!!! As todd's mom goes out the front door and we give our kisses and hugs and thanks....MAGGIE runs out the front door. I yell stay Maggie, no go! She runs to the road!!! I am holding Noah and Todd's mom is yelling for her to stop but not wanting to run to her in fear she will keep running. As she gets right to the end of the driveway a car that is speeding comes by!!!! Todd's mom holds her hand up to get them to stop...no go! They were flying! I swear I could see my sweet little 4 lb baby getting smooshed so I screamed NOOOOOOOO!!!! Like one of those last thing I could do squeals!!! Noah starts crying and thankfully it gets Maggie's attention (plus the huge car flying by scares her). She runs back to me and I feel like I am about to have a heart attack!!!!

So far this day has been nothing but adrenaline and craziness!!! Now I am hoping to put babe to bed and make that dessert!!!! And relax! Not so much!! Thankfully Noah goes down easily and eats his new not recalled similac like he hasn't eaten in weeks holding the bottle tightly with his hands! So cute!!! I start making the dessert and turn on the tv....downtime for me FINALLY!!! Dessert is made and I am in chocolate heaven!!!! My neighbor and bff has had a hard day too so I call her and offer to share the dessert! I was so psyched about sharing my dessert that I left my bowl on the arm of the couch! Yes it still had the other brownie I had planned to devour later on it!!! And Sarah can attest to this these brownies are super super chocolaty!!!!! I hand off the plate of brownies to my bff and come back in to find Maggie has eaten the brownie!! Remember she is a 4 pound yorkie!!!! And she just ate a brownie that was half her size! Meltdown #4!!! Call animal clinic, referred to 24 hour vet...call them...FREAKING OUT!!!!! The vet tells me to pour a shot glass of hydrogen peroxide down her throat to induce vomiting!!!

I run around the house searching for hyd. per. and a shot glass. We don't have a shot glass..haven't had one of those in years! How much is a shot glass? I need to hurry! I call Todd and ask to speak to him immediately. He is brilliant and tells me to use one of Noah's medicine syringes to give it to her! Genius! I squirt 5 ml down her throat then 3 or 4 more!!! And I sit and wait!!! Then it starts!!! She gets it all up and I start gaggin! I will be nice and leave out the details! I sit in the kitchen floor very shaken and loving alot on Maggie while watching the video monitor of Noah sleeping!!! Thank you Lord for taking care of my Maggie today! You saved her twice!!! I loved on her til Todd got home and then told him about my crazy day!!

I was so keyed up I couldn't even go to sleep!!! Hoping today is much less crazy!!!!


Our Baby "D" said...

I know how those days go...You poor thing! Hope you have a good day today :)
I always have my worst days when I'm exhausted and Chad is working long hours, it's so nice to have family a phone call away...if only we would ask for help more often!

Big Fat Mama said...

Wow...I'm kind of shaken up after this! :)

Sounds like a typical day in the life of a mother. :) I have 4 children ages 6 and under so belive me, I feel your pain!

Is Noah eating solids yet? If he'll eat prunes that always helps with constipation. You can even mix it in with the oatmeal. Applesauce and pears (baby food) work well too.

Hoping today is running more smoothly for you!
Big Fat Mama

Amber said...

Whew! Sorry you had such a crazy day. Glad you found some Similac and hope Noah is feeling much better. We had to give our dog hydrogen peroxide, too. Except that she is a 95lb lab and ate 2 packages of gum! That stuff worked like a charm though, and I don't think she'll be going back for my gum. :-)

Jessica said...

Sorry you had a hard day!

I just wanted to let you know that our pedi told me to feed my baby oatmeal in the morning and cereal at night to help balance out her bowels. And it totally worked! No constipation at all!