Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What I got out of Healthy sleep habits, happy child!!!

Healthy Sleep Habits: Happy Child!!! Yep that is my new friend :D It came in the mail today and I was sooo glad to see it. Noah did not nap at all today, just cat naps! So I was ready to try anything to help him get on more of a good sleep schedule. I have already did some skim reading and taken some notes. The gist is this: the more your baby has good sleep the happier he will be!! Good sleep promotes more sleep :D I realized that I was getting Noah down for bedtime too late and needed to start an earlier bedtime routine. Especially today since he did not nap much. We started out bedtime routine at 5:45 pm. Yes you read that right 5:45!!!!!! I bathed him and did the whole lotion/massage thing, then it was bottle time!! He started his bottle at 6:08 and only ate 3 ounces and went right to sleep. Poor thing was really exhausted!!! He went down at 6:23. Then he woke up at 7:20 crying so I ran upstairs and fed him some more. This time he took another 3 ounces and went right back to sleep. We will see how the rest of the night goes.

The nap plan for tomorrow is this: Get Noah up at 7ish and change him. Then feed him if he is hungry. I say that b/c sometimes he may get up at 4 or 5 and eat so he may not be hungry right at 7. The book says to make sure that you have all your lights on or lots of sunshine coming inside b/c this helps with sleep/wake rhythms. If the night goes well and mommy gets sleep I plan on taking Noah out for a quick stroll down the road. Not too far since my knee is still hurting. Then I will either feed him (based on if he ate earlier). After 50  minutes of wake time I start the winding down time. I will take him to his room where I dim the lights and put him in his sleep sack...read him one book, then rock him and sing a lullaby. Once he is asleep I will say a prayer and put him in his crib. The book says that if he cries to let him cry anywhere from 5-25 minutes then soothe him again! I will start out with 5 and work my way up each day!! I am hoping he will just go to sleep. If he sleeps an hour then we are a success!!!!!

If NOT and I cannot soothe him and get him to nap then I just have to say oh well and go on with the day and try again later that day. But I will have to do an earlier second nap if he doesn't take a first nap.

If he does take a first nap then he gets 2 hours of wake time. Again bright lights or sunshine and I will feed him and of course change his diaper. This is probably when I will get him ready for the day and get him out of his pjs. Then after 2 hours I start the winding down period again! I read that the second nap is harder at this age than the first nap. The first nap is what comes naturally b/c he has slept at night and is well rested and not overstimulated. I have to really figure out what works for Noah on the second nap. It maybe that he can only do an hour and a half of wake time before winding down time. The key is to get them starting to wind down before they are showing signs of being tired (yawning, rubbing eyes, fussy, etc.) Then I will do the same winding down routine as before....put him in his sleep sack, read one book, rock and sing a lullaby. Then I will prayer a really LONG prayer and put him in his crib. The book says to let him cry this time for up to an hour! I am not sure I can do this at first so I will start with 7 minutes and work my way up. I will come in and soothe him and see if he goes back to sleep. I haven't figured out if I should pick him up and rock him again or just put my hand on his tummy. I have heard so many ideas on this matter so I will just try both and see what works for Noah.

If he doesn't go to sleep for his second nap by 3 pm I am suppose to give up and just try a 3rd nap around 4. Or just do an earlier bedtime!

If he does nap, it should be a one to two hour nap :D And then when he wakes up this will be his long wake period. The book suggests getting out and about, running errands, etc during this time.

A third nap is optional based on the child and is usually short! We will just see what works. Then we will start his bedtime routine again based on how he did napping that day. And I will pray all of this hard work pays off and my child develops healthy sleeping habits!!!!

Any advice or things that you learned from this book?? I would appreciate your story on what worked for you!!

Okay so that is my summary of the book, but don't take my word on it. That is how I understood it and what I took from it! I am NOT an expert :D OBVIOUSLY!!!! hehe

I will let y'all know how things go!!


Amber said...

We followed that book, too. I learned really early on that Drake needed to go to bed earlier than most people like. :-) It makes it hard to do things with friends, but if he's sleeping well it sure makes our life easier. Drake took the third nap until about 5 months and then finally dropped it. Hopefully your day is going well!

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

So many people have recommended this book to me that I just bought it last week too! It hasn't come in yet & I'm getting very impatient...ha! :) I loved reading your post though and am excited to try some of the things. Keep us posted on what works for you!