Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ta Da List Overload!!

Okay I am hoping I am not the only momma that is going crazy with a HUGE to do list!! So here are just a few things I need to do or as I like to call it my "ta da" list! B/c once u are done u can say TA DA!! hehe!!
  1. Read up on rice cereal and how to make my own baby food!
  2. Make a schedule for Noah's new adventure with food!!!
  3. Pray for Similac, b/c I would rather kick them in the behind...but I am trying to be nice!
  4. Make a menu for what we are cooking this week..which includes me scoping out a few supermarkets sale pages.
  5. Buy those groceries...cook them!!!
  6. Buy Noah some new clothes, this boy is outgrowing EVERYTHING!!!! He also needs some wintery hats that are cute!
  7. Work on baby proofing the house!!!
  8. Decide on a home church for sure!!!
  9. Buy b-day cards for October..and any other cards (get well cards, congrats cards, etc)
  10. upload pics to snapfish and start ordering
  11. write in four of Noah's albums (yes I take alot of pictures)!!
  12. Place photos in Noah's baby book and write out what I can.
  13. Make dentist appointments for Todd and me!
  14. Make time for visiting friends and family!
  15. Work on a date night for Todd and me
  16. Somewhere in all of that: wash clothes, clean house, entertain Noah, feed Noah, change Noah, work on sleeping issues with Noah, etc!!!!
    WOW!!!! I am even more stressed now!!

    How do all of you supermoms do it???
And since I haven't posted pics in a while here are a few :D
     Me and Noah (in my super cute new headband from Katie)!! Love it!! And Go Braves!
     Now with his best buddy Maggie!!
     Yep he finally got his foot in his mouth! He was quite happy about it!!1
     Noah in mommy's shades! Super cool dude!
     Mommy and Noah in the car waiting on daddy to get off of work!!
     Sweet drool!!
     Watch out ppl Noah is driving!! (not really)
    Us 3 at our neecy poos soccer game! It was SUPER hot!!
    Happy Tuesday!!!

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Melissa said...

I always have to-do lists also. After reading this it made me realize we are lucky girls for this being our "to-dos" Taking care of our house, hubbys and babies. These are nice lists to have :o)