Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Show Love!!!!

After reading a devotional this morning it asked me to write the ten ways I love God! You know kinda like oh how I love thee..let me count the ways!! God always sends us unconditional love and I think it would be great to show Him some love too!! So if you find it in your heart to do so...join me!!! Let God know how much You love him...count the ways!!!

Love to all ~ Dana

Dear God~

How do I love thee, let me count the ways:

1. I love thee for loving me! For giving Your only Son to save me!! That is how much You love me!

2. For always catching me when I fall and knowing when to not catch me and let me fall. Even during those times you always help me heal my wounds from the fall and help me learn a life lesson.

3. For giving me an amazing family and set of friends that You work through to guide me and show me love.

4. For Your word that is written so that we may manage the many curves and bumps in life's road.

5. For always dancing with me!!!!

6. For Noah!!! You created a perfect and sweet little boy and gave me the best gift ever. His sweet little fingers and toes, his chubby little cheeks!! You knew the right timing and You have allowed me to learn to be a Christian parent and guide my son to you!!

7. For hugging me, for listening to me, for chatting with me, for all you do to show me you are my friend!!!

8. For teaching me that all I need is YOU!!! It frees me from so many chains in this world.

9. For the rain!! It is simply beautiful and is a great reminder of the sweet way you shower all of us with Your love.

10. Last, but not least I love thee for giving me an everlasting life that I can spend with You in heaven!! I daydream of the day when I am with You!!! I will follow You around all day and just bask in You! I can't wait to dance with You, hug You, sing for You, and love on You soooo much!!!!

I love You Lord so much that it is just feels like it is going to jump right out of me!! So I have a plan!!! I am going to share this with others and encourage them to write you a love letter too!! You always show us love and now it is time that we show You love back!!!!

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