Thursday, September 16, 2010

Second day of healthy sleep habits happy child!!!!

I know that my previous post broke down yesterday's sleep training, but I have to write about what I was thinking and how I was feeling later in the day. I am not sure if I mentioned this but our nephew spent the night with us. And let me tell you it was tough when the family came over and all I could think about was a third nap and then wondering when I should start putting him down for the night. Then I worried about overstimulation!! Todd swears I didn't look so stressed but I was!!!! I wanted to enjoy my family, but my mind was racing and I wanted to just look at the sleep log I have been writing and ponder my next steps. However, I had no time to do that and it would have been rude to just ignore my visit from the FAM!

Noah got up at 1:30 lastnight and ate. He eats as if he is a starving child, so I know there has to be something to the whole gotta get up to eat thing!! I still think once he starts rice cereal it will help with the night feedings, because he doesn't even open his eyes to eat. He just drinks it furiously then is OUT!!!! Then he got up again at 5:30. When he got up that early I was so upset! I mean here I have been working on him for naps and now his night sleep is getting worse. It was better before when he would only get up at 3 and then at 7!! All I could think is how in the world am I going to get this child to take a nap at 7:30 in the morning! That is crazy, right?? So I gave him his bottle and then rocked him back to sleep. Thankfully he did go back to sleep and didn't get up til 7:13! Now that is a wake up time I can work with!!! I did the usual...LIGHTS ON and time for some mickey mouse clubhouse :D.

Todd and Jacob (my nephew) made a tent downstairs and were starting to get up as well. Jacob entertained Noah while Todd and I made some breakfast. It seemed like the time for the first nap happened really quickly and it just happened to coincide with his bottle. So I gave did the usual. LIGHTS off, sleep sack, book, bottle, bed. Of course with his bottle he didn't complain on bit after getting in bed. He was out!!! So much for teaching some self soothing. The next  2 naps went the same way! I swear I didn't try to make his time to eat the same time as his naptime, but it kept falling at the same time. He napped again! He napped an hour for both of his 2nd and 3rd naps. Todd did the 2nd nap and I prayed so hard for him b/c I knew it would be hard for him to do the crying it out thing with Noah. But with his bottle he didn't have to do it at all!!!

Nap 1 times: 9:04-10:08
Nap 2 times: 11:48-12:46
Nap 3 times: 2:47-3:45

Later that evening he was getting fussy and I was confused b/c he had three naps and I thought we were doing the right thing. Then I looked at the clock and realized it was time for him to eat again. He took 6 ounces so my boy was VERY hungry!!!! (at 5:30).

At 6:30 I noticed him getting fussy again and with his early bedtimes lately I knew it was time for his bath and then beddie-by time!!! After I gave him a bath Todd gave him a bottle to see if he would eat a bit more before going down and he only took 2 ounces ;(

I feel like the time he gets up tonight and in the morning will show me if this is working or not. If he is getting good sleep then he should wake up happy, right?? Well, my feeling is this...if he wakes up at 1:30 and then 5:30 again I am going to go nuts!! I would rather him have a later bedtime and work on his naps then him get up an extra time at night. And yes I count 5:30 as a time getting up!! Sorry I am a sleeper and I miss my sleep!!!!! I will just have to work his bedtime to a later time gradually to get him back on his previous schedule and hope that after his doctor's appt. tuesday which = rice cereal for dinner :D then that will help him too. Okay I know this was a totally boring post, but I would love to be able to read how other mommas are doing this so I figured I would share!! Any thoughts???


Amber said...

Keep working on it. It sounds like it is working...even if he is waking a little earlier. That can still change. You are starting to notice his cues and it will get easier as times goes on. I know a lot of people think the rice cereal helps, but I don't think it really did with us. Just a thought. Can't wait to hear how today goes!

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

Okay, I am so not the person to comment on this as we are currently facing the same problems on & off, but I just thought I'd share one thing that helped us. Have you ever done the dream feed? I feed E right before putting him to bed around 8, then right before I go to bed (usually around midnight; I'm a night owl) I pick him up and feed him again. He doesn't wake up, much like you said Noah does with his 1:30 feeding. That usually helps him make it til 4 before he wants to eat again, then is up around 7 or 7:30. So I don't know, maybe you've already tried that but just thought I'd mention that just in case. I know every baby is so different that you just never know too! Aside from that, I'd say keep doing what you're doing and I'm sure it will level out. Good luck! :)