Monday, September 27, 2010

Prayer Warriors Mount Up!!!

Hey y'all!! I wanted to ask if you would all please pray for my sweet little sister! She may not be my biological little sister, but I have known her since she was itty bitty and I claim her as my little sister!!! This is Mary Beth! The sweetest and most beautiful girl you will ever meet. She is just as beautiful on the inside as on the outside!! She ALWAYS remembers everyone's birthdays and I just adore her!!! Since I never had a little sister I can remember praying for one, and God answers prayers b/c he gave me a great one!! She is having surgery tomorrow! I won't go into all her business but please pray for her surgery to go smoothly and for her recovery to be easy and fast!! I know she is scared so please pray for God to give her peace and comfort! Thank y'all soo much!!

MB~ if you are reading this! I love you sis! I know that God will be with you every step of the way tomorrow and I know you will be fine! Just trust in Him!!! I love you dearly and will be praying for you tons!! If I wasn't so OCD about germs I would pack Noah up and we would be at that hospital so we could wrap our arms around you and give u a super big hug!! But you will get one when we can get to see you!!! For sure! LOOOOOVEEE UUUUU!!!!!


Michelle said...

Done! Please know that I have said a prayer for your sweet sister and I hope that everything goes well. I pray for God to wrap his loving arms around her and lead her to health. God bless!

Big Fat Mama said...

I'm praying for Mary Beth tonight! And I love your motto - LET GO AND LET GOD! Awesome!
Big Fat Mama