Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Noah's first cold! :(

Thank y'all so much for the advice and words of encouragement. Now I know why Noah wasn't sleeping! He is sick!!! Yep, he has a cold! Poor thing! Yesterday his nose starting running and then I heard a little cough and I started to worry!!! I didn't know if his throat was sore or how bad he was feeling. But my mommy instincts kicked in and I cked his temperature. He had a low grade fever so I gave him some tylenol and called the doctor today. Thankfully they took him and the doctor said he has a cold! And thankfully again the congestion has not gone to his chest and is only in his head! I plan on giving him lots of lovings along with his medicine! I pray he gets over it very soon!! My baby has his very first cold!! Oh and the doctor said he was teething!!! Already?? He is growing like a weed!! Pray that Noah and mommy gets some rest! I am wiped out and hoping I don't get sick too. I am feeling a bit achy. Okay off to love on my sick boy!!


Ashley said...

Elevate his bed on one end with some books so that he can breathe better and put on the humidifer..they both help out a lot!!

shauna said...

Awww, poor fella. It's so sad when babies get sick :( Hope he feels better soon!