Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Noah's 4 mos appt and much more!!1

Noah's 4 month appt. went great! Of course we did NOT like the shots part, but overall doc said we had a healthy and very alert little boy!!! He weighed 16.10 and his ht was 25.5!! He is a BIG boy! A lady in the waiting room asked me if he was 6 mos old...hehe!! He cried after his two shots, but I gave him a bottle and soothed him. He was out and so Todd and I went and ate a late lunch at American Pie.

Oh and I almost forgot!!! We started rice cereal!!! We took tons of pics and videotaped Noah giving us the yuck face when he tasted it! He did so good. He would open his mouth when the spoon was coming towards him and he may have even swallowed some of it, HA!! I will have to put up pics later..there just isn't enough time in the day to get everything done. I plan on giving him rice cereal for two weeks then starting stage one foods. I can't wait! This is so much fun! I just love seeing Noah experience new things.

On the sleep front, we are still working on CIO with naps. I couldn't let him CIO today b/c I knew he was sore from his shots. He is still taking 2-3 naps a day and they range from 30 minutes to 2 hours. The 2 hour naps are rare!!! Instead of being so rigid with a schedule I am really just watching Noah and he usually lets me know when he is tired. Especially with the 2nd and 3rd naps. They seem to be harder!!

Noah slept through the night for his daddy the other night! He always does that for his daddy! I am super jealous!!! He took 7 oz before bed tonight so maybe he is going to give me a full night of sleep. A girl can hope!!!!!!

I have been trying to cook more so we can spend less on eating out. It was getting ridiculous, but it is really hard to cook with a 4 mos old. Especially when he is cranky around dinner time and fights a nap. However, I have managed to make a plan of what I can cook for the rest of this month and for Oct. We will see if I actually stick to it! If I can atleast cook twice a week I feel like that will be a success. Tonight we tried the honey mustard chicken helper and green beans. It was actually good! I had my doubts!! I did not like cutting up raw chicken...I have raw meat issues!! It is GROSS!!! I like recipes where I don't have to touch any raw meat at all!! I even have throw away gloves for such occasions! I know I am a weirdo!! And this wkend I plan on taking the easy route and making veg. beef stew in the crock pot!!

Other than that I have been trying to skim read some of the many books I have on various topics from feeding Noah to helping Noah sleep better. Not to mention the book to better myself as a christian woman and how I need a new book on how to be a better christian parent!! I really should invest in some books on cd or for my ipod!! Speaking of ipod I just downloaded some praise baby cds and they are awesome. A fellow blogger mentioned them and so I just had to buy them. I play them during the day and Noah really likes it.

Alright, better run and try to get more done!!! Can I get a few more hours in a day please...haha!!!

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