Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Lately....we have been dealing with a sick baby as you read in a precious post! And to make things worse he had a tore up bottom too! The antibiotic he was on really upset his tummy and it just broke my heart! So I decided to stop the antibiotic. The doctor's office was closed for the holiday wkend and poor Noah was NOT feeling well. I originally took him into the doctor b/c he had a runny nose and a little cough. And around here strep is going around like crazy so I wanted to make sure he didn't have strep. I just figured that if I stopped the antibiotic and he got worse then I would call the doctor and get a different medicine. So far he had done great and his bottom has cleared up. He is like a different child! He is kicking and playing and I am sooo happy he feels better!!! It was a rough couple of days and I swear I thought he would never feel better. It just broke my heart to see my baby in pain.

Noah is starting to teeth (that is what the doctor said) so we have been giving him tylenol every now and then, but not alot. I also tried a little itty bit of orajel type stuff on his gums. The look he gave me was was like what did u do to my mouth momma :D I tested it on my gums and mouth first to see how strong it was. However, the best thing is his little bear/blanky. He loves to chew on the blanky part and that seems to help his teething issues. It reminds me of a j and k + 8 episode where the kids had "chewys". I am thinking Noah will have a chewy too. He doesn't take a pacifier and doesn't really suck his thumb. He just chews the heck out of his hand. So that is what is up lately!!!

Right now my sweet boy is sound asleep and down for the night, well down for 5 hours or so atleast :D I just love our nightly routine. Noah LOVES taking a bath and splashing in the water so I let him play for a long time tonight and his little toes even got all wrinkly..hehe!!! He was having a blast. Then when he stares at me while he is eating I just look at him and I swear I still cannot believe he is here!!! I am just in awe when I see that precious face!!! Such a blessing sent from God! I am finally at a place in my life where I have ALWAYS wanted to be and it is amazing. Sure it isn't all peaches and cream all of the time, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Noah is going to be 4 months old soon and I have heard that this is when rice cereal is introduced. Well, I am really clueless. I am confused about how to give it to him. Do I put it in his bottle or put it in a bowl and feed it to him??? And if I put it in the bottle do I need to buy special nipples for rice cereal?? I use the playtex drop ins bottles and the only types of nipples I can find are slow, medium, and fast flow. I have even wondered if I need to get medium flow nipples because Noah is getting older? So many questions and Dr. Google isn't answering them the way I need him to..HA!!! If y'all have any advice on what you did please do share. I know that different things work for different babies, but I just need to figure out a game plan and go from there.

And I couldn't post without a cute pic of my sweety pie!! He is always smiling! I just love seeing his JOY!!! And don't ya just love those bulldawg cheeks!!!


Our Baby "D" said...

Glad to hear your little boy is feeling better! :) I would ask your pediatrician their recommendation on starting solids/cereal. They are a good resource and typically they mention solids at your well-baby visit! I'm a new mom, but I'm also a nurse and a lot of times it depends on the individual baby & your pediatrician as to when/how to start cereal :) Good luck!

Blake and Mallory Thompson said...

Emery will be 4 months on Sunday and I started rice cereal about a week after she turned 3 months old- out of total desperation to get her to sleep longer at night! I was going to do it through her bottle and everyone told me to just do it with a spoon. If you buy the Gerber rice cereal it tells you how to make the first feeding. It's very milky- it helped Emery to adjust to the spoon and while very messy, she was mastering it in just a night or 2. Each night I thickened it up a bit more until I got to a consistancy she liked. I use the Dr. Brown bottles and they make a Y nipple for feeding rice cereal through a bottle, but opted to just try the spoon- and I would higly recommend it! It will be a fun experience for the whole family- make sure you have the camera and video camera rolling!

kate said...

A friend sent me this link, and it has a ton of helpful information on it about baby foods, when to start them, how to prepare them, how to feed them to the baby, etc. Just thought you might find it helpful, too:

Amber said...

I'm so glad he is feeling better!

As for rice cereal, it's up to you. Our doctor told us we could start at 4 months, but some say six. We actually started at 5 months just because I felt like he was ready then. My doctor also says not to put it in the bottle. We spoon feed the cereal mixed with formula to him. We also made it a little thicker than the box recommended, and he seemed to like it. It takes a little bit to get used to it, but I'm sure you'll do great.

Melissa said...

We started rice cereal around 4 months. Just spoon feed it to him. The object is not to fill him up on it but to get him used to the feel/texture and eating from a spoon. (per our feeding specialist at Childrens Hospital)

Melissa said...

I forgot to mention the BEST book on feeding your child that I highly recommend. "Child of Mine" by Ellyn Satter. I got mine from Amazon for a great deal.

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

Hope Noah is feeling better! Sick babies are no fun. :( He is SUCH a doll!! As far as the labels in my pantry, I got them from Wonderful Graffiti. I had a gift card there, but they were only $1/each word, and you can make your own words as well as choose the color of vinyl you want. Here's the link:

Jenn said...

Glad Noah is better! Teething is going to get a lot of fun, sleep schedule will change when they really start cutting. We are working on 3 teeth at one time and some nights she barely sleeps because her gums hurt.

To figure out if you should start him on cereal is does he watch when you eat? If he follows the fork or spoon he is ready to make that step, that's what our pedi told us and what I have read. The first night will be fun and a mess so make sure you put a towel down and have a camera ready!

I agree with the above posters, rice cereal from a spoon is easier than a bottle. We use Playtex also and the cereal gets stuck in the nipple and it is hard for them to suck it out (one of my friends did this).
Be prepared that he might get stopped up from the rice, we switched to oatmeal after she went 2 days without a bowel movement.

The wholesome baby food website is awesome! We use it to make our own baby food to! This definitely saves us a ton of money. If you have the time try it out with a few veggies.

Wow long comment. Well if you read the whole thing. Good luck with everything and keep us posted!