Wednesday, September 15, 2010

First day of Dr. Weissbluth's sleep training or should I say nap training :D

I think today was a success, but I still have a lot of questions!!! I put Noah down lastnight early because he needed an earlier bedtime. He woke up at 1:30 am and ate with his eyes closed and went right back down in his crib with no problems. He ate 4 ounces. Then he woke up at 6:30 am and so I fed him again (took 3 ounces) and tried to put him back down to see if he would sleep a little bit longer.

No go so we were up for the day! I changed his diaper and turned on ALL of the lights in the house! I put Noah on his mat and let him watch mickey mouse clubhouse while I ate bkfast. Then we played and I started my new Noah sleep log!!! At 7:25 it was wind down time so we went upstairs and I turned the light off, put on the noise maker, put noah in his sleep sack (oh and changed his diaper), we read one book, then I put him on my shoulder and sang a lullaby while rocking him. After a few minutes I put him in his crib. He was still a little awake but after a minute or two he was asleep. YAY first nap success :D He slept from 7:44-8:42!! Almost an hour..yay!! Then he got up and we turned all the lights on and opened all of the blinds. I took my shower while Noah played on his mat in the bathroom. I fed him and he took 4 ounces at 9:30. Then we played some more :D

After about 2 hours we started winding down again around 10:20. We did the same thing as before and I put him down and he started crying. I let him cry for 6 minutes and it was the LONGEST 6 minutes of my life. Then I went in picked him up and rocked him and sang to him again. After a few minutes I put him down again. This time I let him cry for 12 minutes and came in and soothed him once again. I put him down and he went to sleep. He sleeps from 10:58 to 11:38. I tried to soothe him again, but no go so I gave him his bottle. He took 4 1/2 ounces. He goes back to sleep so I put him in his crib again and he cries for 12 more minutes and then I give up and decide the second nap is over.

He is awake now and like before I make sure to get the lights on and we start playing again. We play on the floor with some toys, do tummy time, boppy time, and then I put him in his highchair so I can eat. Also I am letting him practice being in his highchair. He will be eating some rice cereal very soon :D It is around 2 so it is time for another bottle and I give it to him while he is in his highchair. He takes 5 ounces and is out asleep. I figure I will take this as his third nap and so I watch him as he sleeps in his highchair. He sleeps 33 minutes and is up.

At 3:40 I try another third nap b/c I am unsure if the nap in the highchair was sufficient enough to count as a third nap. We do the winding down routine and I put him down. He talks and fusses a little for 14 minutes then starts crying. I give up and get him up.

Then it is wake time. Todd's parents come over and when it is time for his next bottle he takes only 3 ounces and falls asleep. We put him in his bassinet and let him sleep for about 20 minutes. When he is up we all go outside and watch Todd play with our nephews Caleb and Jacob.

At 6:30 I give him a bath..then do a book, bottle, then bed. He takes 5 ounces and is off to sleepy town with no fussing at all :D He is asleep at 7:20.

I am sure he will get up once and then we will start this all over again tomorrow! I hope I am doing this right!!! I am so unsure of myself and so I have been trying to find youtube videos of Dr. W's lectures to see if he answers questions close to mine. Plus I found his blog and posted a question. I am hoping he answers it!!! We shall see. Any of y'all (that have read Healthy sleep habits, happy child) have any suggestions on things I could change or try. Any advice???? As always it is greatly appreciated!!! 


Melissa said...

Ahh...Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is always on here. That and Nick Jr!

Sounds like you are doing good. When I got Cassie on a schedule I did the same as you with wind down time, read a book and layed her in the crib awake. I don't remember what the longest is I ever had her cry...I think 15-20 min. It is hard like you said. Your on the right track!

Amber said...

This sounds good to me! It's going to take a while for both of you to get used to the routine, but stick with it. You'll be really glad you did.

Karlene said...

I skimmed the book in the store for awhile and agreed with his points. I generally do the same thing with my babe and we get comments all th3 time on how happy he is. I really do think healthy sleep creates a happy baby! Good luck with your new routine! I can't wait to hear how It goes for you!

Anonymous said...

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