Friday, September 3, 2010

Crying over spilled cough medicine!!

Yes, I cried over spilled cough medicine! Let me paint you the picture. Tonight Todd had to work so I was all by myself with Noah. I didn't think anything of it b/c Noah has been feeling better and I give him his meds all the time by myself. Yeah, didn't go like I had it planned in my mind. It went something like this!!!

I took Noah's temp via the ear and was concerned so I attempted to get a temp via the backside and the stupid thermometer would NOT work right so I felt bad after attempting several times and just gave up!! He kept squirming and was fussy b/c he was ready for his botttle and bed. I have been giving Noah tylenol for his teething and cold so it was time for it anyway!!  Gave him his tylenol and started prepping for a bath! I forgot his towel so I had to improvise and just used one of our towels. Then the thermometers fell in the sink while the water was running....I had just read the instructions (for the millionth time) and read not to submerge them in water! Oops so I quickly grabbed them and hoped I didn't just ruin them!

I finally gave Noah his bath and he started really fussing so I tried to hurry!!! I noticed that now he has a bad diaper rash from his antibiotics and runny bms so I took him to his room to put on a mixture of desitin and medicated diaper rash! Noah is getting fussier and fussier! And this momma is getting more and more stressed. I hate it when my baby is fussing and he is sick! I just want to fix it fast!! I had to take him downstairs to get his bottle ready and his meds for the night! (His antibiotic and cough medicine). I put him in his bouncy seat to give him his meds b/c it is sooo much easier!! Or so I thought. I gave him some of his bottle and used my other hand to open a childproof bottle and draw up the right dose....yes all the while using the other hand to hold his bottle in his mouth!!! I got his antibiotic down him and it was a success. Now for the cough medicine!!! I drawed the meds up and put it in his mouth...then look down and in my other hand I have tipped the bottle over and it spills all over Noah's pjs and the bouncy seat! THE ENTIRE STINKIN BOTTLE!!!!! I cannot believe I just did that so I now have to get Noah up, change his pjs, keep maggie from getting the spilled cough medicine, all the while Noah is red face, choking on spit crying!!! The rest is a blur!!!! I was shaking after I finally fed Noah and got him down to sleep! And I felt the the WORST momma in the world!!!

I called my bff and did the whole ugly cry!!! She calmed me down and then I called my sister and she calmed me even more down! They both told me about times they had done something and that I wasn't a bad momma!! Joni (bff) even came over to show me her stash of cough meds that she had for her kids to see if any of them were the same one I had just spilled!! No such luck! But now I am calm and realize that it will be okay if Noah has to wait til Monday to get more cough medicine! But man was I having a melt down earlier! And I am sure there will be many many more to come!!!


shauna said...

Yes, I've done that too. I spilled the pink meds all over the apartment carpet. I called the nurse and sheepishly asked for more and she said not to worry it happens all the time. It is hard when they are not feeling good though, they have little patience and we just want to fix things and make them as comfortable as possible. You are a good mommy and doing everything you can to help your baby boy get better. I hope your weekend is relaxing and that Noah is all better soon!

Melissa said...

Things happen! You will laugh about it later. It is easy to get stressed out especially when they are doing the choking spit cry!! You are a great mommy!