Friday, September 17, 2010

4 month post!!

Noah my sweet boy you are four months old today!!! Time has flown by, but thankfully I have made it a point to take in every second with you over the past four months. It has been amazing! I just love you sooo much and Daddy does too! We can be super tired, but just seeing your smile makes it all better. You are already in size 3 diapers and are a big boy! You are wearing 3-6 mos. sizes but they are kinda short on you. Everyone says you look like a 6 month old :D We will find out ur wt and ht on Tuesday and you will get ur 4 month shots..booo!!!

This month you have really become more aware of your surroundings. You notice noises more and can get easily upset if you hear a sudden loud noise. You absolutely LOVE the mickey mouse clubhouse show and when it comes on you smile so big and kick ur feet and flap ur arms. It is tooo cute!!! I end up singing that song all day now..hehe You are not a big fan of your bumbo seat and you have outgrown your bouncy seat. Plus you were starting to try to sit up in it so it was dangerous for you to keep using it. You have rolled over from your back to your tummy once and from your tummy to your back three times. I caught one on video and was super excited!!! You are almost consistently taking 5 ounces every 3 hours. You can sit up with support very well and don't wobble at all. You can hold your neck up really well and tummy time has gotten better. Although you still aren't a big fan. You LOVE bathtime and just kick and smile the entire time. You are sleeping in your crib at night and during naps. You usually get up once at night then eat and go right back down to sleep. You are such a smiler!! Daddy and I can get you to smile anytime! You are such a happy boy! And you love laughing. We tickle you or say something and you think it is the funniest thing. You have also started to notice Maggie. I wonder what you think of her. You had your first cold this month and it was rough, but we made it!! During your cold you got to drink pedialyte and liked it. I got the apple flavor b/c I know eventually you will get to drink apple juice. And last but not least you have now found your feet!! And you have finally gotten them in your mouth!! This makes u really happy :D And when your feet aren't in your mouth your hands are in there. At ur last doctor's appt. he said u were teething so you are drooling all over the place. It is just sweet sugar :D

Noah, Mommy and Daddy just adore you! We are so wrapped around your cute chubby little finger already! We are so glad that you are such a happy boy and pray you continue to have so much joy!!! I only thought I knew happiness, but now I truely know what happiness is! And baby boy it is YOU!!! LOVE U SOOOO MUCH!! MUAH xoxoxox Momma :D

Now it is picture time!! Here is my handsome boy at 4 months old!!!

Here he is more pics please momma :D
Such a cutie even when he is fussin!!!

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sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

He is SO precious!! Our boys are so much alike - I wish we lived closer; they'd be perfect playmates! E found his feet too but hasn't figured out how to get them to his mouth yet...I can't wait!:) Love the blocks, too...what a cute idea!