Saturday, September 18, 2010

3rd Day and PROGRESS!!!

Day 3!!!!  It has been hard and I swear I am constantly questioning myself! However, yesterd Noah did great. His feedings almost fell on naptime so in the morning I made sure to make it where they wouldn't. I don't want Noah to get dependant on a bottle for naptime. It kinda messes up the whole self soothing thing. Especially since his bottle is like his version on nyquil...did I totally spell that wrong. Oh well, it is early who cares..haha!!

Noah took a nap in the morning for an hour, a second nap for almost an hour, and a third nap for 30 minutes. Then he started to get fussy at 6 we headed to the bath. I must have waited too long for bedtime b/c he cried the entire time I dressed him!!! I didn't even get to lotion him up!! So I fed him and down he went at 6:30. And he slept til 6:30 the next morning!!! YEP, 12 hours!!! I can't believe it.

But let me tell you progress is just what I needed to keep a goin'!!! Who knows if it was just a one time thing or if this working on naps and self soothing is really working!! Plus he ate at 4:30 (4 1/2 oz) and then again at 6:15 (4 oz). So maybe he was super full and super tired. Who really knows, but God!!! And I have still been praying for sleep :D So maybe God answered my prayers :D

Neways, I want to keep Noah on a schedule today, but I also wanna get out and about. The neecy poos have a soccer game at 11 and we have a festival in town this wkend called buggy days! It is like a big celebration where we close off the streets downtown and ppl put up booths of arts and crafts and YUMMY usually fried food! I wanna take Noah, but am not sure. I may just take him tomorrow to the outside church service. They are having it outside for buggy days. And it may work that Noah's naptime will come right before church at 10 am. Do y'all think it is a good idea to get him out before I have totally gotten the sleep schedule down???

Oh and a few things I forgot to mention on his four month post. He is reaching for things now and they usually go str8 to his mouth. He LOVES mickey mouse clubhouse and will watch it all day if I let him. He kicks his legs and moves his arms during the entire show! And yesterday I just got one of his baby spoons to see what he would do if I put it in front of him. He opened his mouth and when I put the spoon in he did great. Of course there was nothing on it, but if there was he did the right things with his mouth and tongue!!! Can't wait til Tuesday to try rice cereal :D

Happy Saturday!!!! And if you are near Barnesville GA come on by and check out Buggy Days!!! It is FUN!!!


Jenn said...

My daughter loves Mickey Mouse clubhouse also! I have caught myself singing a few of the songs when I'm doing the dishes later.

Yeah for 12 hours of sleep! The first time that happened I was jumping up and down (lasted a week and then changed)

As for keeping on a schedule I have read that if you are starting to place them on one just don't start it and go on vacation or go more than a day of not following it. I think it that one day of being off a little bit shouldn't hurt.

Amber said...

YAY Noah!! How awesome is that...sleeping 12 hours!

Honestly, I stayed on schedule and gave up a few things until I knew that he would sleep good. Yes, that even meant skipping church...which we still do sometimes depending on when Drake wakes up from his morning nap. I'm looking at it like a short term sacrifice for a long term gain. :-)