Saturday, September 18, 2010

2nd post in one day!

Yes two posts in one day!! While Noah is watching GA play..hehe I figured I would write a bit!!! GO DAWGS!!!!!!

I wanted to talk about a few things. First lets talk about hair! When Noah turned 3 months old my hair started to fall out in large quantities!!! I have super super thick hair and ALOT of it, so usually when I shower or dry my hair I lose alot of hair. My hair is everywhere in our house!! Well while I was pg no hair fell out and then all of a sudden it is coming out like crazy!!!! I have heard this usually happens 3 months after a pregnancy, so I am hoping that is all it is. I am still taking my PNV. Did anyone else experience this???

Also, I am concerned about Noah's new sleep schedule b/c we go on vacation at the end of October. Will that be enough time to establish a schedule so when we go on vacay it won't mess him up. We are going to a cabin and relaxing so I can still keep him on his schedule, but his environment will change. He will be sleeping in his pack and play and I am going to have to make sure there is a rocker at the cabin.

And lastly, my sweet boy took 7 ounces after his first nap today (1 hour long) and then took a 2 hour nap at his second nap!! GO NOAH, GO NOAH!!!! I hope all this sleeping is b/c of my hard work and not b/c of a growth spurt. But I will take it..HA!!!

Okay back to the GA game we are in teh 4th and tied......I hope we win!! GOOOOO DAWGS!!!!


Amber said...

I havent been by to see you in ages and so much has changed since the last time I came by. I cant believe your sweet boy is already 4 months old-wow how time flies.

For the hair-Im glad to know Im not the only one that this is happening too it comes out in huge chunks and I really thought I was losing my mind:)

We were watching the game with GA-hate to see yall lost. MSU plays GA next weekend and its sure that the Bulldogs will win-haha:)

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

That is awesome!! My book just came in the mail today and I'm so excited to read it, especially after hearing your success! I'm sure he'll do fine when you travel. I've heard it actually doesn't take that long to sleep train them, so I'm sure he'll be good to go by that point!

momof5girls said...

Aaw, Dana, I wish I had thought to mention the hair loss to you. I did experience that too. It freaked me out so bad I actually had nightmares that I was going bald, LOL. My dr. told me it is just hormones getting back to the pre-pregnancy state. Whew, what a relief.
I love the pictures you've posted of Noah. I'd love to be able to see him in person and give him a little squeeze. He is so adorable. I'm thankful the Lord has blessed you so.

Jenn said...

I have lost a ton of my hair also. I feel as though I am going bald at time with the amount that comes out when I wash or brush it.

You should have him on a great sleeping schedule by the end of October. It took us 3 weeks to set up a schedule and no matter where we are if we follow it she sleeps (naps not lately due to teething). Just get him to take naps abut a week and a half before in the pack n play so he gets accustomed to sleeping in it.

All I have to say is go SEC! or rather GEAUX TIGERS!
At least we don't have to play yall this year, yall would win with how poorly we are playing.

Amber said...

I lost a ton of hair after having Drake, too. So much that I wondered if I was going to be bald. lol! Thankfully it has now stopped.

I think this is plenty of time to get Noah on a good schedule.