Thursday, September 30, 2010


Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 "There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven. A time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot, a time to kill and a time to heal,  a time to tear down and a time to build, a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance, a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them, a time to embrace and a time to refrain, a time to search and a time to give up, a time to keep and a time to throw away, a time to tear and a time to mend, a time to be silent and a time to speak, a time to love and a time to hate, a time for war and a time for peace."

As I read this and just read a comment on one of my posts (by Melissa) I realized that yes we are all in different "seasons" of life. And I am fortunate enough to see what season I am currently in! It is a season of newness and all things baby!!! It is a season of love and growth!! This is the season I have waited my entire life for and am so happy to be here! It just makes me want to really take it all in and enjoy this season! I have had my seasons of sadness, anger, tears, and confusion! And I am sure there will be more seasons like those, but for now it is bliss!!! Thank you Lord for this season in my life and thank you for helping me take the time to really appreciate it!! Seasons come and go so quickly! What season are you in? R U taking the time to enjoy it or are you going to look back and wish you had taken the time to enjoy it while you were in that season?

Happy Thursday!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Show Love!!!!

After reading a devotional this morning it asked me to write the ten ways I love God! You know kinda like oh how I love thee..let me count the ways!! God always sends us unconditional love and I think it would be great to show Him some love too!! So if you find it in your heart to do so...join me!!! Let God know how much You love him...count the ways!!!

Love to all ~ Dana

Dear God~

How do I love thee, let me count the ways:

1. I love thee for loving me! For giving Your only Son to save me!! That is how much You love me!

2. For always catching me when I fall and knowing when to not catch me and let me fall. Even during those times you always help me heal my wounds from the fall and help me learn a life lesson.

3. For giving me an amazing family and set of friends that You work through to guide me and show me love.

4. For Your word that is written so that we may manage the many curves and bumps in life's road.

5. For always dancing with me!!!!

6. For Noah!!! You created a perfect and sweet little boy and gave me the best gift ever. His sweet little fingers and toes, his chubby little cheeks!! You knew the right timing and You have allowed me to learn to be a Christian parent and guide my son to you!!

7. For hugging me, for listening to me, for chatting with me, for all you do to show me you are my friend!!!

8. For teaching me that all I need is YOU!!! It frees me from so many chains in this world.

9. For the rain!! It is simply beautiful and is a great reminder of the sweet way you shower all of us with Your love.

10. Last, but not least I love thee for giving me an everlasting life that I can spend with You in heaven!! I daydream of the day when I am with You!!! I will follow You around all day and just bask in You! I can't wait to dance with You, hug You, sing for You, and love on You soooo much!!!!

I love You Lord so much that it is just feels like it is going to jump right out of me!! So I have a plan!!! I am going to share this with others and encourage them to write you a love letter too!! You always show us love and now it is time that we show You love back!!!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Yesterday of Meltdowns!!!!

I had one of those days yesterday and just had to share! I often wonder if I am the only one having meltdowns and doing really dumb if you do are not alone :D The day started off rocky b/c Noah has not been liking his enfamil. It makes him spit up tons and it may be one of the reasons he hasn't pooped.

So instead of taking any naps Noah decides he is going to cry really loud. And yes I am trying the cry it out thing, but when he doesn't feel good I just can't do it. So I run up and down the stairs a million times trying to help him fall back asleep. Did I mention during all of this I am trying to ck out the sale pages for the grocery stores and make my grocery/meal list for the week. And all the while I am wondering if I need to switch Noah to oatmeal cereal b/c that could be the reason he is not pooping too! It is chaos!!! Todd is trying to get ready for work and I am dreading that he will pretty much be gone from Mon. night til Wed. evening! His shifts are back to back :( boooo!!!!

As I start having meltdown #1 Todd grabs the phone and calls his mom! Thank the Lord b/c I am incapable of asking for help. His mom is on the way so I can work on the grocery shopping and head out on my search for any similac powder formula that hasn't been recalled. After calling a few stores I find a place so as soon as Todd's mom gets here I am out of the house. Well after I fold some laundry and put more laundry in the washer and dryer!! Out the door!!

Noah decides to be an angel for his nanny!!! He even naps!! Go figure!! I hit wally world and then finally find the display of similac....which is surrounded by other mommas. The momma bear comes out in me and I grab several cans before they are all gone!!! Whew!!! Check that off of my list!!! Oh no..I forgot my list!!!! Great....almost meltdown #2!! Send a text to my sweet friend Sarah for the ingredients for a great dessert (more on that tomorrow). I so need some chocolate after the day so far!!!

Spend TONS of money and then leave to hit up another store to find the sales and get more groceries!! This thrifty shopping is hard work!! I was blessed to get to see my sis and neecy poos at the store so I scoop them up into my buggy and shop fast!! Fast forward...home..groceries put away..oatmeal cereal made for Noah. Time for his dinner! Oh whoops I forgot to eat today!!! That is why I am shaky!! Grab some sweet tea to get me through Noah's dinner and bath!!

Time for meltdown #3!!! As todd's mom goes out the front door and we give our kisses and hugs and thanks....MAGGIE runs out the front door. I yell stay Maggie, no go! She runs to the road!!! I am holding Noah and Todd's mom is yelling for her to stop but not wanting to run to her in fear she will keep running. As she gets right to the end of the driveway a car that is speeding comes by!!!! Todd's mom holds her hand up to get them to go! They were flying! I swear I could see my sweet little 4 lb baby getting smooshed so I screamed NOOOOOOOO!!!! Like one of those last thing I could do squeals!!! Noah starts crying and thankfully it gets Maggie's attention (plus the huge car flying by scares her). She runs back to me and I feel like I am about to have a heart attack!!!!

So far this day has been nothing but adrenaline and craziness!!! Now I am hoping to put babe to bed and make that dessert!!!! And relax! Not so much!! Thankfully Noah goes down easily and eats his new not recalled similac like he hasn't eaten in weeks holding the bottle tightly with his hands! So cute!!! I start making the dessert and turn on the tv....downtime for me FINALLY!!! Dessert is made and I am in chocolate heaven!!!! My neighbor and bff has had a hard day too so I call her and offer to share the dessert! I was so psyched about sharing my dessert that I left my bowl on the arm of the couch! Yes it still had the other brownie I had planned to devour later on it!!! And Sarah can attest to this these brownies are super super chocolaty!!!!! I hand off the plate of brownies to my bff and come back in to find Maggie has eaten the brownie!! Remember she is a 4 pound yorkie!!!! And she just ate a brownie that was half her size! Meltdown #4!!! Call animal clinic, referred to 24 hour them...FREAKING OUT!!!!! The vet tells me to pour a shot glass of hydrogen peroxide down her throat to induce vomiting!!!

I run around the house searching for hyd. per. and a shot glass. We don't have a shot glass..haven't had one of those in years! How much is a shot glass? I need to hurry! I call Todd and ask to speak to him immediately. He is brilliant and tells me to use one of Noah's medicine syringes to give it to her! Genius! I squirt 5 ml down her throat then 3 or 4 more!!! And I sit and wait!!! Then it starts!!! She gets it all up and I start gaggin! I will be nice and leave out the details! I sit in the kitchen floor very shaken and loving alot on Maggie while watching the video monitor of Noah sleeping!!! Thank you Lord for taking care of my Maggie today! You saved her twice!!! I loved on her til Todd got home and then told him about my crazy day!!

I was so keyed up I couldn't even go to sleep!!! Hoping today is much less crazy!!!!

Ta Da List Overload!!

Okay I am hoping I am not the only momma that is going crazy with a HUGE to do list!! So here are just a few things I need to do or as I like to call it my "ta da" list! B/c once u are done u can say TA DA!! hehe!!
  1. Read up on rice cereal and how to make my own baby food!
  2. Make a schedule for Noah's new adventure with food!!!
  3. Pray for Similac, b/c I would rather kick them in the behind...but I am trying to be nice!
  4. Make a menu for what we are cooking this week..which includes me scoping out a few supermarkets sale pages.
  5. Buy those groceries...cook them!!!
  6. Buy Noah some new clothes, this boy is outgrowing EVERYTHING!!!! He also needs some wintery hats that are cute!
  7. Work on baby proofing the house!!!
  8. Decide on a home church for sure!!!
  9. Buy b-day cards for October..and any other cards (get well cards, congrats cards, etc)
  10. upload pics to snapfish and start ordering
  11. write in four of Noah's albums (yes I take alot of pictures)!!
  12. Place photos in Noah's baby book and write out what I can.
  13. Make dentist appointments for Todd and me!
  14. Make time for visiting friends and family!
  15. Work on a date night for Todd and me
  16. Somewhere in all of that: wash clothes, clean house, entertain Noah, feed Noah, change Noah, work on sleeping issues with Noah, etc!!!!
    WOW!!!! I am even more stressed now!!

    How do all of you supermoms do it???
And since I haven't posted pics in a while here are a few :D
     Me and Noah (in my super cute new headband from Katie)!! Love it!! And Go Braves!
     Now with his best buddy Maggie!!
     Yep he finally got his foot in his mouth! He was quite happy about it!!1
     Noah in mommy's shades! Super cool dude!
     Mommy and Noah in the car waiting on daddy to get off of work!!
     Sweet drool!!
     Watch out ppl Noah is driving!! (not really)
    Us 3 at our neecy poos soccer game! It was SUPER hot!!
    Happy Tuesday!!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Prayer Warriors Mount Up!!!

Hey y'all!! I wanted to ask if you would all please pray for my sweet little sister! She may not be my biological little sister, but I have known her since she was itty bitty and I claim her as my little sister!!! This is Mary Beth! The sweetest and most beautiful girl you will ever meet. She is just as beautiful on the inside as on the outside!! She ALWAYS remembers everyone's birthdays and I just adore her!!! Since I never had a little sister I can remember praying for one, and God answers prayers b/c he gave me a great one!! She is having surgery tomorrow! I won't go into all her business but please pray for her surgery to go smoothly and for her recovery to be easy and fast!! I know she is scared so please pray for God to give her peace and comfort! Thank y'all soo much!!

MB~ if you are reading this! I love you sis! I know that God will be with you every step of the way tomorrow and I know you will be fine! Just trust in Him!!! I love you dearly and will be praying for you tons!! If I wasn't so OCD about germs I would pack Noah up and we would be at that hospital so we could wrap our arms around you and give u a super big hug!! But you will get one when we can get to see you!!! For sure! LOOOOOVEEE UUUUU!!!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


I went all over God's great world this a.m. trying to get Noah the similac liquid formula! We live 20 minutes from that is why I had to drive so much. I finally found it and Noah HATED it! Keep in mind it is the same exact thing but in liquid form!! Go figure! So I called my dr. and the nurse said to use enfamil and that it is basically the same thing..BUT without the recall!!

I had to then go in and return the extra liquid formula I just bought and get enfamil powder. Noah loved the enfamil!!! Similac is on my dislike list at the moment!!! Just wanted to let you formula feeding mommas know so you may wanna try enfamil instead of the liquid formula. And if you are like me and start beating urself up for not breastfeeding.....DON'T!!! Formula fed babies are fine! I have to remind myself that the doctor said Noah was the most alert 4 mos. old he had ever seen and he is in the 90th percentile in wt. Let Go and Let GOD!!! okay off soapbox!!

Similac Recall :(

I just heard about the similac recall. Apparently it is only the powder form, well guess which one we use....yep the POWDER!!! I guess I need to throw on some sweatpants and try and find the liquid form. I pray they don't recall that too!!! This is why I always feel guilty about not sticking with breastfeeding. Oh well, gotta stay with my new motto...."LET GO AND LET GOD"!!!!!

Thanks Jennifer!!!!!

I have been working on my header!! I still haven't gotten the hang of it all! I am trying to use picnik, but can't seem to get the colors right. Neways my super sweet photographer let me use this photo for my header! Thanks Jennifer! Go and ck out her blog. 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Noah's 4 mos appt and much more!!1

Noah's 4 month appt. went great! Of course we did NOT like the shots part, but overall doc said we had a healthy and very alert little boy!!! He weighed 16.10 and his ht was 25.5!! He is a BIG boy! A lady in the waiting room asked me if he was 6 mos old...hehe!! He cried after his two shots, but I gave him a bottle and soothed him. He was out and so Todd and I went and ate a late lunch at American Pie.

Oh and I almost forgot!!! We started rice cereal!!! We took tons of pics and videotaped Noah giving us the yuck face when he tasted it! He did so good. He would open his mouth when the spoon was coming towards him and he may have even swallowed some of it, HA!! I will have to put up pics later..there just isn't enough time in the day to get everything done. I plan on giving him rice cereal for two weeks then starting stage one foods. I can't wait! This is so much fun! I just love seeing Noah experience new things.

On the sleep front, we are still working on CIO with naps. I couldn't let him CIO today b/c I knew he was sore from his shots. He is still taking 2-3 naps a day and they range from 30 minutes to 2 hours. The 2 hour naps are rare!!! Instead of being so rigid with a schedule I am really just watching Noah and he usually lets me know when he is tired. Especially with the 2nd and 3rd naps. They seem to be harder!!

Noah slept through the night for his daddy the other night! He always does that for his daddy! I am super jealous!!! He took 7 oz before bed tonight so maybe he is going to give me a full night of sleep. A girl can hope!!!!!!

I have been trying to cook more so we can spend less on eating out. It was getting ridiculous, but it is really hard to cook with a 4 mos old. Especially when he is cranky around dinner time and fights a nap. However, I have managed to make a plan of what I can cook for the rest of this month and for Oct. We will see if I actually stick to it! If I can atleast cook twice a week I feel like that will be a success. Tonight we tried the honey mustard chicken helper and green beans. It was actually good! I had my doubts!! I did not like cutting up raw chicken...I have raw meat issues!! It is GROSS!!! I like recipes where I don't have to touch any raw meat at all!! I even have throw away gloves for such occasions! I know I am a weirdo!! And this wkend I plan on taking the easy route and making veg. beef stew in the crock pot!!

Other than that I have been trying to skim read some of the many books I have on various topics from feeding Noah to helping Noah sleep better. Not to mention the book to better myself as a christian woman and how I need a new book on how to be a better christian parent!! I really should invest in some books on cd or for my ipod!! Speaking of ipod I just downloaded some praise baby cds and they are awesome. A fellow blogger mentioned them and so I just had to buy them. I play them during the day and Noah really likes it.

Alright, better run and try to get more done!!! Can I get a few more hours in a day please...haha!!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Praise God for whom all blessings flow!!!!

Here are my favorite boys in the world!!! This picture shows just how much Noah looks like his daddy!! And pls ignore the messy kitchen..hehe!! Todd has come home and rescued me and is such a great husband and daddy! Noah was all smiles when he saw his daddy!! He just adores him and Todd adores Noah too! Todd does so much to help me out!! I am very blessed to have a husband with such a big and loving heart!!! Nowadays it isn't the norm for a dad to get very involved with a baby, but Todd goes against the norm and bathes him, feeds him, changes dirty name it he does it!! Go Todd!!!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Yep, I am struggling!! Noah went to bed lastnight and got up at 11 and 3! Then he got up at 7 for the day! I decided that if his naps fell right I would try to go to an outside church service in downtown. It worked out that Noah woke up from his first nap around 9:30, so I had just enough time to get him ready and head out the door. It was SUPER hot outside and I was thankful when a couple pulled me under a tent. I enjoyed the service and especially the music. My bff was singing in the praise team. I won't lie it was very hard. I had to find a parking spot and during buggy days that is hard. Then I had to get Noah's stroller out, my chair, and his bag out. And of course Noah in his carseat. Then I pushed him to the church while I held the chair. Doing all of this without Todd was super hard. I think when I left I was soaked in sweat. I wanted to go to buggy days, but I didn't want Noah in the heat any I loaded up all that stuff and we went home. Noah napped a little in the carseat.

When we got home I fed Noah and then worked on Nap #2!! I was exhausted and praying that his two hour nap yesterday would be a repeat today. No such luck! I put him down, he cried for 6 minutes, I soothed him and put him down again, he cried for 12 minutes, I soothed him..which this time took a while...then put him back down and he slept for about 45 or so minutes. Honestly, I was so tired I can't remember the exact times. I napped and then when Noah got up so did I.

Well enough with the whole schedule thing. Let's get real here! Let's talk about how today I am a basket case. AF is here and I am sure that doesn't help my emotions or my energy level. And along with AF is a headache that just won't quit.

I just feel so alone right now!!! Todd has been working all weekend and I am trying so hard with Noah. I just feel like I am out of energy and motivation. A few ppl have kinda made fun of my "schedule" and so that has just taken me down even more. And I don't really have anyone to call to help me out right now. So basically I just called Todd with tears running down my face! I felt even worse for calling him b/c he is at work and well.....who wants to hear ur loved one cry while u are at work and can't really do anything to help.

I know this is just my hormones and my sleep deprivation!! However, it still hurts all the same!! And bless Noah's little heart. He is in the floor playing and happy as can be. It could be worse he could be super fussy and then I would really be crying.

And now all I can think is how am I going to get Noah out in the future??? I have already had my MIL tell me that just b/c Todd is working it it doesn't mean I can't go to church without him. I am nervous b/c today was really really hard on my own!! And I just don't have the extra energy to give at the moment. I really just need something to eat and a nap!! I am sure once I fulfill some of my basic needs I will be a bit better.

Sorry to be a debbie downer, but I just had to vent...that is what my blog is for, right???
I am just asking that y'all please pray for me!! Pray for God to help me! Thanks so much!! Love y'all!!! xoxoxox

Saturday, September 18, 2010

2nd post in one day!

Yes two posts in one day!! While Noah is watching GA play..hehe I figured I would write a bit!!! GO DAWGS!!!!!!

I wanted to talk about a few things. First lets talk about hair! When Noah turned 3 months old my hair started to fall out in large quantities!!! I have super super thick hair and ALOT of it, so usually when I shower or dry my hair I lose alot of hair. My hair is everywhere in our house!! Well while I was pg no hair fell out and then all of a sudden it is coming out like crazy!!!! I have heard this usually happens 3 months after a pregnancy, so I am hoping that is all it is. I am still taking my PNV. Did anyone else experience this???

Also, I am concerned about Noah's new sleep schedule b/c we go on vacation at the end of October. Will that be enough time to establish a schedule so when we go on vacay it won't mess him up. We are going to a cabin and relaxing so I can still keep him on his schedule, but his environment will change. He will be sleeping in his pack and play and I am going to have to make sure there is a rocker at the cabin.

And lastly, my sweet boy took 7 ounces after his first nap today (1 hour long) and then took a 2 hour nap at his second nap!! GO NOAH, GO NOAH!!!! I hope all this sleeping is b/c of my hard work and not b/c of a growth spurt. But I will take it..HA!!!

Okay back to the GA game we are in teh 4th and tied......I hope we win!! GOOOOO DAWGS!!!!

3rd Day and PROGRESS!!!

Day 3!!!!  It has been hard and I swear I am constantly questioning myself! However, yesterd Noah did great. His feedings almost fell on naptime so in the morning I made sure to make it where they wouldn't. I don't want Noah to get dependant on a bottle for naptime. It kinda messes up the whole self soothing thing. Especially since his bottle is like his version on nyquil...did I totally spell that wrong. Oh well, it is early who cares..haha!!

Noah took a nap in the morning for an hour, a second nap for almost an hour, and a third nap for 30 minutes. Then he started to get fussy at 6 we headed to the bath. I must have waited too long for bedtime b/c he cried the entire time I dressed him!!! I didn't even get to lotion him up!! So I fed him and down he went at 6:30. And he slept til 6:30 the next morning!!! YEP, 12 hours!!! I can't believe it.

But let me tell you progress is just what I needed to keep a goin'!!! Who knows if it was just a one time thing or if this working on naps and self soothing is really working!! Plus he ate at 4:30 (4 1/2 oz) and then again at 6:15 (4 oz). So maybe he was super full and super tired. Who really knows, but God!!! And I have still been praying for sleep :D So maybe God answered my prayers :D

Neways, I want to keep Noah on a schedule today, but I also wanna get out and about. The neecy poos have a soccer game at 11 and we have a festival in town this wkend called buggy days! It is like a big celebration where we close off the streets downtown and ppl put up booths of arts and crafts and YUMMY usually fried food! I wanna take Noah, but am not sure. I may just take him tomorrow to the outside church service. They are having it outside for buggy days. And it may work that Noah's naptime will come right before church at 10 am. Do y'all think it is a good idea to get him out before I have totally gotten the sleep schedule down???

Oh and a few things I forgot to mention on his four month post. He is reaching for things now and they usually go str8 to his mouth. He LOVES mickey mouse clubhouse and will watch it all day if I let him. He kicks his legs and moves his arms during the entire show! And yesterday I just got one of his baby spoons to see what he would do if I put it in front of him. He opened his mouth and when I put the spoon in he did great. Of course there was nothing on it, but if there was he did the right things with his mouth and tongue!!! Can't wait til Tuesday to try rice cereal :D

Happy Saturday!!!! And if you are near Barnesville GA come on by and check out Buggy Days!!! It is FUN!!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

4 month post!!

Noah my sweet boy you are four months old today!!! Time has flown by, but thankfully I have made it a point to take in every second with you over the past four months. It has been amazing! I just love you sooo much and Daddy does too! We can be super tired, but just seeing your smile makes it all better. You are already in size 3 diapers and are a big boy! You are wearing 3-6 mos. sizes but they are kinda short on you. Everyone says you look like a 6 month old :D We will find out ur wt and ht on Tuesday and you will get ur 4 month shots..booo!!!

This month you have really become more aware of your surroundings. You notice noises more and can get easily upset if you hear a sudden loud noise. You absolutely LOVE the mickey mouse clubhouse show and when it comes on you smile so big and kick ur feet and flap ur arms. It is tooo cute!!! I end up singing that song all day now..hehe You are not a big fan of your bumbo seat and you have outgrown your bouncy seat. Plus you were starting to try to sit up in it so it was dangerous for you to keep using it. You have rolled over from your back to your tummy once and from your tummy to your back three times. I caught one on video and was super excited!!! You are almost consistently taking 5 ounces every 3 hours. You can sit up with support very well and don't wobble at all. You can hold your neck up really well and tummy time has gotten better. Although you still aren't a big fan. You LOVE bathtime and just kick and smile the entire time. You are sleeping in your crib at night and during naps. You usually get up once at night then eat and go right back down to sleep. You are such a smiler!! Daddy and I can get you to smile anytime! You are such a happy boy! And you love laughing. We tickle you or say something and you think it is the funniest thing. You have also started to notice Maggie. I wonder what you think of her. You had your first cold this month and it was rough, but we made it!! During your cold you got to drink pedialyte and liked it. I got the apple flavor b/c I know eventually you will get to drink apple juice. And last but not least you have now found your feet!! And you have finally gotten them in your mouth!! This makes u really happy :D And when your feet aren't in your mouth your hands are in there. At ur last doctor's appt. he said u were teething so you are drooling all over the place. It is just sweet sugar :D

Noah, Mommy and Daddy just adore you! We are so wrapped around your cute chubby little finger already! We are so glad that you are such a happy boy and pray you continue to have so much joy!!! I only thought I knew happiness, but now I truely know what happiness is! And baby boy it is YOU!!! LOVE U SOOOO MUCH!! MUAH xoxoxox Momma :D

Now it is picture time!! Here is my handsome boy at 4 months old!!!

Here he is more pics please momma :D
Such a cutie even when he is fussin!!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Second day of healthy sleep habits happy child!!!!

I know that my previous post broke down yesterday's sleep training, but I have to write about what I was thinking and how I was feeling later in the day. I am not sure if I mentioned this but our nephew spent the night with us. And let me tell you it was tough when the family came over and all I could think about was a third nap and then wondering when I should start putting him down for the night. Then I worried about overstimulation!! Todd swears I didn't look so stressed but I was!!!! I wanted to enjoy my family, but my mind was racing and I wanted to just look at the sleep log I have been writing and ponder my next steps. However, I had no time to do that and it would have been rude to just ignore my visit from the FAM!

Noah got up at 1:30 lastnight and ate. He eats as if he is a starving child, so I know there has to be something to the whole gotta get up to eat thing!! I still think once he starts rice cereal it will help with the night feedings, because he doesn't even open his eyes to eat. He just drinks it furiously then is OUT!!!! Then he got up again at 5:30. When he got up that early I was so upset! I mean here I have been working on him for naps and now his night sleep is getting worse. It was better before when he would only get up at 3 and then at 7!! All I could think is how in the world am I going to get this child to take a nap at 7:30 in the morning! That is crazy, right?? So I gave him his bottle and then rocked him back to sleep. Thankfully he did go back to sleep and didn't get up til 7:13! Now that is a wake up time I can work with!!! I did the usual...LIGHTS ON and time for some mickey mouse clubhouse :D.

Todd and Jacob (my nephew) made a tent downstairs and were starting to get up as well. Jacob entertained Noah while Todd and I made some breakfast. It seemed like the time for the first nap happened really quickly and it just happened to coincide with his bottle. So I gave did the usual. LIGHTS off, sleep sack, book, bottle, bed. Of course with his bottle he didn't complain on bit after getting in bed. He was out!!! So much for teaching some self soothing. The next  2 naps went the same way! I swear I didn't try to make his time to eat the same time as his naptime, but it kept falling at the same time. He napped again! He napped an hour for both of his 2nd and 3rd naps. Todd did the 2nd nap and I prayed so hard for him b/c I knew it would be hard for him to do the crying it out thing with Noah. But with his bottle he didn't have to do it at all!!!

Nap 1 times: 9:04-10:08
Nap 2 times: 11:48-12:46
Nap 3 times: 2:47-3:45

Later that evening he was getting fussy and I was confused b/c he had three naps and I thought we were doing the right thing. Then I looked at the clock and realized it was time for him to eat again. He took 6 ounces so my boy was VERY hungry!!!! (at 5:30).

At 6:30 I noticed him getting fussy again and with his early bedtimes lately I knew it was time for his bath and then beddie-by time!!! After I gave him a bath Todd gave him a bottle to see if he would eat a bit more before going down and he only took 2 ounces ;(

I feel like the time he gets up tonight and in the morning will show me if this is working or not. If he is getting good sleep then he should wake up happy, right?? Well, my feeling is this...if he wakes up at 1:30 and then 5:30 again I am going to go nuts!! I would rather him have a later bedtime and work on his naps then him get up an extra time at night. And yes I count 5:30 as a time getting up!! Sorry I am a sleeper and I miss my sleep!!!!! I will just have to work his bedtime to a later time gradually to get him back on his previous schedule and hope that after his doctor's appt. tuesday which = rice cereal for dinner :D then that will help him too. Okay I know this was a totally boring post, but I would love to be able to read how other mommas are doing this so I figured I would share!! Any thoughts???

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

First day of Dr. Weissbluth's sleep training or should I say nap training :D

I think today was a success, but I still have a lot of questions!!! I put Noah down lastnight early because he needed an earlier bedtime. He woke up at 1:30 am and ate with his eyes closed and went right back down in his crib with no problems. He ate 4 ounces. Then he woke up at 6:30 am and so I fed him again (took 3 ounces) and tried to put him back down to see if he would sleep a little bit longer.

No go so we were up for the day! I changed his diaper and turned on ALL of the lights in the house! I put Noah on his mat and let him watch mickey mouse clubhouse while I ate bkfast. Then we played and I started my new Noah sleep log!!! At 7:25 it was wind down time so we went upstairs and I turned the light off, put on the noise maker, put noah in his sleep sack (oh and changed his diaper), we read one book, then I put him on my shoulder and sang a lullaby while rocking him. After a few minutes I put him in his crib. He was still a little awake but after a minute or two he was asleep. YAY first nap success :D He slept from 7:44-8:42!! Almost an hour..yay!! Then he got up and we turned all the lights on and opened all of the blinds. I took my shower while Noah played on his mat in the bathroom. I fed him and he took 4 ounces at 9:30. Then we played some more :D

After about 2 hours we started winding down again around 10:20. We did the same thing as before and I put him down and he started crying. I let him cry for 6 minutes and it was the LONGEST 6 minutes of my life. Then I went in picked him up and rocked him and sang to him again. After a few minutes I put him down again. This time I let him cry for 12 minutes and came in and soothed him once again. I put him down and he went to sleep. He sleeps from 10:58 to 11:38. I tried to soothe him again, but no go so I gave him his bottle. He took 4 1/2 ounces. He goes back to sleep so I put him in his crib again and he cries for 12 more minutes and then I give up and decide the second nap is over.

He is awake now and like before I make sure to get the lights on and we start playing again. We play on the floor with some toys, do tummy time, boppy time, and then I put him in his highchair so I can eat. Also I am letting him practice being in his highchair. He will be eating some rice cereal very soon :D It is around 2 so it is time for another bottle and I give it to him while he is in his highchair. He takes 5 ounces and is out asleep. I figure I will take this as his third nap and so I watch him as he sleeps in his highchair. He sleeps 33 minutes and is up.

At 3:40 I try another third nap b/c I am unsure if the nap in the highchair was sufficient enough to count as a third nap. We do the winding down routine and I put him down. He talks and fusses a little for 14 minutes then starts crying. I give up and get him up.

Then it is wake time. Todd's parents come over and when it is time for his next bottle he takes only 3 ounces and falls asleep. We put him in his bassinet and let him sleep for about 20 minutes. When he is up we all go outside and watch Todd play with our nephews Caleb and Jacob.

At 6:30 I give him a bath..then do a book, bottle, then bed. He takes 5 ounces and is off to sleepy town with no fussing at all :D He is asleep at 7:20.

I am sure he will get up once and then we will start this all over again tomorrow! I hope I am doing this right!!! I am so unsure of myself and so I have been trying to find youtube videos of Dr. W's lectures to see if he answers questions close to mine. Plus I found his blog and posted a question. I am hoping he answers it!!! We shall see. Any of y'all (that have read Healthy sleep habits, happy child) have any suggestions on things I could change or try. Any advice???? As always it is greatly appreciated!!! 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What I got out of Healthy sleep habits, happy child!!!

Healthy Sleep Habits: Happy Child!!! Yep that is my new friend :D It came in the mail today and I was sooo glad to see it. Noah did not nap at all today, just cat naps! So I was ready to try anything to help him get on more of a good sleep schedule. I have already did some skim reading and taken some notes. The gist is this: the more your baby has good sleep the happier he will be!! Good sleep promotes more sleep :D I realized that I was getting Noah down for bedtime too late and needed to start an earlier bedtime routine. Especially today since he did not nap much. We started out bedtime routine at 5:45 pm. Yes you read that right 5:45!!!!!! I bathed him and did the whole lotion/massage thing, then it was bottle time!! He started his bottle at 6:08 and only ate 3 ounces and went right to sleep. Poor thing was really exhausted!!! He went down at 6:23. Then he woke up at 7:20 crying so I ran upstairs and fed him some more. This time he took another 3 ounces and went right back to sleep. We will see how the rest of the night goes.

The nap plan for tomorrow is this: Get Noah up at 7ish and change him. Then feed him if he is hungry. I say that b/c sometimes he may get up at 4 or 5 and eat so he may not be hungry right at 7. The book says to make sure that you have all your lights on or lots of sunshine coming inside b/c this helps with sleep/wake rhythms. If the night goes well and mommy gets sleep I plan on taking Noah out for a quick stroll down the road. Not too far since my knee is still hurting. Then I will either feed him (based on if he ate earlier). After 50  minutes of wake time I start the winding down time. I will take him to his room where I dim the lights and put him in his sleep him one book, then rock him and sing a lullaby. Once he is asleep I will say a prayer and put him in his crib. The book says that if he cries to let him cry anywhere from 5-25 minutes then soothe him again! I will start out with 5 and work my way up each day!! I am hoping he will just go to sleep. If he sleeps an hour then we are a success!!!!!

If NOT and I cannot soothe him and get him to nap then I just have to say oh well and go on with the day and try again later that day. But I will have to do an earlier second nap if he doesn't take a first nap.

If he does take a first nap then he gets 2 hours of wake time. Again bright lights or sunshine and I will feed him and of course change his diaper. This is probably when I will get him ready for the day and get him out of his pjs. Then after 2 hours I start the winding down period again! I read that the second nap is harder at this age than the first nap. The first nap is what comes naturally b/c he has slept at night and is well rested and not overstimulated. I have to really figure out what works for Noah on the second nap. It maybe that he can only do an hour and a half of wake time before winding down time. The key is to get them starting to wind down before they are showing signs of being tired (yawning, rubbing eyes, fussy, etc.) Then I will do the same winding down routine as before....put him in his sleep sack, read one book, rock and sing a lullaby. Then I will prayer a really LONG prayer and put him in his crib. The book says to let him cry this time for up to an hour! I am not sure I can do this at first so I will start with 7 minutes and work my way up. I will come in and soothe him and see if he goes back to sleep. I haven't figured out if I should pick him up and rock him again or just put my hand on his tummy. I have heard so many ideas on this matter so I will just try both and see what works for Noah.

If he doesn't go to sleep for his second nap by 3 pm I am suppose to give up and just try a 3rd nap around 4. Or just do an earlier bedtime!

If he does nap, it should be a one to two hour nap :D And then when he wakes up this will be his long wake period. The book suggests getting out and about, running errands, etc during this time.

A third nap is optional based on the child and is usually short! We will just see what works. Then we will start his bedtime routine again based on how he did napping that day. And I will pray all of this hard work pays off and my child develops healthy sleeping habits!!!!

Any advice or things that you learned from this book?? I would appreciate your story on what worked for you!!

Okay so that is my summary of the book, but don't take my word on it. That is how I understood it and what I took from it! I am NOT an expert :D OBVIOUSLY!!!! hehe

I will let y'all know how things go!!

hurt knee!

I think that carrying the extra 15 lb cutie up and down our stairs all day has finally caught up with me and not in the way I had hoped! My right knee is super sore and it hurts when I walk on it! Nothing too serious but it isn't the most comfortable thing either! I had hoped that all this up and down would help me lose more baby wt. I don't even want to get on a scale. You know how you can just tell if you haven't lost wt? Well I can tell. And now I am bummed b/c last night I decided that if Noah woke up super early we were going for a stroll around the neighborhood and now I am trying to sit as much as possible today. Not so easy with a (almost) 4 month old!!

Other than that......Noah has pretty much outgrown his swing! He looks like he is bustin out of it on both ends. His feet and his head are near the ends. I ordered a kickin coaster and hoping it gets here soon before he outgrows it too!!!!! He is loving his sleep sack and doing good at night. He got up at 3 lastnight and then we had an early riser b/c he got up for the day at 6. Mommy was not ready to get up. I could have used a few more hours of snoozin. Todd's mom is coming over today to watch lil bit while I tackle the upstairs cleaning. I am not sure how much I will get done with this knee, but it so needs a good cleaning.

Oh I almost forgot!!!  Yesterday Noah rolled over from his tummy to his back for the first time! I caught his second time on video :D Last week he finally rolled over from his back to tummy (can't remember if I posted about this or not) and I didn't see it. I heard him fussing and looked down and he was on his tummy! I was super excited and super proud of my boy!!! He has also managed to FINALLY get his feet in his mouth. He has been trying this for a while and getting very frustrated when he can't get them in his mouth!

He will be 4 mos. on Friday and we have his 4 mos. doctor's appt. next tuesday. He will get more shots...boooo!! And then we start the rice cereal. I am so excited about this and can't wait to video it all! He has been eyeing my food when I eat and is great about letting me know when is done with his bottle...and he can hold his head up and sit up with help pretty well these days. Sounds like he is ready!! I am not sure about the tongue thing so we will just have to see when he tries the cereal :D

Happy Tuesday to all!!!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

I feel like an idiot!!!! But I am trying to save $$

I was trying to be super savy and buy two used books of of amazon! Well, I found them at great prices and added them to my cart. Then I must have not been paying attention b/c somehow I hit next day delivery and checked out! Then I was like what is my total? It never gave me one so I was sure once I hit checkout it would give me a total. Nope, it just told me that an e-mail was sent with all my info. Yep, then I found out that my books total was 15 and shipping and handling was a WOPPING 30 something dollars!!!! I freaked out and then tried to go back and edit my such luck. So girls take it from attention when you are ordering online. Don't be like me and be clicking and watching the cutest little boy in the world!!! I am so bummed b/c I am on this whole new save money kick and I just did a careless move and waisted money!!!

Speaking of the whole saving money train that I am currently on. Today I bought groceries and got enough to make three meals for the week. The meals are:
  1. Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans, and cornbread
  2. French onion chicken, cornbread dressing, green beans, and english peas
  3. Chilli with cornbread and shredded cheese
I went ahead and made the chilli today and froze it for the weekend. Then I went ahead and go the meatloaf ready and the potatoes peeled and chopped up. Now tonight all I have to do is pop the meatloaf in the oven, put the potatoes on the stove to boil (then later mash em up),  and cook the green beans and cornbread. This meal will last us for two or so days!

On Wednesday we are going to church and usually eat out. We are cutting back on eating out so this will be the only time we eat out for the week.

Then on Thursday, which is Todd's off day, I am cooking the chicken. I didn't prep it yet b/c Todd will be off and he can watch little bit while I am cooking. I swear I  have NOT been able to cook with him. It is hard and when I tried I was worried that he would get some hot grease popped on him so I had to stir from far far away :D

Then Friday I plan on getting the chilli out and heating it up and making some cornbread to go with it. We can eat on this all weekend and it will be good if the fall weather we are having today stays around through the weekend.

I also bought some turkey for sandwiches throughout the week and some salsa and scoops for snacks :D I am hoping this helps us cut back and are able to start working on paying off our debt :D We want to do it Dave Ramsey style but we are starting things slowly!!!

I eventually want to spend a day (when Todd is off) and make tons of meals to freeze for the month. So if you have any good casserole dishes you would like to share pls do!!! Happy Monday to all!!!!

P.S. My Uncle Jimmy is working on a men's ministry at his church. He has made a website about his cross ministry. Basically the church makes little white crosses and anyone that wants one can get one....for free. Then you put it out in your yard near your mailbox. The theme is 'a quiet, yet powerful statement'!!! We put our football and american flags out, why not our crosses! And if someone asks you who died there....say JESUS did!!!! Check out his site and if you want to get on board let me know :D His site is THE CROSS MINISTRY.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Advice for my sweet cuz!!! Maribeth this is for U girl!! Love U!!!

I really wanted to write an e-mail to my pg cousin and give her the DL on anything I learned during pregnancy and as a new mom. You know things that I am glad I now know just in case God decides that we will be blessed with another child one day...and things I wish I had known beforehand!! And yes they are my experiences and not everyone has the same remember these are mine..NO judgement y'all!!!

During Pregnancy!!!
  • Even though everyone encouraged me to eat anything and everything in sight b/c it was my only time that I could. I wish I would have realized that all those fried chicken fingers and hot fudge sundaes wouldn't just go to my tummy but also to my hips, butt, arms, legs, neck...need I say more!!!
  • Shopping for maternity clothes is super fun when you are first pregnant b/c you really aren't showing and you can fit into anything. Well, after all the ck fingers and sundaes you can't fit into anything and it is depressing to try on jeans and have them not go over your hips!! So enjoy trying them on at first but be prepared when you end up dreading getting more clothes by the end! Unless you are one of those genetically gifted women and only grow a belly!!! ( sooo jealous )
  • Sleeping in the last trimester is almost near impossible!!! If you aren't worrying about getting ready for baby you are having massive volcano-like heartburn or a case of insomnia!! And not to mention the million times you get up to go pee!! I had to leave the bathroom light on b/c one night I ran right into the wall and had a major bruise on my arm the next morning. I really do think this is God's way of preparing you for the NO sleep you will experience once the baby gets here!!
  • Be prepared to everyone to tell you that you are too small or too big!! You will never be what everyone wants you to be so don't stress. I did b/c ppl kept telling me how my tummy was small. I really think it was b/c the girls were so big you didn't notice my belly. I mean it had to be big I had an 8 lb 9 oz kid!!!!
  • Also be prepared to hear everyone's birth story!!! And while I should have listened I just couldn't wrap my brain around that during pregnancy. I should have listened and took notes.
  • Don't feel guilty if you don't do 'you know what ' during pregnancy! Your husband will be okay and you will make up for it later on..haha!!
  • Enjoy every second of being pregnant! I know the sick times are hard, the tired times are difficult, and the end of the pg days are crazy hard....but it is sooo worth it all!!!! Embrace the camera as a fellow blogger would say and capture every moment you will be glad you did!! Even when you weren't quite yet showing!!! I love seeing the pics of me at 7 or 8 wks pg and so proud of the little tummy I thought I had!!!
During Labor and After!!!!
  • Take a birthing class!!! You know the one where they teach you how to breath through the pain and give you tips! We didn't go b/c I just thought oh I can handle that....yeah....not a good idea. I could have used those tips!! Next time I plan on taking one!!!
  • And yes it DOES hurt!!! I knew this but never ever ever anticipated the pain!! It hit me hard and it may have been b/c I was induced, but I thought I was gonna die!! And all I could do was wiggle!! Don't be afraid to go ahead and ask for the epidural!!! I did and I don't regret it at all!!!!
  • Take a shower EVERY day at the end of the pregnancy b/c I skipped one day and that was the day they brought me in to the hospital to ck me and decided to keep me! My hair was so oily and yucky by the time I could shower I couldn't even get the grease out!!!
  • Don't stress over bringing too much to the hospital. I was worried I would look dumb if I brought this huge suitcase...but I am glad I did b/c I needed everything I brought!
  • If you have a c-section be prepared to sweat alot! I am not sure if this happens after a vaginal birth but the nights after the surgery I sweated like I was on fire! Which probably did not help the oily hair situation!!!
  • Okay this one could be in the pg one but kinda goes here too! I wish I had researched formulas. I just assumed I would wing it and try and breastfeed and see what happened. Well when latching wasn't happening the way I planned we had to supplement a little and we used a bottle!!! GASP!!! Yeah if you plan on breastfeeding don't do that even if ur breastfeeding consultant says it is okay. They can give you a syringe medicine like thingie and you can put formula in it and give it to baby that way!! Then nipple confusion (or in my case Noah really loved getting his food right away) doesn't set in.
  • Which leads me to this one!! A nurse brought me a nipple shield and we used it from the beginning and it was horrible b/c I could never get Noah to breastfeed without it. I wish the breast consultant would have been there and helped me do it without it at first.
  • Don't feel bad for taking the time right after your baby is born to nurse or spend time with him/her. The family will be okay if they have to wait an hour or so!! This is a precious time and you can never get that back!! I am glad we had some time to nurse Noah before the family came in to see him.
After Baby comes home!!!
  • Stay off of your feet as much as you can b/c they will swell. Mine were swollen more than when I was pg b/c I wouldn't sit down!!!
  • On breastfeeding. I rented a breastpump (then if you can't bf you can return it and not lose tons of $$)  and tried really hard to breastfeed, but it didn't work out! Don't beat urself up about it like I did. Noah is always in the high percentiles and he is on formula! So your child will be fine.
  • Everyone told me about the no sleep thing. Yeah I just thought nope I will have one of those kids that I have to wake up to eat! WRONG, haha!!! Be prepared to be so tired that you cry for no reason, wonder how in the world you are going to make it as a mommy, consider never having  any more kids, and forget to brush your teeth for several days in a row.
  • Also, be prepared that when you do get some sleep you will forget it all and want to have more kids right away..haha!!!
  • Remember diaper rash cream! I had like three bottles of it and totally forgot about it. Then Noah ended up with a sore bottom and it happened so fast that I was upset with myself for not noticing sooner. And a baby with a hurt bottom is no fun! It is hard to see them hurting.
  • I wish I had made tons of food and froze it before hand! It was really great that family and friends brought us dinner and lunch, but I wish I had made somethings too!! It would have helped me alot, b/c you are really just eating for energy and don't have time or care to cook or go and get food.
  • I learned that Noah slept better in the footy pjs with long sleeves! That way when he wiggled out of being swaddled he was still warm! I now have a sleep sack and I LOVE it!! I think they have some for newborns too!!!
  • Invest in the angel monitor it will be your best friend. And when you do put baby in the crib invest in a video monitor b/c it will then become your new best friend.
  • Don't stress if your child doesn't sleep like your friends child did or eat like your sisters child did. Your child is unique and will do his/her own thing. As long as they are happy and gaining wt don't fret.
  • Oh I almost forgot! MOMMY guilt!! Yep, it happens!! You feel guilty about everything. Am I doing this or that right? Am I giving enough? Am I a bad mommy for wanting to sleep and let others watch the baby! You are not btw!!! Go ahead and tell that mommy guilt to go away. Ask your hubs to help remind you that you are a great mommy and doing a great job. Todd does that even today and it helps snap me out of the mommy guilt rollercoaster.
  • Let others help!! I knew I would let others help, but when we got home I thought I had to do it ALL!!! And I wanted to do it all, but after such a major surgery I was wiped. Even when Noah slept I couldn't get comfortable b/c of my incision and so I don't think I slept at all for the first few weeks. I finally gave in and called Todd's mom to come and take a night shift. The sleep was heavenly and I awoke with new energy and could be better for Noah!
  • Get out of the house as soon as you can! Todd and I took Noah with us and went out for Japanese several times. It was nice to be out and I am sure if I didn't get out so soon I may have been more aprehensive about getting Noah out later on.
  • Let someone (like the grandparents) watch the baby and go out with the hubs for a date night...and soon. Just like the one before I think the sooner you do it the easier it will be. It is hard to leave at first and you will call a million times but it gets easier and you both need time together.
  • Take the time to enjoy it ALL! Even the 2 am feedings! I still take the time to just stare at Noah and absorb his cute little face in my memory. Take the time, slow down, and enjoy being a mommy!! Don't wish the time away even if you are desperate for sleep (haha can u see a trend with the sleep thing?)
  • Do not feel bad if some stranger asks to hold ur baby and you say NO!!! We had a waitress ask us to hold Noah the other day and we were like uh no he is eating. I mean, we didn't know her and I think it was really rude of her to even ask.
  • Be prepared to be all momma bear ready to protect and attack!!! I found myself always looking out for things to keep Noah safe like I was some FBI undercover agent. And somehow I grew a backbone too b/c when it comes to Noah I speak up!! Before I did not!!!
Well I hope you enjoyed the way I experienced being pregnant, giving birth,and bring home the most precious miracle ever!!!! I am so thankful for Noah! I still to this day am scared I am going to wake up and this will all be a dream. Oh I almost forgot! The sleep thing does get better! It may take 3 or so months but it does get better. Ppl told me that but I never believed it. Noah got up every 2 hours to eat!! Yep!!! Now he only gets up once at night...YAY!!!!!!!

Just remember these are the days you have waited for your entire life. Or atleast I did!!! I waited for so long and wanted to be a mommy so bad and things were still hard for me, so complain if you need to, ask for help too! Just b/c you may have dealt with IF doesn't mean you are super mommy!!! And yes if other mommys make it look easy, trust me if you were a fly on their wall you would see they have their moments too. We all do!!!

LIVE IT UP!!!!!!! And I cannot stress enough to slow down and take it all in! Take LOTS of pics, LOTS of video and take the time to take mental pictures of each moment!!! Just be in the moment!!!! I have so far and I am soooo glad I do that!!!

Okay gotta go and get some sleep! We are going to church tomorrow and so I need to be rested to praise the LORD for my sweet Noah!!! Night Night Y'all!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Lately....we have been dealing with a sick baby as you read in a precious post! And to make things worse he had a tore up bottom too! The antibiotic he was on really upset his tummy and it just broke my heart! So I decided to stop the antibiotic. The doctor's office was closed for the holiday wkend and poor Noah was NOT feeling well. I originally took him into the doctor b/c he had a runny nose and a little cough. And around here strep is going around like crazy so I wanted to make sure he didn't have strep. I just figured that if I stopped the antibiotic and he got worse then I would call the doctor and get a different medicine. So far he had done great and his bottom has cleared up. He is like a different child! He is kicking and playing and I am sooo happy he feels better!!! It was a rough couple of days and I swear I thought he would never feel better. It just broke my heart to see my baby in pain.

Noah is starting to teeth (that is what the doctor said) so we have been giving him tylenol every now and then, but not alot. I also tried a little itty bit of orajel type stuff on his gums. The look he gave me was was like what did u do to my mouth momma :D I tested it on my gums and mouth first to see how strong it was. However, the best thing is his little bear/blanky. He loves to chew on the blanky part and that seems to help his teething issues. It reminds me of a j and k + 8 episode where the kids had "chewys". I am thinking Noah will have a chewy too. He doesn't take a pacifier and doesn't really suck his thumb. He just chews the heck out of his hand. So that is what is up lately!!!

Right now my sweet boy is sound asleep and down for the night, well down for 5 hours or so atleast :D I just love our nightly routine. Noah LOVES taking a bath and splashing in the water so I let him play for a long time tonight and his little toes even got all wrinkly..hehe!!! He was having a blast. Then when he stares at me while he is eating I just look at him and I swear I still cannot believe he is here!!! I am just in awe when I see that precious face!!! Such a blessing sent from God! I am finally at a place in my life where I have ALWAYS wanted to be and it is amazing. Sure it isn't all peaches and cream all of the time, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Noah is going to be 4 months old soon and I have heard that this is when rice cereal is introduced. Well, I am really clueless. I am confused about how to give it to him. Do I put it in his bottle or put it in a bowl and feed it to him??? And if I put it in the bottle do I need to buy special nipples for rice cereal?? I use the playtex drop ins bottles and the only types of nipples I can find are slow, medium, and fast flow. I have even wondered if I need to get medium flow nipples because Noah is getting older? So many questions and Dr. Google isn't answering them the way I need him to..HA!!! If y'all have any advice on what you did please do share. I know that different things work for different babies, but I just need to figure out a game plan and go from there.

And I couldn't post without a cute pic of my sweety pie!! He is always smiling! I just love seeing his JOY!!! And don't ya just love those bulldawg cheeks!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Day in the Life!!

Hey y'all! I am going to be on this blog tomorrow :D It is all about a day in the life of me!! Y'all go and ck it out :D

Monday, September 6, 2010

Noah's 3 month pictures!!

Check out the new 3 month pics of Noah here!!! They all turned out soooooo good! I don't know how I am going to chose!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Crying over spilled cough medicine!!

Yes, I cried over spilled cough medicine! Let me paint you the picture. Tonight Todd had to work so I was all by myself with Noah. I didn't think anything of it b/c Noah has been feeling better and I give him his meds all the time by myself. Yeah, didn't go like I had it planned in my mind. It went something like this!!!

I took Noah's temp via the ear and was concerned so I attempted to get a temp via the backside and the stupid thermometer would NOT work right so I felt bad after attempting several times and just gave up!! He kept squirming and was fussy b/c he was ready for his botttle and bed. I have been giving Noah tylenol for his teething and cold so it was time for it anyway!!  Gave him his tylenol and started prepping for a bath! I forgot his towel so I had to improvise and just used one of our towels. Then the thermometers fell in the sink while the water was running....I had just read the instructions (for the millionth time) and read not to submerge them in water! Oops so I quickly grabbed them and hoped I didn't just ruin them!

I finally gave Noah his bath and he started really fussing so I tried to hurry!!! I noticed that now he has a bad diaper rash from his antibiotics and runny bms so I took him to his room to put on a mixture of desitin and medicated diaper rash! Noah is getting fussier and fussier! And this momma is getting more and more stressed. I hate it when my baby is fussing and he is sick! I just want to fix it fast!! I had to take him downstairs to get his bottle ready and his meds for the night! (His antibiotic and cough medicine). I put him in his bouncy seat to give him his meds b/c it is sooo much easier!! Or so I thought. I gave him some of his bottle and used my other hand to open a childproof bottle and draw up the right dose....yes all the while using the other hand to hold his bottle in his mouth!!! I got his antibiotic down him and it was a success. Now for the cough medicine!!! I drawed the meds up and put it in his mouth...then look down and in my other hand I have tipped the bottle over and it spills all over Noah's pjs and the bouncy seat! THE ENTIRE STINKIN BOTTLE!!!!! I cannot believe I just did that so I now have to get Noah up, change his pjs, keep maggie from getting the spilled cough medicine, all the while Noah is red face, choking on spit crying!!! The rest is a blur!!!! I was shaking after I finally fed Noah and got him down to sleep! And I felt the the WORST momma in the world!!!

I called my bff and did the whole ugly cry!!! She calmed me down and then I called my sister and she calmed me even more down! They both told me about times they had done something and that I wasn't a bad momma!! Joni (bff) even came over to show me her stash of cough meds that she had for her kids to see if any of them were the same one I had just spilled!! No such luck! But now I am calm and realize that it will be okay if Noah has to wait til Monday to get more cough medicine! But man was I having a melt down earlier! And I am sure there will be many many more to come!!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Better and Tired!

Noah is feeling much better! Thank the Lord! And thank y'all for the prayers and advice. I did elevate his crib and put a himidifier in his room! The doctor told me to remember the basics too and that sometimes we forget them and jump to medicine. However, he did give Noah an anitbiotic and cough medicine! Which I am thankful b/c it all seems to be doing the trick. But poor thing has runny bm's and I am not sure if it is b/c of the antibiotic, him teething, just being sick, or maybe a combo of all! I am just giving some pedialite (sp?) so he stays hydrated b/c he isn't drinking as much formula. It makes him choke b/c of his congestion. I didn't know that I could give him Ped. so early, but the doctor said to keep some in the cabinet at all times! I swear I learn more and more each day!!! I was so nervous about Noah getting sick and was worried, but so far my instincts are working just like they should!!

And wouldn't you know that Noah still doesn't sleep through the night even with cough medicine in him!!!! I still cannot believe that Todd and I have a child that doesn't just adore sleep the way we do! And with Noah being sick my house is a total wreck!!!!!! I hope to get the dishes washed and the clothes put up tonight, but that bed is calling my name, HA!!! Maybe I will just put it off til tomorrow, that is my motto! Why do it today when you can do it tomorrow...hehe!!! And there is so much I want to blog about, so here is a list so I won't forget:
  • MB's upcoming surgery
  • the amt of pics i ordered for just 3 months of Noah's life
  • a day in the life
  • cutest socks for Noah
  • my new necklace :D
Hopefully I can get to write about these soon!!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Noah's first cold! :(

Thank y'all so much for the advice and words of encouragement. Now I know why Noah wasn't sleeping! He is sick!!! Yep, he has a cold! Poor thing! Yesterday his nose starting running and then I heard a little cough and I started to worry!!! I didn't know if his throat was sore or how bad he was feeling. But my mommy instincts kicked in and I cked his temperature. He had a low grade fever so I gave him some tylenol and called the doctor today. Thankfully they took him and the doctor said he has a cold! And thankfully again the congestion has not gone to his chest and is only in his head! I plan on giving him lots of lovings along with his medicine! I pray he gets over it very soon!! My baby has his very first cold!! Oh and the doctor said he was teething!!! Already?? He is growing like a weed!! Pray that Noah and mommy gets some rest! I am wiped out and hoping I don't get sick too. I am feeling a bit achy. Okay off to love on my sick boy!!