Friday, August 13, 2010

Pajama Party, Bumbo, and Checking Maggie out!!

Sorry for the lack of blogging on the star of the here are a few pics! Enjoy!!!


Katie said...

Precious pictures! Dana, you asked about my necklaces. Both were gifts, but the one with our children's names on it came from the Box Turtle in Little Rock.

I've seen several similar necklaces online, too. Check out Lisa Leanoard's website.

Thanks so much!

Amber said...

LOVE those smiles! Aren't they the best?

Dale Budd said...

Such a beautiful, happy baby! I could just eat him up! Maggie is adorable also. Love the way Noah is eyeing her up. Bet he would love to pull on her. Won't be to long before that happens. Watch out Maggie! Hope she won't mind some Noah lovins and droolings, also!!

A Mom-Mom in NJ

Alissa said...

What a precious little baby! I love how Noah and Maggie are eyeing each other up!