Sunday, August 29, 2010

Noah's first night in his crib!

It went great!!! I was worried and had to just stop thinking so I could go to sleep. I was glad that Todd was on night duty b/c I am sure I would have looked at the monitor all night long. Todd stayed up and watched the fight on tv so when it was over and he hit the sack Noah woke up for his first feeding at 1 am. Then he went back to sleep. Todd woke me up at 6 am b/c he realized the monitor was dead and he was worried Noah had been up and crying and we didn't hear him. We quickly plugged the monitor in and Noah was just a snoozin!! Then he got up at 7 for the day! I think he did good, but I was kinda hoping he would sleep all night! I am so ready for that!! I am debating on buying a sleep sack b/c when we swaddle him he ends up pulling the cover up near his face and I am afraid he may smoother. Has anyone used the sleep sack and like/disliked it???

I fear that tonight I will be up watching the monitor.....but maybe I will relax and go to sleep. I plan on turning it lower b/c it was loud this morning and I couldn't go back to sleep. My baby boy is growing up!!!!!
:( Makes me sad!!!!!


Jennifer said...

Love the sleep sack! I have the light weight one that is the perfect heaviness for our temperatures. They come heavier too. They are sleeveless so now I just put him in a long sleeve onesie but I figure I could put him in a sleeper then in the light sack when temps start dropping.

Amber said...

So glad it went well!! We just have the fleece sleep sacks that go up to 9 months so we haven't used them yet. I do have a friend that loves it though.

Alissa said...

We absolutely love our sleep sack! Trevor has a fleece one. He is 13 months old and has been in a 12-18 size for quite a while now. He really loves it, it's become part of our nighttime routine. And he even knows how to crawl in it...which is hilarious! :-) Even better, I got it on eBay so it was CHEAP!

The English Family said...

loved sleep sacks with 2 of my girls. i was scared of the fleeece ones because of them overheating (im super paranoid) so we just used the lightweight ones.