Thursday, August 19, 2010

Happy 3 months sweet Noah!!

We FINALLY made it to our church this past Sunday!! Noah did great. He fussed a little but then went right to sleep on my shoulder. So I held him and just soaked it all in! It was GLORIOUS!!!! Here is a family picture of us before we left!!
I just had to take some pics of us at church, in cognito..hehe  Here is Todd with his baby and Me with Noah too!!

     Now it is time for his 3 month pics and stats!!!! I can't believe my baby boy is 3 months old already! He is growing like a weed!!! Just check out his cuteness!!
Noah you are 3 months old (well as of the 17th). You are such a smiler! You are ALWAYS smiling and I just love seeing your joy! I pray you keep that joy with you throughout life! You are in size 2 diapers, but I am thinking you will be in size 3 in a few days. It seems like over night you have just outgrown the size 2s. Your eyes look green now with little golden brown flakes in them! Daddy is loving that you may have his brown eyes and so am I! I would love to have a brown eyed little boy! You are grabbing onto your toys (see the pic of him holding the number 3 block). And you are really enjoying your toys more and more. Mommy needs to hit up wally world to get some more toys for you because you are getting sick of the ones you have. You also like to blow bubbles and drool alot! It is cute and it is true when it is your kid the drool doesn't even bother you at all. You are such a little kicker! And you have a very strong kick! Poor Maggie got a kick to the face the other day, but she didn't even budge. I don't know how she did that b/c I have felt your kicks and they hurt. Are you going to be in the MMA one day?? Mommy says No!!!! You are sleeping 5 hours at night then eating then sleeping about 3 more hours. Mommy will be glad when you sleep all the way through the night!!! So we moved you from your bassinet to your pack in play, but you are still beside mommy. You will stay beside mommy til you sleep through the night!!! You are eating about 4 ounces every 2 to 3 hours during the day. And bless your heart lately you have been consitpated and I am hating it! I just wanna cry when you cry. Oh yeah and you are still a little grunter. Not b/c you are pooping, you just grunt when you are trying to roll or grab a toy! You coo and scream out loud and laugh too! I love hearing you talk!!! You haven't rolled over yet, but you can roll to one side and I have a feeling you will be rolling over very very soon!! You are trying so hard to sit up and you can hold your head up really well. But you aren't a fan of tummy time! Unless daddy does it with you then you will do it for a few minutes.

You are our angel, our little miracle! Thank you for being my son! Thank you for bringing so much joy to everyone with every smile you share! We love you sweet boy!!!! Happy 3 months!!!

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shauna said...

Happy 3 months Noah :) he is getting so big