Saturday, August 28, 2010

Growing Up!

Tonight Noah is sleeping in his crib for the first time!!! I am sooo nervous about it!! I know there are some ppl out there that swear by putting your child in their crib from day one and then there are ppl out there that let their kids sleep with them til they are going to college (not really..haha). Well, I don't really care either way! If Noah does good in his room, then good he will stay there...if not he is so going back in our room!!! I just love having him right there beside me in his pack and play!! However, I wake up to every grunt and movement so I am thinking I won't hear as much with him in his room. Although, I have a feeling I will be watching the video monitor alot. So with that in mind I gave the first night to Todd. He is watching UFC so he is staying up late and doing the night shift :D I am hoping then I can relax and go to sleep. Then if Noah does well maybe I won't stare at the video monitor all night tomorrow night to make sure he is breathing!!! I even teared up thinking about how Noah is big enough to go in his room. He is just growing up too fast. I made him promise not to grow up too fast. I think he agreed to it. I also made him promise to always give me hugs and kisses when he gets older! He sooo agreed to that too! I am going to hold him to it..hehe!!!

So please pray for this anxious momma!!! And for Noah to be safe in his crib! I swear it seems so far away! I will probably be writing a post tomorrow about putting him back in our room!!


Amber said...

How did it go?? Drake spent the first week in our room and then went to his crib. It was strange at first, but it worked out great.

shauna said...

I wanted Jakob to sleep in our room at least in the beginning (it makes it so much easier with nighttime feedings) but he was a tummy sleeper and didn't sleep well in the pack and play. It is nerve wracking at first, but you will get used to it and as long as you have a monitor you'll be able to know if Noah needs you (he'll make sure you know it!!!). You will definitely sleep better. Let us know how it goes :)
<3 ya!