Monday, August 9, 2010

Day 2: Monster Caged..for now..haha!

Yesterday I did great!!! Noah slept for two hours and so did I!! It was heavenly! I haven't been able to nap while Noah naps during the I slept through lunch! Todd brought home some subway for dinner so that was healthy and I downed a water before bed. So I am on the right track. Remember I do everything one stept at a rush b/c I want this to stick. And lastnight he slept great! He fell asleep around 9:30, got up at 4, then at 8! I may even have the energy to work out today! We shall see. I do have a TON of laundry to do so that may take first priority!

I caged the monster yesterday, but Big Zax Snack is a nice monster and has been asking to be let out for just a little while. hehe She promises to go back in her cage. Yeah, right!!!! Seriously this is hard. I am a food addict! I love food!!! I emotionally eat and well you add that to being tired, a new momma, and having to eat when I can (usually after I am feeling the shakiness from low blood sugar) and you end up with someone that is gonna eat whatever!!!! So yes I am going to eat chicken tetrazzini for breakfast!!! I made it okay b/c I told myself that it was breakfast and I would have all day (which usually consists of walking Mr. Noah around while bouncing...ALOT) so I need those carbs.

Okay off to eat my weight a little bit of pasta!!

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