Sunday, August 8, 2010

Caging the Monster

Okay lets talk about fat baby....lets talk about me and me!!! Hehe!!! I have got to do something to get this fat off of me! Of course, shoveling fried chicken fingers and french fries down my throat isn't helping the matter. But I have to get motivated somehow. I was motivated after a recent shopping trip. Let me tell you nothing is more motivating than trying on running shorts in a dressing room with lights that show every single dimple and inch of cellulite on my legs!! It was the rude awakening I needed, but I got caught up in this really cute little boy and I forgot!! Noah baby you are worth every fat roll, every stretch mark, and every unsightly part of my thigh that looks like someone grabbed it and didn't let go..haha! But this momma needs to get back into shape! It is hard b/c I had finally gotten back to my pre-IF weight before I got pg and now I am back to my IF weight.

The Game Plan!!!!
Hopefully by not buying anymore poptarts, sodas, or any kind of chocolate at the grocery store I won't be tempted at home to eat badly! If it isn't in the house I won't eat it, right? And I am just going to have to ask Zaxbys to ban me from their restaurant! I could eat there everyday!!! And it is not helping the numbers on my scale go down.

Next I am going to have to consistently work out! I have been letting myself slack off b/c Noah doesn't consistently sleep through the night and how can you work out when you are so sleep deprived? Well, I can atleast get on that eliptical for a few minutes a day (the one I told hubby over and over again that I would use every single day of my life and that it was the best purchase we ever made)!!! It would atleast help blow some dust off of it!!!

And I am debating on going back on my metformin! When I was on it I was able to control the "monster" more easily. Yeah I have a monster that just comes out and loves to eat all things fried and chocolate. I must cage it once again!! I will let it out sometimes but this thing, lets call her BIG ZAX SNACK (see addicted) has taken over my life!!!

Well, here goes nothing!! Day one of caging BIG Zax Snack!!!
Starting weight: *gulp* 159 lbs
Morning bkfast : honey nut cherios and fat free milk
so far so good!!!!!!


Carey said...

You can do it! I know how frustrating the weight can be...especially now that you are preoccupied with another little human being. It's good you are posting about your journey because now you have readers and friends to be accountable to :)

shauna said...

Girl, I feel exactly the same way. When I was bf regularly I could eat whatever I want, but now that I'm stopping I am not liking what I'm seeing. I'm going to no sugary drinks (soda is my downfall!) except on the weekend, no snacking in between meals and no eating after 7:30 at night. I know I need to exercise, so I say I'm going to, but we'll see. (lol) Jeremy just rolls his eyes when I talk about an eliptical, he's like oh, you'll use it like your treadmill that just sits there? Oh well.

Melissa said...

Ha! I am starting to work out 3 days a week starting tomorrow while Cassie naps. My motivation is I am flying to San Diego in October and will have to wear a bathing suit on the beach. My husband says I should NOT wear a tankini...but a regular bikini.... Yikes...yea right!

Amber said...

Good luck!!! I feel like I could have written this post myself. And, I'm right about the same weight you are. I've got at least 10 pounds to lose and just can't get motivated!