Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Busy Busy Bees!!!!

We had a busy busy week!!! On Friday my mom retired!
We went to her her party and enjoyed celebrating all of her hard work!!!

                                               Momma with her grandkids at her retirement party!
                                              We are sooooo glad she is now retired after 39 years
                                                  of hard work! I plan on keeping her busy..HA!!
                                      Terri, Momma, Daddy, Me, Noah, Anna Claire, and Carley
                                     We loved the party for momma! She was very loved at her job
                                                   and you could tell that she will be missed!!!

                                             Then we took Noah to church for the first time!!
                                      We went to our old church (the church Todd grew up in)
                                          and showed him off to all of our wonderful church
                                                 family that prayed for our lil' miracle!!!

   My sweet family before about to leave for church!!!
       Praise God for our miracle!!!!
   Words cannot express the joy I had of having my
       baby boy in church! I loved him getting to hear the praise songs
                  to God and I could not believe he was finally here in my arms (well everyone elses arms..haha)
As seen in this picture, he was in one of those many arms at church!
His Aunt Jackie's arms!! Everyone had to get their hands on him!!!

And then we went to Todd's mom's old school.
We had to show Noah off some more to
some more of the amazing ppl that sent up many
prayers for him to get here!!!!!!
This is us before we left to go a visiting at the school with Todd's mom!!
Here is my new "do". Do y'all like it? I love it!!! It feels so good!!
Noah with his Nanny and Mrs. Pat (one of todd's mom's good friends)!
As you can tell we had a good time showing our boy off!!!

It is amazing at how many ppl have prayed for Todd and I to have a baby! It was surreal to be able show Noah off to all of the ppl that sent up those prayers!!! I was beaming all week long!!!! Thank you Lord for Noah!! Thank you for our journey to Noah and thank you for Your love for us!!!


Alissa said...

What a fabulous week you had! :-) Thanks for sharing.

Amber said...

Noah is getting so big already! Congrats to your mom on her retirement!