Monday, August 30, 2010

Stressed over naps and routine!!!!!

I am having a hard day today!!! Noah got up at 2:30 lastnight and then at 6:30 and has only taken one nap today. I have tried numerous times to get him down for a nap and as soon as I put him in his cribs his eyes pop I put my hand on his belly and cheek and rock him a little....he goes back to sleep...then jumps and wakes himself up!!!!!!!!! I tried the bouncy seat...letting him sleep on me...NADA!!!! So b/c Mr. Noah hasn't slept much today his momma is a little bent out of shape :D And he is not a happy camper either. I guess you are wondering how the heck I am writing this post, well I put him in his carseat and turned on the "fluff" (that is what we call toots in our family) fan and rocked him to sleep. My child is in the powder room with the fluff fan on in his carseat napping!!! Yep, you do what works!!! So I am desperately wanting some advice. I may not take it, but it would be nice to know what worked for other ppl. How do I get my almost 4 month old on a schedule???

Just to clarify...he usually gets up for the day around 7 am....eats, plays, then naps!! However, he only naps for like 45 minutes and then the rest of the day consists of eating/playing and me trying to get him to nap again! It is frustrating b/c he is grumpy and I am tired!!!! And I just don't think I can do the whole let him cry thing!! I still feel he is too young for that!!! The only soothers he likes is my shoulder and the bottle!!!! Oh and rocking, but he does NOT like his swing....go figure! Maybe I should get a new swing???? So any suggestions would help this tired momma alot...b/c I still need to make my meal list for the week, finish all the laundry, get groceries and cook dinner....and it is already 4 pm. Not too mention all the in betweens like feed noah, bathe noah, change noah, take maggie out to potty, play with maggie, wash bottles, wash dishes, put up said clean clothes and towels........a woman's work is NEVER done! However, I know it is all soooooooo soooooooo soooooooo worth it! I do love my sweet boy and my life, but I just need a nap!!!! So maybe I should stop typing and take a nap...night night!!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Noah's first night in his crib!

It went great!!! I was worried and had to just stop thinking so I could go to sleep. I was glad that Todd was on night duty b/c I am sure I would have looked at the monitor all night long. Todd stayed up and watched the fight on tv so when it was over and he hit the sack Noah woke up for his first feeding at 1 am. Then he went back to sleep. Todd woke me up at 6 am b/c he realized the monitor was dead and he was worried Noah had been up and crying and we didn't hear him. We quickly plugged the monitor in and Noah was just a snoozin!! Then he got up at 7 for the day! I think he did good, but I was kinda hoping he would sleep all night! I am so ready for that!! I am debating on buying a sleep sack b/c when we swaddle him he ends up pulling the cover up near his face and I am afraid he may smoother. Has anyone used the sleep sack and like/disliked it???

I fear that tonight I will be up watching the monitor.....but maybe I will relax and go to sleep. I plan on turning it lower b/c it was loud this morning and I couldn't go back to sleep. My baby boy is growing up!!!!!
:( Makes me sad!!!!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Growing Up!

Tonight Noah is sleeping in his crib for the first time!!! I am sooo nervous about it!! I know there are some ppl out there that swear by putting your child in their crib from day one and then there are ppl out there that let their kids sleep with them til they are going to college (not really..haha). Well, I don't really care either way! If Noah does good in his room, then good he will stay there...if not he is so going back in our room!!! I just love having him right there beside me in his pack and play!! However, I wake up to every grunt and movement so I am thinking I won't hear as much with him in his room. Although, I have a feeling I will be watching the video monitor alot. So with that in mind I gave the first night to Todd. He is watching UFC so he is staying up late and doing the night shift :D I am hoping then I can relax and go to sleep. Then if Noah does well maybe I won't stare at the video monitor all night tomorrow night to make sure he is breathing!!! I even teared up thinking about how Noah is big enough to go in his room. He is just growing up too fast. I made him promise not to grow up too fast. I think he agreed to it. I also made him promise to always give me hugs and kisses when he gets older! He sooo agreed to that too! I am going to hold him to it..hehe!!!

So please pray for this anxious momma!!! And for Noah to be safe in his crib! I swear it seems so far away! I will probably be writing a post tomorrow about putting him back in our room!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Necklace with Noah's name!!!

Isn't this necklace beautiful?? I just LOVE it!!! I just ordered myself one with Noah Wesley on it and cannot wait to get it!!! I have been debating on ordering a necklace with Noah's name on it so I just did it!!! HA!!! I got it from here. I was so excited I just had to share :D YAY!!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Happy 3 months sweet Noah!!

We FINALLY made it to our church this past Sunday!! Noah did great. He fussed a little but then went right to sleep on my shoulder. So I held him and just soaked it all in! It was GLORIOUS!!!! Here is a family picture of us before we left!!
I just had to take some pics of us at church, in cognito..hehe  Here is Todd with his baby and Me with Noah too!!

     Now it is time for his 3 month pics and stats!!!! I can't believe my baby boy is 3 months old already! He is growing like a weed!!! Just check out his cuteness!!
Noah you are 3 months old (well as of the 17th). You are such a smiler! You are ALWAYS smiling and I just love seeing your joy! I pray you keep that joy with you throughout life! You are in size 2 diapers, but I am thinking you will be in size 3 in a few days. It seems like over night you have just outgrown the size 2s. Your eyes look green now with little golden brown flakes in them! Daddy is loving that you may have his brown eyes and so am I! I would love to have a brown eyed little boy! You are grabbing onto your toys (see the pic of him holding the number 3 block). And you are really enjoying your toys more and more. Mommy needs to hit up wally world to get some more toys for you because you are getting sick of the ones you have. You also like to blow bubbles and drool alot! It is cute and it is true when it is your kid the drool doesn't even bother you at all. You are such a little kicker! And you have a very strong kick! Poor Maggie got a kick to the face the other day, but she didn't even budge. I don't know how she did that b/c I have felt your kicks and they hurt. Are you going to be in the MMA one day?? Mommy says No!!!! You are sleeping 5 hours at night then eating then sleeping about 3 more hours. Mommy will be glad when you sleep all the way through the night!!! So we moved you from your bassinet to your pack in play, but you are still beside mommy. You will stay beside mommy til you sleep through the night!!! You are eating about 4 ounces every 2 to 3 hours during the day. And bless your heart lately you have been consitpated and I am hating it! I just wanna cry when you cry. Oh yeah and you are still a little grunter. Not b/c you are pooping, you just grunt when you are trying to roll or grab a toy! You coo and scream out loud and laugh too! I love hearing you talk!!! You haven't rolled over yet, but you can roll to one side and I have a feeling you will be rolling over very very soon!! You are trying so hard to sit up and you can hold your head up really well. But you aren't a fan of tummy time! Unless daddy does it with you then you will do it for a few minutes.

You are our angel, our little miracle! Thank you for being my son! Thank you for bringing so much joy to everyone with every smile you share! We love you sweet boy!!!! Happy 3 months!!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I know that most ppl would think it is weird to get excited about posting a title called poop, but I am b/c it is about my Noah. I waited so long to be a mommy and so now I love even the hard times. I am just thankful that I get to have these here is my post about POOP, hehe

Mr. Noah is not feeling well these days and it just breaks my heart. He didn't go poopy for three days and was fussy so I called the doctor. The nurse told me about karo syrup and told me to use it as a natural laxative. After a day of using it (only 3 times per 4 ounces of formula) Noah finally pooped and I don't think I have ever been so happy about seeing poop in my life!!! HA!!! So I figured okay done no more karo, right? WRONG!!! Now he has gone two days without pooping and is getting fussy. Noah is usually a happy boy especially when he wakes up from a nap or has a full belly and when he is not I know something is wrong. Plus if he only takes 2 onces and refuses to eat.....he isn't feeling well. So I called the doctor again and she told me to continue the karo syrup and then slowly reduce it after he has a BM. She assured me that is is natural and does not hurt him at all. I am hoping this does the trick. I am about to ask dr. google if the similac sensitive can cause consitpation. If so, we may work on another formula b/c I don't want my boy always constipated and in pain.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Pajama Party, Bumbo, and Checking Maggie out!!

Sorry for the lack of blogging on the star of the here are a few pics! Enjoy!!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Day 2: Monster Caged..for now..haha!

Yesterday I did great!!! Noah slept for two hours and so did I!! It was heavenly! I haven't been able to nap while Noah naps during the I slept through lunch! Todd brought home some subway for dinner so that was healthy and I downed a water before bed. So I am on the right track. Remember I do everything one stept at a rush b/c I want this to stick. And lastnight he slept great! He fell asleep around 9:30, got up at 4, then at 8! I may even have the energy to work out today! We shall see. I do have a TON of laundry to do so that may take first priority!

I caged the monster yesterday, but Big Zax Snack is a nice monster and has been asking to be let out for just a little while. hehe She promises to go back in her cage. Yeah, right!!!! Seriously this is hard. I am a food addict! I love food!!! I emotionally eat and well you add that to being tired, a new momma, and having to eat when I can (usually after I am feeling the shakiness from low blood sugar) and you end up with someone that is gonna eat whatever!!!! So yes I am going to eat chicken tetrazzini for breakfast!!! I made it okay b/c I told myself that it was breakfast and I would have all day (which usually consists of walking Mr. Noah around while bouncing...ALOT) so I need those carbs.

Okay off to eat my weight a little bit of pasta!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Caging the Monster

Okay lets talk about fat baby....lets talk about me and me!!! Hehe!!! I have got to do something to get this fat off of me! Of course, shoveling fried chicken fingers and french fries down my throat isn't helping the matter. But I have to get motivated somehow. I was motivated after a recent shopping trip. Let me tell you nothing is more motivating than trying on running shorts in a dressing room with lights that show every single dimple and inch of cellulite on my legs!! It was the rude awakening I needed, but I got caught up in this really cute little boy and I forgot!! Noah baby you are worth every fat roll, every stretch mark, and every unsightly part of my thigh that looks like someone grabbed it and didn't let go..haha! But this momma needs to get back into shape! It is hard b/c I had finally gotten back to my pre-IF weight before I got pg and now I am back to my IF weight.

The Game Plan!!!!
Hopefully by not buying anymore poptarts, sodas, or any kind of chocolate at the grocery store I won't be tempted at home to eat badly! If it isn't in the house I won't eat it, right? And I am just going to have to ask Zaxbys to ban me from their restaurant! I could eat there everyday!!! And it is not helping the numbers on my scale go down.

Next I am going to have to consistently work out! I have been letting myself slack off b/c Noah doesn't consistently sleep through the night and how can you work out when you are so sleep deprived? Well, I can atleast get on that eliptical for a few minutes a day (the one I told hubby over and over again that I would use every single day of my life and that it was the best purchase we ever made)!!! It would atleast help blow some dust off of it!!!

And I am debating on going back on my metformin! When I was on it I was able to control the "monster" more easily. Yeah I have a monster that just comes out and loves to eat all things fried and chocolate. I must cage it once again!! I will let it out sometimes but this thing, lets call her BIG ZAX SNACK (see addicted) has taken over my life!!!

Well, here goes nothing!! Day one of caging BIG Zax Snack!!!
Starting weight: *gulp* 159 lbs
Morning bkfast : honey nut cherios and fat free milk
so far so good!!!!!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

I need a blog makeover!!!!!

Okay so I am about to give in and get someone to do a blog makeover for me!! I am just not talented in that department and I want something cute!! Any suggestions???

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Busy Busy Bees!!!!

We had a busy busy week!!! On Friday my mom retired!
We went to her her party and enjoyed celebrating all of her hard work!!!

                                               Momma with her grandkids at her retirement party!
                                              We are sooooo glad she is now retired after 39 years
                                                  of hard work! I plan on keeping her busy..HA!!
                                      Terri, Momma, Daddy, Me, Noah, Anna Claire, and Carley
                                     We loved the party for momma! She was very loved at her job
                                                   and you could tell that she will be missed!!!

                                             Then we took Noah to church for the first time!!
                                      We went to our old church (the church Todd grew up in)
                                          and showed him off to all of our wonderful church
                                                 family that prayed for our lil' miracle!!!

   My sweet family before about to leave for church!!!
       Praise God for our miracle!!!!
   Words cannot express the joy I had of having my
       baby boy in church! I loved him getting to hear the praise songs
                  to God and I could not believe he was finally here in my arms (well everyone elses arms..haha)
As seen in this picture, he was in one of those many arms at church!
His Aunt Jackie's arms!! Everyone had to get their hands on him!!!

And then we went to Todd's mom's old school.
We had to show Noah off some more to
some more of the amazing ppl that sent up many
prayers for him to get here!!!!!!
This is us before we left to go a visiting at the school with Todd's mom!!
Here is my new "do". Do y'all like it? I love it!!! It feels so good!!
Noah with his Nanny and Mrs. Pat (one of todd's mom's good friends)!
As you can tell we had a good time showing our boy off!!!

It is amazing at how many ppl have prayed for Todd and I to have a baby! It was surreal to be able show Noah off to all of the ppl that sent up those prayers!!! I was beaming all week long!!!! Thank you Lord for Noah!! Thank you for our journey to Noah and thank you for Your love for us!!!