Friday, July 9, 2010


My title is meant to be said with a deep southern accent and in a shocking/loving way..hehe!!!  Noah just slept 7 hours STRAIGHT lastnight!!! YAY Noah, GO Noah, GO Noah!!!! And this momma has already had a full morning! Todd doesn't have to go to work til later so I got up after Noah ate and went back to sleep (okay maybe I should not brag too much) I worked out!!! Yep, I did!!!!!! I walked on the eliptical for maybe 5 minutes before my legs were screaming at me and saying something about how I haven't been using them that much and I should give them a break, then I did wts on my arms. I was still pumped so I grabbed Maggie and we spent some much needed time together by walking around the neighborhood! It was BLISS!!! Then I took a shower and ate some bkfast (and yes Noah is still asleep) and cked fb!!! I cannot even believe this is my life right now! YAY!!!! HAPPY DANCE!!!!!!!

And I am going to prepare myself later just in case this is just a one time thing, but right now I am just gonna celebrate it!!! YAYYYYYYYY!!!!! Hope y'all have a great wkend!!!!!!


Amber said...

Awesome! Go Noah!

Amber said...

that is wonderful news! I know that mommy is sure enjoying it too!

Alissa said...

wooooohoooooo!! :-)

Anonymous said...

This is great! Enjoy it! I know what you mean about the elliptical- it is hard to get back on that thing!!