Thursday, July 22, 2010


I got a question for y'all! Can I change my blog address and not lose all of my followers?? And if I do change it how do I let everyone know so they can update their info?? HELP please :D


Amber said...

Sorry I can't answer your question, but you have a fun new look anyway!

Birdee said...

Yes, Couple options:
If you want to keep this blog but change the address, then you would lose your readers that don't know your new address.

What I would suggest:
What you would need to do is export this blog into a file on your computer (export and import are in your "settings" tab, then open a new blog and import this blog from your computer onto the new one. Basically it's like copy and paste from this blog to the new one. Leaving this one as is.

Then you can either leave all the info you already have on this one with a link to your new blog. Or you can delete all the blog entries, or just save (but not post) them.

To delete posts:

Go into "New Post" then the "Edit Post" tab, then what I did was make sure I could view the maximum amount of entries (I think 300) on your edit page (just for simplifying the process)
Then where it says to "Select: All, None"
Click on "All" that will prompt all 300 posts for action.
Scroll down to the bottom and hit "Delete Selected"
Do it again on the next page of posts until they are all deleted.
Then just create a post with your new address for everyone to make the switch.