Friday, July 16, 2010

Lazy Bones!

I have been such a slacker the past few days!!! I have NOT wanted to do anything at all! I just take care of my sweet lil boy and that is it! I haven't cleaned or done any laundry. And lets just say the house is a WRECK! So much that it is getting my nerves, but does that motivate me to clean...NOPE!! I think I just need one good night's rest and I will be back to being motivated! I sure hope it comes back b/c I had a plan of how I was going to work out and clean during the week. Right now as long as Noah is happy, fed, and changed..I am happy :D Okay...of to being Mrs. Lazy Bones!!!


momof5girls said...

Ya know what??? Enjoy it while you can. You've waited so long on this little fella and you are still recuperating from all the drugs and procedures, then the C-section and now little man getting his days and nights mixed up. It'll all straighten out soon. Don't fret, enjoy being Noah's mom. He is one cutie patootie!

shauna said...

I know what you mean! As long as Noah is happy and fed the most important stuff is done. Hopefully he'll start sleeping through the night soon (Jakey did at 3 months) and then you'll feel so much better

Alissa said...

Dear Ms. Lazy Bones:

You are ENTITLED! :-) It's great to hear you in such good spirits. Things must be settling down and coming together!

Take care!

Katie said...

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