Friday, July 23, 2010


Sorry I have been MIA lately. My brother and sis in love has been in town and we have been busy!! Noah is doing great and I have so much to write about him.
Noah News
  1. He is now 2 months old and growing like a weed. He had his two month shots *no fun* but we survived!!! He weighs 13 lbs and 3 ounces and is 23.5 inches long! He is in the high percentiles for ht and wt (mid 70s and mid 80s)! He is a BIG BOY!!!! And the doctor says that wt gain is a huge sign of good health so YAY!!!!
  2. I have tried to start a routine for my week so that I can be better organized and so far it is going good. I got to work out once this week and was proud that I got to do that. I worked out at home on the eliptical and used some weights. Noah sat and watched baby E while I worked out and occasionally he looked at me on the eliptical with this look of what the heck are you doing momma :D
  3. Noah is doing GREAT at night! He gets up once around 3 am still and gets back up around 6 or 7. So I am loving it, but every night I still ask him to try to sleep two hours longer and then he will have slept through the night. Also, I am letting him take one nap a day in his crib in his room so he can get used to sleeping in there. I am not sure when I will transition him in there at night, but I know it will be hard *for me*. I love having him right beside me in his bassinet. It makes me sad to even think about putting him in his room :(
  4. He has a little bit of cradle cap, but we are working on getting rid of it. It isn't that bad and Daddy loves picking the skin off for me, which I let him b/c *gross*!!!
  5. We went on our first shopping know a REAL shopping trip. Girl style!!! We went with my sis and neecy poos and it was tiring but fun! I got Noah the cutest monkey hat, some more zip up pjs *love them* and a superman shirt he can grow into!!! I also bought myself a shirt.
Dana News
  1. And I am excited to say I finally fit into my fat jeans!!! Before I couldn't even get them over my hips and now I can! It is a start, right? And I am so glad to wear jeans and a t-shirt once again...that is totally my favorite thing to wear...jeans, t-shirt, and flip flops!!!!  Even if it is a million degrees here in GA!!
  2. I have been cooking up a storm lately too! I cooked a bunch of chicken pot pies and some chicken tetrazzini and froze it all so we could have dinner for a few weeks to come. I also made some chicken pot pies for my sis, sis in love, and best friend. School is starting soon for them all and they all have kids and are super busy so I figured I would give them a dinner so they could have one night to come home and chill. And I bought some edward's pies for them too. I hope they like them!! The recipes are super easy and it is great to freeze the meals and just put them in the oven when you want to get dinner ready.
Well, that is all the updates for now!! Noah is asleep and so I am going to go and read a little before I head to bed. I am reading this book called Captivating: Unveiling the mystery of a woman's soul, by john and stasi eldridge. It is so good so far and I am learning alot from it!! I totally recommend it!!! Night night y'all!!! Have a great wkend!!!!!

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Rachel said...

Such a wonderful book. SO glad you're reading it! You're gonna love it...keep me updated on what you think about it! Make sure to mark quotes you like, because there will be a bunch of them! We'll have to discuss after you finish it!