Saturday, July 31, 2010

Every Little Thing!!

As I was walking up the stairs lastnight (after a super busy, but awesome day) I could feel how sweet it was to carry Noah up to bed. The weight of his precious little body and how trusting and secure he felt in my arms. I loved feeling that!!! And then it made me start thinking about all the little things that I love about Noah!! He blesses me every morning with a smile and it makes this tired momma feel like a million bucks when I see those squinty eyed smiles. He gets tickled when I make faces for him and laughs out loud and I love hearing his joy in his laughter. Even when he cries he is cute b/c he first pokes his lower lip out and then makes the saddest face! It breaks mommy's heart, but I love how cute he is when he cries. And sometimes when he cries I swear it sounds like he is saying momma. I just tell him momma is coming baby boy!!! I love how when he is fussy and no one else can calm him down as soon as I put him on my shoulder he relaxes. It makes me feel like I am doing a good job and he knows his mommy!! I love how he has discovered his hands and feet and sits forever staring at them in awe. It is amazing to see the world again through his innocent and curious eyes. I love how he sings when he is eating and just about to fall asleep. It is like an angel singing just for me. I love giving him baths b/c he just enjoys splashing in the water and he sits and either looks at himself in the mirror or watches everything I do. I love how he grabs my finger or shirt or hair when he is going to sleep and holds on tight as if he is saying mommy don't ever let me go. I love putting on CMT and dancing in the living room with my son. I think he likes it too :D I love his chunky legs and cheeks. They are soooo extremely kissable!! I must kiss them a million times a day. I love it when he "talks" to me and coos. He is just learning so much and growing so fast. I love his hair and how dark it is. I love to watch him watch tv. And lately he loves watching billy the exterminator. It cracks me up how he is so into it. He also loves watching his B.E. dvds as well. He is such a good baby boy! He usually only fusses when he is hungry or tired. And there are the occasions when he just wants to be held and wants you to stand up with him. And as hard as that is sometimes when I am super tired and my bones are telling me I am getting old I secretly love that as well!! I love how he is starting to blow bubbles and stick out his tongue too!! There is so much I love about this child. From his little hairs on his head to his soft sweet tootsies!!! I feel so blessed to be able to watch my Noah grow up. What a priviledge it is to be Noah's mommy!!!!!!

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