Friday, June 11, 2010

Pictures...Pictures...Pictures (3 wks)

As my little one is snoozing away I thought I would get in a post! I probably should be sleeping too, but maybe I can post this quickly and still get in a few z'ssss!!!

Here is a pic of my sweety when he actually liked swinging..that lasted once! Now he isn't such a fan!!!

He always has his head to the side..doesn't look comfy but he likes it :D

Noah in his cute hat. We used it so the sun wouldn't get in his eyes. This was before our outing to eat Japanese..our new favorite place to go!!!

I love how he puts his little hand on his cheek while he sleeps toooo cute!!!

The best 3 wk picture I could get. This little booger kept moving!!!

Grammy and Noah...he was in heaven on his grammy's chest :D

Sweet lil' hand!!!

cutie pie!!!!

Lately Noah has had a sore bum, so we got some meds for it and now he is feeling MUCH better. We also had to switch his formula again!!! I am hoping this one works! He has started LOVING laying on my chest and I am LOVING it too!! It is such a great bonding time!!!! He has also started going 2 and a half hours between feedings at night, so I am hoping that is a good trend. And sometimes he goes 3 hours :D YAY!!! He is starting to focus more on things and LOVES his mobile, the fan in our living room, and anything bright and colorful. When he sees it he makes this sweet sound like he is talking to it..haha I love this new sound, it is soo sweet!! He is still in newborn diapers even though he weighed 9lbs and 13 oz at his last doctor's appt. His belly button is almost healed so I am hoping to give him his first bath very soon. I know he will like it b/c he likes his sponge baths! I can't believe he will be 4 wks old on Monday and soon a month old on the 17th!!!! CRAZY!!!

Okay I better go and get a little nap in before lil bit wakes up :D I hope all has a great wkend and thank y'all for all of the encouraging comments!!! I am in soo need of reassurance as a new mommy!


The Patterson's said...

First, I must say that you look great!!

Noah is such a cutie, too. Drake didn't like swing at first either, but now he does. :-) I so miss those times of him just napping on my chest. Enjoy it while it lasts!!

Shelly said...

Oh so sweet!

Amber said...

you look wonderful and so in love with your little Noah! He is absolutely adorable and that little hat is just too cute!

Hope you were able to get in a good nap

shauna said...

Oh my goodness!!! He is just so adorable! Almost a month old...I cannot believe it :)