Friday, June 4, 2010

Noah's Toys!!

Thank goodness for baby swings!!!!!! I will post some pics later of Noah in his swing sleeping! But yesterday Noah decided that he just wanted to be held ALL the time and didn't sleep much! Then lastnight he did the every two hour thing again and so I broke out the swing today and thought I have to try something so I can get some rest! And BAM, he is out!!!! He kinda worries me in it b/c he always turns his head and it looks like he is uncomfortable, but he does the same thing in the car seat. I try to turn his head back and he turns it right back to the side!!

Noah had a big day yesterday b/c he got to hang out in his crib while I put up his clothes and he LOVED looking at his mobile! I video taped it..and will try to figure out how to post it :D And I put him in his gym and he LOVED it too! As you can see, I was trying everything to entertain the little booger :D Oh and I even managed to get a shower b/c he was content in his bouncy seat! He just loves all of his toys!!!

And does anyone have any ideas of how to help with the hiccups?? Noah gets them everyday and it makes him sooo mad and fussy! I feel so sorry for him. I had read on another blogger's site that gripe water works. Has anyone else used that???

I am looking forward to this weekend b/c Todd is off of work and I have really missed him!!! It is amazing how having a baby can put everything else on the back burner! So I am in need of some Todd time!! And some Todd and Noah time too!!!

Happy Friday y'all!!!! Gotta go, I think Noah is starting to not like his swing...uh oh!!!!!!


Dale Budd said...

Hi Dana, Sounds like sweet Noah is acting like a normal newborn. He will have days where he will just not know what he wants, and feels secure in your arms. Have you swaddled him in a blanket? That seems to really work, (most of the time). They like to be snug. As for the hiccups, you can try just a little extra feeding,and patting his back. Sometimes they just need to burp again. Also, sucking on a pacifier can relieve them also,(if you don't have a problem with pacifiers). It can be upsetting for a new Mommy, but soon, you will know exactly what Noah needs, and understand all his little signals. God Bless, and enjoy that precious, beautiful baby!
A Mom-Mom in NJ

Blake and Mallory Thompson said...

I'm not exactly sure how I stumbled upon your blog but i've enjoyed reading it! I have a 3 week old and it's been fun to see you through pregnancy and then the joy of Noah joining the world! Congratulations! As for the hiccups, we're having the same problem and so many people told me to try the gripe water- I went and got some- it has been a miracle for us. Emery gets so mad with the hiccups and as soon as I give her the gripe water, they stop and she becomes a happy baby! Go get some- run! :)

Nicole said...

GRIPE WATER is the best thing ever. It helps with EVERYTHNIG! belly aches, teething, hiccups, EVERYTHING. before my 2nd daughter arrived i bought one big bottle and two small travel ones. the travel ones come with droppers, so thats why i got those, altho the bigger bottle is obv the better deal.

cady said...

I wish I knew a cure for hiccups. Lucy gets them ALL the time, and she HATES them!

Amber said...

Im glad to know that we are not the only ones that seem to be suffering from the hiccups. The only thing Ive found that works is to feed her and usually that will do the trick but I know the doctor told us that once she is 2 weeks old we can give her gripe water and that will do the trick as well. Good luck

Jessica@The Southern Belle Baby said...

Hey, Dana! Just wanted to answer your question from my blog. At two weeks old, Knox was eating every three hours, but there were definitely times where he'd eat every two. I pretty much breast fed on demand (and still do) so whenever he'd act mad or upset, I'd nurse. I hope that helps you out! It was hard in the beginning, for sure, because you are just so tired and start to feel like a dairy cow. :)

As far as sleep goes, I could never really take naps, I'm just not capable of doing it! So, I would just "sleep-in" until 11 am or so on maternity leave. Basically, I'd wake to feed, sleep two hours, wake to feed, sleep, etc. until I felt rested enough. It's rough at first, but I promise that it gets easier! Good luck with your sweet Noah! He's such a cutie.

Michelle said...

CONGRATS!!! Noah is so darn precious! I love the pictures. I'm so excited and happy for you!!!

momof5girls said...

Dana, sure sounds like a normal new born to me too. He is a beautiful baby boy! The hiccup thing is normal for all new born babies. I think they suck so much they must take in air or something. I'd give mine a little drink if they'd take it or the pacifier and it would usually do the trick. Hope you're able to get your rest. God bless, Arlene