Saturday, June 5, 2010

My new best friend!!!

GRIPE WATER is my new best friend and Noah's too!!!!
Todd brought some home lastnight and it has been the best!!! Noah's little tummy wasn't feeling good yesterday and of course y'all all heard about the hiccups!!! As soon as we gave him this miracle stuff he was at ease! It was like his tummy calmed down and he could finally rest. So mommy and daddy got to rest too :D YAY!! Then this morning he had the hiccups and I gave him some and BAM they were gone! So I am now a huge fan!!!
I am excited b/c today we are getting out again!! Todd is off of work and we need some more supplies (diapers, bottles, etc) so we are heading to wally world. I just love getting out b/c being stuck in the house can make you go nuts! And on Monday I can officially become a driver again!!! So maybe I will get up the nerve to get Noah out on my own next week, we shall see!! HAHA!
I also wanted to share the link of Noah's newborn pics! It is Just look for the pic with his name under it and click on it and enjoy!!! Hope everyone has a great wkend!! I can't believe my baby is gonna be 3 wks old on Monday...time it is a flying by!!!


Carey and Jon said...

Caleb has the hiccups all.the.time and Gripe Water really is the best!

Have you tried Mylicon gas drops yet? If Noah is gassy, these drops are like heaven! And I think they help Caleb sleep better! Anything for more sleep, right? :)

shauna said...

I love the baby pictures!!! They are so good. Noah is just too adorable, I just want to squeeze him. I wish I had known about that gripe water when Jakob was a baby. He got the hiccups so many times a day. Glad to hear you're getting out of the house today, and able to drive soon! <3

Dale Budd said...

So happy to hear you were able to find relief for Noah's tummy. Hope you all got some much needed rest, and are enjoying your weekend. Dana, the pictures of Noah are absolutely gorgeous! What a beautiful baby boy, and such sweet poses. I love the one of you holding him next to your face, so, so precious, and your look, says it all! I hope you ordered the CD, as I would have never been able to choose just one, they were all fabulous!!!! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful son with us. God Bless his heart, he surely is a keeper!!!!! Hope you enjoy getting out this week. Cabin fever is awful!

A Mom-Mom in NJ