Monday, June 28, 2010

My broken heart!

Today I got some really sad news. My Aunt Ann passed away and I am heartbroken! My dad called me this morning and I could not believe my ears. I just had nothing to say as the tears flowed down  my cheek. You see my heart was already broken b/c I lost my Uncle G.T. not too long ago (I didn't blog much about it b/c it was too hard to write about)!!! I am no stranger to losing loved ones, but it stings just the same each time one goes to be with our Lord. I know they are both in a much better place, but I am selfish and I want them both back here with me!!!!!! My dad told me to pray and to let Noah see me praying. I prayed for my Uncle and my cousins, I prayed for my lil' cousins that lost their grandmother and the one on the way that will not get to know his grandmother. Then I looked at Noah and it hit me that this lil' guy will not get to know his Great Aunt Ann or his Great Uncle G.T. and I could feel my heart breaking again for him, as if it could break anymore! I made a promise right then that I would tell him about them and make it as if he knew them. I will make sure to let him know how much they would have both adored him! I can just see my Uncle G.T.'s big smile now and I can feel my Aunt Ann's loving hug!!! Oh how I miss them!!!! I am thankful that I have those memories to pass down to my son!

I know that when you lose someone it always puts things into perspective. Like what life really should be about!!! And now that I am a mommy I want to make sure I get this right so I can help teach Noah that we should live each day showing our loved ones how much we love them, not to sweat the small stuff, and to praise our Lord each moment of the day!!!!

Please keep our family in your prayers! Both families, my Uncle Sam who just lost his wife (Aunt Ann) and their kids and grandkids. And keep my Aunt Sue in your prayers who lost her husband my Uncle G.T. not too long ago and their kids and grandkids too!! Pray for them to have peace, lots of love surrounding them, and pray for their broken hearts to heal!! It is all so hard and I cannot even imagine the pain my Uncle Sam and Aunt Sue are going through. The only solice is knowing that both of them were believers and are in heaven and one day we will all reunite! Oh what a day that will be!!!!! When we all get to heaven!!!


shauna said...

So sorry to hear this Dana! It is hard every time you loose a loved one and it doesn't ever get easier. I will be praying for you and your family. Much love <3

Alissa said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. Your family and you are in our prayers!
I have a prayer request as well...please include my friend and her family as they mourn the loss of their twin daughters July 5, 2003.
Oh what a day it will be when we can see our loved ones again in heaven!!