Sunday, June 13, 2010

Me time!!

I may just be getting the hang of this mommy thing! Well, somedays I feel like I have and others I feel like I haven't!!! Especially when Noah is crying and I can't do anything to make him feel better. But there is one thing I am realizing and that is I need to work on getting in some me and Toby time...and some just me time too!!! I have always told my sissy to do this b/c you know how it is "mom guilt" creeps in and you feel bad for wanting a second to yourself. But I have always told sissy that it is good for her girls when she gets some time too!! So I am trying to tell myself just that!!!

I am in desperate need of a haircut and possibly a new do! Or atleast some bangs again. I actually miss them :D And Todd and I are movie lovers and there are several movies that have come out that I would LOVE to go and see. Todd's mom has offered to keep Noah one evening so we can go out! I just hope I can make it! It will be hard to leave him for the first time with someone other than Todd. I am sure I am going to call a million times..haha!! Say a prayer for me and my nerves and I will ask God to help me too!!! If I don't start letting go now I NEVER will!!!!

And can someone tell me when my stinkin uterus is going to shrink back??? I know that has to be the reason I still have a 3 month pg belly....right?? haha It is so frustrating b/c my old fat pants fit except they won't button b/c of my new muffin top!!!!! I know it takes time and it has only been almost four weeks, but come on is there a light at the end of this tunnel??? I still have 30 lbs to lose and I will be at my pre-pregnancy wt and I plan to do it b/c I had worked sooo hard to get to that wt not so long ago!!! I just don't see how I am going to find the energy to work out when I get two hours of sleep at a time and a total of maybe 5 hours at night...not in a row, mind you!!! Okay..okay I am going to give my body time to heal and focus on this little monkey instead of this little muffin top!!! But a girl can dream!!!


The Patterson's said...

Definitely find some time to get out by yourself and with Todd. The first thing I did was get a haircut and pedicure! It will be hard to leave for a while but so worth it.

Don't be too hard on yourself on the weight. Your doctor will check your uterus when you go for your 6 week appointment. And, the muffin top may be around for a while. I'm over 4 months post partum, and it's definitely still there! I can't wait to get back to my flatter belly. Guess that means I need to get working out! lol!

Amber said...

I so know what you mean on all occassions! We went out to Wal-Mart for the first time for only a few minutes and I felt so guilty for leaving Morgan I dont know how I will survive to leave her for longer so please give me any pointers if you figure it out:)

For your uterus, I wish I knew the answer to that too, Im ready to be all the way back down because the same weight just doesnt fit the same thing after pg.

Melissa said...

Ha!!! It takes time to fit in the old pants. Even after I lost all the baby weight I had to give my body more time so my hips would shrink back to normal.

shauna said...

It is so nice to have grandma's that will babysit. It will be hard to leave Noah at first, but you don't have to be gone long, and you will enjoy the time with Todd (even though you will miss Noah too). With grandma you know Noah will be getting spoiled rotten :) As for losing the baby weight, I think it took a good 6 months for my clothes to start fitting again (anything that was not stretchy or already big before pregnancy) I think your body changes after pregnancy too, some clothes are not too small, they just fit me differently now. It is hard to be patient when none of your clothes fit, but it'll happen, just give it time. Especially when you're toting around a big heavy boy! I think I was so swollen after Jakob that I felt like I lost a ton in the hospital, but when I would look at pictures I could see that I still had a lot to lose. It took probably 4-5 months to fit back into my clothes. You look great in your pictures, especially for having a one month old!!! The rest will come off soon

Dale Budd said...

Dana, You do need some "You time"! You will feel better, after you can unwind, and relax with your husband. Will you worry about Noah? Yes, of course. But just remember, his grandmother loves him as much as you do, and would never let anything happen to him! He will be fine, and in one piece when you get back home. Do I sound like a grandmother? I sure hope so, as my grandkids, are my heartbeats, and I enjoy every second with them! At Noah's age, all he needs is a clean diaper, a bottle, and someone to feel secure with. Who better then his Grandmother, to do that?! Go out, and totally enjoy your evening. You will feel so much better after you do.

Many Hugs!
A Mom-Mom in NJ

The Sherrill Family said...

Don't beat yourself up over the weight or anything else. You are doing an AMAZING JOB with Noah. Seriously. I love these updates and pictures (even though I don't comment all the time).

Leaving Noah for the first time will be hard but it will be a great break for you (and Todd) and it will give you some time to refresh and rejuvinate. And of course, Grandma will spoil him rotten...